Inchcock Today – Friday 10th November 2017: A pernickety day. Humph!

Oh, sorry, there are three interloper friends and me in it!

Friday 10th November 2017

Hmong: Hnub Friday 10 Kaum Ib Hlis 2017

0055hrs: Stirred into imitation life. Pandiculated and got complaints from Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna for my efforts.

Pondered on what bits I could recall of the dream I had been having. I was lost in a three-storied pantagruelian abandoned factory… running up decaying stairways, falling through holes without harming myself, searching seemingly without knowing what I was trying to find? And I wore pyjamas and my old fishing wellingtons from 1970!

Slowly, the rumbling innards got through to my brain, as I was disentangling my flabby body-mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, I noticed many signs of Nocturnal Nibblings! Two empty mini-cheese packets, biscuit crumbs and two chocolate peanuts which had welded themselves between the folds in my horrendously wobbly belly. Tsk! And off to the Porcelain Throne session. Messy enough for me to take another ADRC capsule afterwards with the morning medications. Cleaned up, and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medicines. Seems like a lot of variations this week. Ups and downs, like.

Made a mug of tea and got the computer on.

Got the Thursday post finished and posted off.

Then started on this one, getting up to hear, when I could hear noises – I put in the hearing aids and walked about trying to identify the noise that sounds a bit like something being dropped or falling. Surely, no one would use the refuse chute at 0249hrs in the morning? It seemed to be coming from different sides of the building at the same time, repeatedly for five minutes or so, then stopped? I hoped that the scaffolding had not collapsed somewhere. The sounds seemed to be coming from internally. Still, they have finished now.

Caught up on Facebooking next.

The computer slowed to a crawl again. Turned everything off and rebooted.

Made and sent a TFZer photo-graphic off.

Then I went on to the WordPress reader. A lot of excellent thought provoking stuff today.

Onto CorelDraw. Made some graphics tops for the upcoming diaries. Spent hours on the other TFZer ones.

Got the ablutions done and all dressed up warmly. Made sure I had the Audio Clinic Book with me, umbrella, collapsible walking stick, camera, mobile phone, bus pass, bank card, crossword book, the right glasses on my head, the hearing aids in the lug-holes and empty jars for the recycling bin and set out to the bus stop. Dropped the jats in the brown bin. It looked to me like the workmen were taking down the scaffolding?

Down to the hut and dropped off some nibbles for the Obergefreiteress Wardens, and on to the bus stop. A lady (Annette I think) there, and she was giving everyone who arrived a Christmas Card, bless her. The Bestwood Bus came and went, and only Annette and I got on the City bound one.

Getting onto the bus Dizzy Dennis came on instantly, no usual few seconds warning this time.  The disequilibrium and giddiness only lasted a couple of minutes, but this left me feeling a little perturbed. Especially as strangers already on the bus, and the driver asked if I was alright and told me I went pale and white suddenly.

Annette gave some cards out to people who got onto the bus later!

Off the bus and through the Slab Square to the audio building. Only to find the yhad no Audiologists on site today?

Well, that annoyed me, after all the hassle of getting there. I gave the lady a sweet smile and said: “Ah-well, not to worry, I’ll call again later” Why I said this, I have no idea.

I went to Fletcher Gate and into the Pound World shop to see if I could find any of the screw-top storage tubs or chocolate nougat. I found neither, but came out a considerable amount of money spent!

They had some Tetley’s Extra Strong tea bags at 80 for £2, so I bought the last two boxed on the shelf. Some nibbles and sweets for raffle prizes. Treated me with two packets of misshaped chocolate brazils and chocolate almonds.

Out of the store, with much less money in my pocket, (Hehe!) and back through the Slab Square.

The Nottinghamians did not seem to have cheered up at all from yesterdays visit. A quietude of sorts seemed to hang in the air?

Across the square and up to the bus stop, the feet, well toes, really hurting now. Then this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist actually clipped my shoulder as he went by me and up Parliament Street. I got the camera out to record this one, the naughty boy! I could have taken dozens of photographs of the cyclists on the pavements today, there were that many of them.

Caught the bus and had a go at the crosswords en route. I only got three answers all the trip, Tsk!

A painful limp to the apartment entrance an found that much of the fencing had been removed.

But some new scaffolding had been erected creating a little maze for us to get through to gain entry.

The balconies seemed untouched as I photographed upwards.

They warned us that it is going to get very noisy and dusty when they start on them.

I was surprised to realise I did not require a wee-wee or the use of the Porcelain Throne when I got inside?

