Inchcock Today Tue 20 Oct 15: Riverside Walk. Met work-pals from 30 years ago!

Tuesday 20th October 2015

Up at 0125hrs, TV blazing away, headphones had left there impression on me head as I lay bent and twisted half in, half out of the chair.

Annoyingly no memories at all of me dreams, just knowledge that I’d had some?

Struggled to convince me knees of the urgent need to activate so I could attend the porcelain – boy that one was really close!

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on to finish yesterdays diary off, then started this one.

Yesterday’s Whoopsiedangleplops fresh in my mind – worra day that was! I still can’t get over my walking through various departments of the Queens Medical Centre for 20 minutes or more without being challenged by anyone.

The Morrison delivery came in plenty of time for me put the stuff away and get a bath before setting off to catch the L9 bus outside the flats.

Not many folk for me to have a gossip with this morning, shame.

Yet again I forgot me memory card in the camera, Huh!

Dropped off in town and walked to Jessops and bought a cheaper 4mg one.


A few people on Clinton Street when I came out. Caught the tram out to Wilford Bridge… well that was the plan… actually I got off two stop too early. So had to walk around the houses and through over the fields and came out just before the Bridge where i should have got off. Tsk!

First thing I took a photo of the bridge the tram now goes over.

Walked over and down to the riverside steps and blow me – there was two blokes fishing who I worked with 30 years ago! Amazing, they knew my name but I couldn’t remember theirs.

DSCN0006 Had a hell of a gossip for about an hour or so.

After which I took their photographs and forced missen to say cheerio.

I’ve done a post with many more photographs and posted it on WordPress.

DSCN0005I’ve titled it Inchcock’s Walk along the Trent Embankment”

I really did enjoy this marathon walk so much especially meeting these two of mates from me Security working days – and they are both sti working in the same job!

Not happily, but at least they are still working.

I cam remember sites we worked at together before I moved into Control, but damned if i remember their names.

Too embarrassed to ask them.

DSCN0031Eventually I walked back into town, with aching feet and knees I might add.

Had a walk around town to kill time while I waited for the bus back to the flats.

The place was much busier than earlier when I was walking in the opposite direction..

DSCN0028Caught the bus back to the flats and none of my fellow tenants caught it, that was rare.

However at the next bus-stop the lady I’ve taken a fancy to got on.

So I put away me crossword book and enjoyed a little chin-wag and I gave her some chocolates to nibble on.

DSCN0039We got back to the flats and parted. Into the flat and bathroom to the porcelain.

Mail delivered, two for Margaret the previous tenant and one for me – from the Nottingham building society with a proof photo of the advert and forms for to sign.

So I signed them and took them to the post box. I see they have put £86k as the price and called them about this as it is good news, the man told me £80k was the valuation they made, this cheered me a bit. But I came back down again quickly when he told me this was an error and it should have been 80 and they’ll it when they get me form back – Humph! By the if they do get that much, and it seems to be in question if they will and then I have to pay all the fees. then pay off me debt’s, it don’t look like I’m going to be rich.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Finalised and posted me ‘Inchcocks Pictorial walk along the Trent Embankment’ at last.

Got on Facebook and got caught up (Three hours to do that, Hehehe) now virgin Media have let me like. Tsk! 

Had a pot noodle, two cheese cobs and those cream cakes that jumped into me bag when I was in Tesco.

So tired and aching all over, but happy, I drifted off and only recall getting up for the porcelain three times.

Cheers all!

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