Inchcock today Mon 12 Oct 15: INR tests, Laundry, sorting… busy again!

01topj5Monday 12th October 2015

Up at 0425hrs, WC made a cuppa, took medications – and realised that I’d taken me morning medications last night in error for the night medications – not sure what to do then. So I took just one Warfarin, one Simvastin and one dose of liquid ant-acid dollop.

I can ask the nurse later at me INR Warfarin level blood test if I’ve done right or wrong.

Got the washing ready and went down to the laundry room – but the machines were not working? Gave up and decided to struggle to carry the bag of togs with me to the GP and call at the launderette in Carrington and get it done there. Tsk!

Many WC visits later, I got the laptop on and finished off yesterdays diary putting about 12 photographs on it from yesterdays outing to Papplewick for the 1940’s show.

Little Inchy bleeding badly, haemorrhoids bleeding a bit.

Did some Facebooking.

Got missen washed and ready for me walk to the surgery. Took some nibbles and letters to drop off at the Windwood Community shed, if it’s open.

IMG_0004The plan to call at the shed failed, cause i met some residents at the bus-stop and had a natter with them, then caught the bus into Sherwood, and walked into Carrington.

The traffic was busy for so late in the day.

Plodded on to the surgery and booked myself in with the receptionist.

Did some cross-wording until I was called in by the surgery nurse. Lovely woman, I explained about me missing my dose and getting it wrong in taking my morning instead of night dose. she said always leave it if I miss a dose, in the event of y taking the wrong dose I should inform them. So I informed them. Gave her the nibbles for the staff.

Left and struggled down to the launderette with me bags.

IMG_0006On the way down a lady pavement cyclist was coasting at speed down the incline belting passed me, by the tie I’d put me bags down to get me camera out she was long gone in the distance – but I watched her as she went passed the florists shop grabbing a bunch of flowers out of one of those on display outside the shop and carried on into the distance without a care!

Into the paper shop to get lottery tickets – in a desperate foolish pathetic attempt to become popular, well liked and desired by the opposite sex. Sure as hell the only way that will happen is if I win a dirty-great big multimillion vast fortune? Hehe!

Into the launderette to be greeted by Wilhelmina, gave her some nibbles and got the machine going, then nipped into Lidl. Got two cheese cobs, pork pie and two lemon yoghurt pots.

Back to the launderette and swapped me clothes into the drier and set about me crossword book again.

Said me cheerios to Wilhelmina and struggled with me now three bags to the bus stop.

Dropped off at the City Hospital and into the GUM Clinic – I was out again in five minutes having been informed by the nice Obergruppenfurher on reception that my appointment is for next Monday… I did feel a fool!

Out and onto the bus back to Sherwood, where I met a few of the Woodthorpe Court resident inmates at the bus stop. I loved it when we had a natter and I listened to the banter between them – I thought to myself this is great seeing these old folk full of wit and humour poddling along and so content sounding… then of course I realised – I was one of them! Hehe!

Even the bus driver when she came, was cheerful and gossipy with us all.

For a moment life seemed good.

Got back to the flats and humped the bags up to the flat, while wondering if i’d make it to the porcelain in time… just, I mean just in time I made it. Unfortunately ‘Little Inchy’ was bleeding again – so spent yonks getting him to stop.

Then realised I should have asked at the GUM clinic for some more of the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream! Huh & Tsk!

I moved gingerly into the kitchen: Hello I thought, more meat flies lurking around the window again! Gawd they were fat ones again, when I got some with me paper towels they burst and the blood from them squirted out for feet not inches all over the place! I still reckon that someone in one of the adjacent flats might have snuffed it and no one knows, and the flies are having a feast? There are so many holes in the walls that must surely link with other flats that they are travelling between flats perhaps? I’ve noticed that usually these fat flies appear in the afternoon, there are usually between 4 to 10 of them… at least its a comfort to know that should I flake out 01topj4in the flat, the relatives of all those fat flies I’ve killed an get revenge and suck up me blood… mind you, with all the medications in me blood, mutant flies might develop with bald heads? Hehehe!

This scenario tickled me so much, I made a graphic of it.

P1020227Put me washing in the airing cupboard and resorted it.

Then put the food away, kettle on, then back to the porcelain.

Laptop on and did some Facebooking, checked emails.

IMG_0007Utter weariness dawned suddenly and I got me nosh before I nodded off.

Too tired to bother cooking I had this little ad-hock concoction.

Pickled egg, beetroot, cheesy cobs, pork pie, apple, a banana and a tomato that was so bitter i couldn’t eat it, come think of it I reckon I only ate the apple, banana cobs and beetroot.

Didn’t enjoy it at all rated it 3/10, but I was so tired and drained suddenly.

Spent hours drifting off to kip for a few minutes then waking again. It was most disconcerting and annoying, y body demanded sleep and rest, but me mind wasn’t so keen on it?

Tomorrow the Asda and Wilko deliveries are due. But I anticipate problems with the Wilko one as they tell me it will be up to the delivery person if the go up the lifts or not!

Maybe that worry is what is keeping me annoyingly awake?