Inchcock Today Wed 21 Oct 15: Laundry – heavy rain so no walk in the park

Wednesday 21st October 2015


Up at 0520hrs, TV blazing away again, headphones on me lap in the chair I’d nodded off in yet again.

Thoughts of me dreams I’d had were not very clear or many. Not much idea what I’d dreamt of at all. but I wish I knew, cause little Inchy was in a right state. The dried congealed blood and pain told me I’d been dreaming of something erotic perhaps?


Spent hours catching up on Facebook and WordPress from the time I had been made Internetless by Virgin Media, who are crap… did I mention this earlier?

Got me things ready for the Laundry room and had a wash of sorts.

Took some nibbles down with me for any tenants I might meet, me camera and pen and crossword book.

Got down in the room and realised I’d forgot to take me coins down with me for the machines. Huh!

Back up to collect some and down again.

DSCN0042One or two tenants were amassing in the reception area and I gave em a nibble and had a chin-wag with some after I’d got the washers going.

There is one old dear who often goes to catch the first bus, thin drawn, stern looking, who doesn’t get involved with the chin-wags with the others and tends to get ignored a bit, she was there this morning. I always go out of me way to try and cheer her up. She never seems to start any discussions, or reply to anything said to her with more than a single word like, Yes, No, Mmm or a shake or nod of the head. I have given myself a mission to make her smile. My EQ tells me she is unhappy and I want to bring a little cheer to her. My next stage next time I see her is to ask her some questions to try and  get her opening up a tad, you know, questions like “Where were you brought up?”, “What do you think of…” type of open questions that seek a mutli-worded reply. She needs to know that someone cares I’m sure of this, bless her. At least this morning she took a nibble from me bag of goodies at the second prompting.

They went off to catch the bus and I got me crossword book out.

Found myself singing away to missen again this morning.

Eventually the machine was done, and I had to wait a while for a naughty resident who was drying only came down earlier and started the one free drier Tsk!

Moved the togs into the drier and got it going, thought I might have a walk into Sherwood while waiting, but the heavy rain put me off like.

Back to the crossword book.

Arthur Itis let me know his displeasure at yesterdays marathon walk as I limped back up to the flat with me fresh smelling clothes.

Whoopsie When I put the togs away, I hung the dressing gown on me proudly ‘Self Erected’ Ikea clothes rack – as I turned to struggle back out through all the mass of stuff that still needs sorting – the clothes rack collapsed. Oh dear I thought.

Tried again to get some of the paint off the door edges that Paul the Painter had left for me. No good!

Got me potatoes in the oven and prepared me nosh. I remembered to add me battered fish-cakes to the tray an hour later in an attempt to get them both cooked right at the same time.

Then I jumped in the bath… (Jumped? Me? What a misused word). I took me night attire from the airing cupboard with me into the bathroom, ran the bath while I had a shave teggies etc – then struggled dangerously, nervously and bravely into the bath.

Getting out was more taxing but I managed it… although again painfully.

‘Little Inchy’ had very little bleeding I was glad to find.

Wiped around and the nosh was ready for serving.

DSCN0043Oiled Roast potatoes, bread thins, sliced peppers, baked beans, battered fish-cake, cheesed cob followed by an ice-cream cheesecake with extra cream from me aerosol thingy… oh, and of course me can of Roasted Kippers in vegetables.

The potatoes and kippers were nice, all the other ingredients disappointed a bit. So only a 6.5/10 rating.

So weary again now, although I hadn’t done much today, yesterdays marathon hobble had got to me I think.

Fell asleep.

Woke up, cleaned the pots and kitchen, returned to see if owt was on the goggle-box worth watching… fell asleep… each time I woke either the knees or the reflux valve was giving me some gip.

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