Health Checks and medications were taken. Planned the nosh. I had forgotten to turn on the potatoes in the Crock-Pot when I left, so got two cheesy potatoes in breadcrumbs with cheese ready made cakes and a few potato letters (Both long-term residents from the depths of the freezer) and got them in the oven. Added later, the cod balls in the batter. Put the baked beans in the saucepan. Sliced up two gone-rather-soft tomatoes, opened the tin of Smoked mackerel in BBQ sauce onto the plate.

While I kept an eye on things as it cooked, I got the purchases put away. Made a brew with the new Tetley Extra Strong tea bags. Not bad at all. Not as good as the Yorkshire, Twinings Strong English Breakfast or Thompsons, but still good.

Perused the TV magazine and found a lot of good stuff on for me to watch. London’s Burning, Pie in the Sky, Hetty Wainthrope Investigates, The A-Team, Heartbeat then the England v Germany match! A perfick viewing session. (I thought!)

I phoned Sister Jane, she rang back. She was in the cafeteria with her mates. She’s going to ring me in the morning.

Getting the food of the oven, and guess what? Accifauxpa! Humph!

A dab of antiseptic cream applied, well, two actually. Hehe!

The food was superb! Even the old stuff from the bottom of the freezer was tasty!

However, the lemon yoghourt had gone-off and had to be ditched.

A call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. A much better session. I think Diahorrea Donald is weakening.

Washed and changed into the night attire early, to watch all my favourite programmes in a marathon gogglebox sitting.

I got through London’s Burning with no nod-offs at all. Then, halfway through Pie in the Sky… I did nod off.

Waking up four hours later, the other things and the football I wanted to watch, all done and finished! Grumph!

Cunningly, I turned to the ITV +1 channel, but only caught the last minute of the game. 0-0.

Went and did the washing-up. The toes on the left foot were still very painful for some reason. Had I been doing too much hobbling?


15 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 10th November 2017: A pernickety day. Humph!

  1. The Nottinghamers are none too happy these days? Cold dreary days getting people down? Nicely arranged plate with “GNU”. Besides being a Wildebeest, GNU stands for “GNU’s Not Unix”. I write programs using scripting languages, databases and libraries that are under the GNU license. The meal was as good as it looks then? You got clipped by a cyclist and burned by the oven — not your best. Not your best at all. I love the selfie in the mirror. You don’t have a mirror for a medicine cabinet door in the bathroom? Or do you not have a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. We have a wall of mirrors in the dance room, full length mirrors make up our closet doors in the bedroom, and both medicine cabinets have mirrors. So no shortage mirrors around our house.

    • The Glooms seem to have descended on us, Sir.
      GNU used to stand for the General Nightwatchmen’s Union. (I think) as well. I wish I could do code, but it is beyond my intelligence and I know it, after trying. Hehe!
      The nosh was great, thanks.
      I can undertand you having many mirrors. In my case its the reflection tht puts m off. Haha! My cabinet is three drawers in the kitchen, Tim. The shaving mirror in the wetroom.
      Not so good now, gonna try to get some sleep in methinks, after dinner of course. Cheers Sir.

      • I can’t make much heads or tails out of coding either. I just put it together and move things around until I get something to work. It’s all mystery, magic and hocus-pocus.

      • Your description sound about right to me too, Sir.
        It’s like when I took that Excel Basic Course, I thought I was peaking with an Alien then when the so called teacher, huffed and puffed when I got something wrong, but did not even try to explain why or how I had to me! I gave up.

      • Excel can be a beast. Not a lot of people really know how to use it. Some data manipulations are easy, but some things that are a couple of simple commands for a database, takes a code contortionist to do the same thing in Excel.

      • I had get help form you to do the datbase for the Health Check listings, do you rmember mate.
        In the old, much older version of Excel. doing the bars from data was esy as I remember, but blown if I can do it on this new one. Hehe! I’ll try again later methinks. Cheers.

      • Microsoft ruined the charting functions in the new Excel. I’m not sure anyone at the office makes charts in Excel anymore. We copy and paste the data into another program to create charts.

      • Now you mention it, Tim, I hink there is a chart function hidden in CorelDraw somewhere, or seem to recall there used to be. If I reall rightly, I tried it once – hoho… never again I’m sure I thought. Hehe!
        If I get the time, I’ll try just once again on Excel with the Health Checks for a week, but then again?
        I can’t fault anyone not using it.
        Cheers Sir.

      • Making a chart of you heath stats is quite easy actually. Select the data you want to chart starting with the Date over the Weight and then down the number of days you want to chart. Once that set of data is selected, click on the chart icon in the menu ribbon and select the type of graph you want. You should get a graph inset on the page. That’s easy enough, but making the graph look the way you want it to is more of a problem.

      • Thanks. I’ve just had a look. On the Chart on the Insert tabs. I’ll give it a go when I get back from the surgery, and hopefully seeing Nurse Nichole of course.

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