Inchcock Today: Sun 25 Oct 15 – Incorporating me latest Graphicationalisationing efforts!

Sunday 24th October 2015

HWin1Up at 0345hrs. In the chair again, feeling tired still, but had to get up to attend the porcelain. Vague memories of my dreams, something involving tunnels and chasing or being chased again?

The ulcer was starting to play up as soon as I moved, hoping it doesn’t get HWin2worse, of all my ailments the worst are the reflux valve (I reckon this one will do for me in the end), the hernia and the duodenal ulcer.

Titivated the kitchen, made a cuppa and got the laptop on. When I signed in the screen went a horrible dark grey for several minutes – then an update Hwin3message came and I clicked to start the updates. Another message: The usual wait while windows installs updates, this may take a few minutes do not turn off  etc, half an hour later the Installing window disappeared. The ‘working light’ has been on ever since? Waited another half hour and started Google? Oh dear!

HWin4Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Then amazingly, I did not want the WC?

Checked me emails and went on Facebook.

Hwin5Sandra from the TFZ site suggested some graphicalisations of the gals on there relating to Halloween might be a nice idea.

So I set to creating some to post on Facebook – it is now six hours later, and I’ve managed to finish them…

I’ll post a few of them down the right Hwin6hand side of this page.

I used one photo for the background for each gal, then made the graphics of each gal in a Halloween outfit, then added some text I thought might be funny and appreciated.

I couldn’t put them al here, but I Hwin7enjoyed doing them mind.

Don’t know if they will all find them acceptable, but I avoided putting owt on the that I thought might me naughty.

I haven’t posted them on Facebook yet but will do soon,

Hwin7bI’ll not tag them, just post them to the TFZ site.

Had some lovely comments on Facebook.

Had a thought about what to have for me nosh..

Hwin7cHad a jolly good bath without any Whoopsiedangleplops, a nice soak. clean-up Little Inchy, medicated and creamed me haemorrhoids.

Cuppa and took me evening medications.

Started preparing it.

P1020298Sweet potato balls with coriander, Frikadellens, beetroot, peppers, BBQ turkey bits and the last of me chilli from the pan, along with a banana, two little whirls and orange yoghurt with single low fat cream from the can.

When it came to trying to get me head down it was total failure.

I got the laundry ready for the morning.

Then spent the night though to 0430hrs listening to the radio and reading me book on and off.

No kip at all.

I can’t see why this should be, it’s been one of me idlest days since I’ve been in the flat? Tsk!