Inchcock’s pictorial Walk along the Trent Embankment

♫ Down By the Riverside ♫


Inchy alighted the tram at the wrong stop, and set off on his walk that he enjoyed so much, despite the crippled feet, knees and hip he accrued during it! Tsk!


The fool walked over the field, through Wilk’s car park over the road and nearly got himself clobbered be these three burks of Pavement Cyclists!


Took a photo of the old halfpenny bridge – given that name cause then it cost a halfpenny to walk over it – now it carries the new tram to Clifton.

DSCN0006 DSCN0005

He bumped into these to reprobates of fishermen: It turned out they were two lads he worked with 30 years ago at Scan Security, and boy did he enjoy hissen getting all their news and having a natter for over an hour with them. Unfortunately he can’t remember their names, but did recall the things they got up to together in the days of yore working at Pork Farms and York sites… two of the best blokes one could have as partners in Security.


He forced himself to leave the lads and moved on down the river, started to feed the geese but stopped when he remembered there is a £60 instant fine if anyone gets caught feeding them!

DSCN0008 DSCN0009

Inchy pressed on only to be confronted by two more Pavement Cycling idiots!


For no particular reason the twit took a photograph of his legs in the dead leaves when he came to cross over the road. He’s losing it again I think?


Sentimentality overcame him when in the distance he saw his old school had just one of the three buildings left – two had been replaced by apartments it looked like.


He walked on over the fields and into the ‘Rock (Memorial) Gardens’ where as a young ankle-snapper, he and his schoolmates were barred from for various reasons…


As he walked through the now dilapidated gardens to the one-time fish pond he was mightily impressed with the colouration of the trees there.


Queen Victoria’s statue was in a right state despite the Council trying to keep off the yobs and vandals by erecting a fence to protect her. Tsk!


The view of the main gates from inside reminded him of the shelters, now cleaned up somewhat, where he used to meet the gals for a fag and a bit of slap and tickle – ah, that’s the reason they were barred from the gardens!

DSCN0019 DSCN0020

He called at the WC to find it all locked up and cobwebbed Tsk! As he mounted the steps to the main gates intent on getting a photo from the other side, he became curious of a man and woman’s activities in the pond. The man had torn off a branch from a tree and was using it to fish something out of the water, so he took some photo’s of them. The woman went over to the man and as he pulled out a child’s scooter from the water he shook his fist and shouted something at Inchy that Inchcock couldn’t hear of course. Inchcock beat a hasty retreat from the gardens, forgetting to take his photo of the main gates. Of course it was not fear or anything like that, that made him hobble-hastily away – it was because he didn’t want to lose his temper with the grown up vandal/yob and hurt him.   WWarnLie 


Inchcock took a photo of Trent Bridge as he approached it, just before he did his Whoopsiedangleplop on some leaves down onto his bottom! Luckily no one was about to enjoy it or laugh!.


Down Arkwright Street as was, and into and through the Meadow area.

DSCN0022 Inchy nearly had an altercation with yet another Pavement Cyclist, but managed to get a partial shot of the Memorial gates in the background.


The play area with the kids using F, C & B words as they played happily, probably they were just trading drugs as they were spitting at each other.


As he left the Meadows area he spotted the Brookfield Court old peoples complex. He used to live on Brookfield Place in the Meadows where this got its name from presumably, but that was 60 odd years ago… blimey, it was too!


Up towards the train station and yet another Pavement cyclist belted passed him from behind! These Swines were prolific today. Humph!


Just passed the station, he called into Tesco and amazingly another pack of strawberry jam fresh cream cakes jumped into his basket?


He crosed the Nottingham canal and threw some food in for the ducks, but when the wino’s emerged from under the bridge he moved on cause it wasn’t the usual couple of them, but at least seven of em looking up at him! Shame, cause the photo looks nice and serene dunnit?


Onward into town and the fool fed the pigeons risking a fine – the Wally!


As he came out of the shopping centre he’s walked through the crowds were getting thicker…


Up into the slab square, where the great Nottingham shoplifters.. er public, continued to show their disregard for safety, even one woman just walking in front of a tram with her kid in the pram!/!?


The a-fresco café’s were doing their usual roaring trade…


As he got towards his bus-stop, he took a shot of the Watson Fotheringill designed frontage that he admires so. A lot of his stuff has been demolished by the crude and blatantly uncouth Nottingham City Council 

Catching his L9 bus meant the end of his marathon poddle about.

But he met the lady tenant of his flats on the bus…

The one he has a hankering for… oh yes!

That made him forget about his aches and pains for a bit!

TTFN all.

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