Inchcock Today: Thu 22 Oct 15: tiny-bit of sorting done – BJ visits

Thursday 22nd October 2015


Up at 0455hrs.

Found notes of dreams I must have wrote sometime during the night, the usual scribble, most indecipherable.

Painfully forced Arthur Itis to let me go with me knees to get to the porcelain – oh dear, ‘Little Inchy’ in a right state again.

Dream from notes more than memory, though some bits did manage to trigger the old brain-box into action:

1: I was lying in the floor in an old fashion counter service store fighting with a mouse? Fell through floorboards giant mouse, talked to it, it wanted a cup of tea, I ordered a bucket of tea on me old style phone from Asda – Brooke Bond chimps arrived delivering it?

2: I was in a track race in a stadium, world press, TV, thousands cheering – ten runners all with flags on the shirts, the crowd seemed to consist of plastic dolls? – some of the racers had zimmer frames, some had disability scooters others disabled chairs, I had me walking stick. I came last and watched as George Osborne awarded the  winners a medal, he was surrounded by body guards and police with clear plastic shields held up all around him.

No other scenarios recalled, but a few decipherable words were on me list. Canal, Lost coffin, pregnant mouse and chasing bus?

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

01topj3Must remember to be in twixt 1200 > 1400hrs for me Asda delivery. I’ve ordered a load of those Sticky Rib pot noodle thingies while they are still on offer at half-price, 50p a pot – for some reason I like that flavour but none of the others? They come with a tiny sachet of Peking sauce, but I don’t use that, I put some tomato purée and BBQ sauce in it.

There is a Brazilian BBQ steak flavour one I tried – ‘Phwoar! red hot!’ Too hot for me to handle.

Got the laptop on and done yesterdays diary and posted it, then started this one.

SpikwHenryjWhile setting up I found the graphic I did for Janet of the TFZ site.

David’s lovely dog Spike, who everyone loves although we’ve never seen him him and I added Janet’s kitten pussy.

Spikes mournful eyes get everyone to be a fan of him.

Went into the bedroom to see if the clothes rack was still on one piece from yesterdays Whoopsiedangleplop.

DSCN0040I opened one of the box’s I’d gotten from Wilko and took out this box in the photo on the left here.

I thought when I ordered it, that it would be perfect for storing my er…

I can’t remember now! So I’ve left it out in the kitchen so each time I go in to get me medications, cook or make a cuppa it might come back to me when I see it laying there forlornly awaiting to be used?

LyzK2Did a bit of Facebooking then Worpressing.

Managed a nice graphic one for the TFZ site.

Facebooking for hours again, no guilt this time, just enjoyment!

I rang Steve from Age UK again, no answer.

IMG_0134Then rang BJ to see how he was going.

He called for a chinwag 15 minutes later bless him.

A good natter and cup of tea ensued and we went on the Ikea site to try and find if they had any brown book cases, but they only had light beige black or white. But we did find one that looked like being the type I fancied with drawers at the bottom in black.

BJ took the measurements and it seemed to be suitable for the corner spot I had planned for it.

He then measured the space for a washer in the kitchen, and then said he would pick me up tomorrow and take me to Ikea for a look around. We can use these measurement to find out if we can get some drawers to fit that are deep enough to take me tall cleaning bottles.

Cheered me up he did. Must get something for his birthday next month – or slip him some cash.

Had a look on the Ikea site again after he’d gone.

Asda delivery came. Put the stuff away, and set to betting me nosh ready.

DSCN0046Curried baked beans, tasty BBQ sausages, bread, mild peppers, and followed by Lemon Curd cheesecake and soured cream, oh and I unzipped a banana.

Washed up and had a look at the TV paper to see if owt interesting was on tonight.

Fell asleep before I got the TV on.

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Thu 22 Oct 15: tiny-bit of sorting done – BJ visits

  1. The giant mouse only wanted tea? He didn’t cover you with butter and dough and try to make you into a roly-poly pudding? You can save than one for another dream!

    Brown bookcases? Are you kidding me? Brown gives the impression of wood, and wood comes from trees, and things made from wood that came from trees contributes to deforestation, cattle ranching and flatulence that contributes to global warming! You would be considered an intensive brute for even looking for brown bookcases. White is pure, black is beautiful and both make a statement. Light beige is for the wusses who don’t have the courage to make a statement.

    Speaking of flatulence, looks like a tasty dinner!

    I used to fall asleep trying to get up the energy to turn on the TV — so I got rid of the TV — that was over 30 years ago.

    • Oddly enough, I got the TV after I moved into the flat two months back, after 36 years without one, and I already regret getting this one. Might just give it away to one of the other residents. I’ll find out if anyone is interested and treat them.
      I plan to put the new bookcase next to me 1967 G-plan cabinet/sideboard thingy, and that is dark brown. I rescued it and did it up a bit and love it to bits mate. I think it might remind me of my younger days when I visited well-off relatives and saw one like it there?
      The nosh, well, some time back I bought a pack of Mattesons Firedogs smoke-house BBQ hot dogs that were short dated and only cost pennies – unfortunately I am now addicted to the flavour of them and am buying them at full price to have with me seasoned baked beans. The label says ‘recipe inspired by the deep south’? Gorgeous they are. Not very healthy I think, so I’m not going to have them too often. (He says confidently)
      Hope your keeping well and your foibles ferment with festive fun. Hehe!

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