Inchcock Today Fri Oct : BJ takes me to Ikea in search of a book case

Friday 23rd October 2015

Up at 0525hrs. Once more distorted in the chair, having failed to get me down on me quilt again before nodding off. Reckon I had a good five hours actual kip, good that, and no waking up to use the porcelain – so straight to the porcelain!

While sat there worrying about the amount of blood coming out, I recalled something of a dream I’d had about me jumping from cloud to cloud in the sky being chased.

So, the blood from Little Inchy and my rear end as has been normal recently, was cleaned up, although a lot more this morning from the rump end. Had a wash.

Kettle on and took me medications.

Remembered BJ is calling today and is going to give me a lift to Ikea bless him.

Finished yesterdays diary off then started this one.

Facebooked to catch up in case I get busy later in the event that I get a bookcase from Ikea to assemble.

Reflux valve playing up now, first time or days though.

I did a search for Nottingham Building Society advert for the old house cause I was sure by now they would have got it on the market ready for offers etc after I’d begged the to get a move on and told their representative how urgent the need was considering me dwindling finances.

01topj3Found it eventually, and clicked on the View Property Details button:

Nothing, it said ‘Coming Soon – Call branch for details.

Nice to know the Nottingham Building Society is rushing to help me out. <%”666!£$£$!

As Steve from Age UK recommended them I shouldn’t not be surprised.


He suggested I use Painter Paul to do me flat when I moved in – that is Painter Paul who got more paint on the wooden door edges than the walls, I’m still finding splashed of paint now after two months!

He then suggested I use United Carpets.

United CHuh! The worst possible choice – Cowboys, crap!

Made me pay up front, told me as all the boards outside the shop did that Free Fitting on all Carpets did, then told me I’d need an extra £100 in cash to pay the fitter on the day!

DSCF0256Who came late without the carpet, tore off me electric socket from the wall, left me with two doors that would not close cause of the carpet too high and left me a load of rubbish to sort out, bless the conning antisocial criminals and superior scrotes!

Steve also suggested I get me TV from John Lewis.

So foolishly I took his advice again. After the men came to fit it up – The TV reception was crap, they told me I’d need to get a signal booster, the remote control was different to the one in the manual and i still haven’t worked it all out yet and keep getting into different modes when I fall asleep and don’t know how which button I’d hit to get into the different mode… most unsatisfactory!

St02So naturally when Steve from Age UK said to use the NBS, I did.

So, if there are any 70 year old single blokes out there with arthritis, reflux valve sticking, hernia, skin cancer, duodenal ulcers, angina, heart valve replacement, haemorrhoids, dizzy spells, high BP, high cholesterol, depression, deaf, bald, overweight, 5’3″ tall, suffering with excessive involuntary wind, on 22 medications a day, lack of confidence and with no one to help you get through – Steve of Age UK is yer man!

Mind you, trying to get in touch with him is dodgy when yer deaf. He’ll appreciate this and understand and give you n incorrect email address so you can get in touch with him, as he had a phobia of his own in answering phone calls… I know this, I’ve tried 11 times in two days and no answer.

He’ll tell you your house will sell quickly once it’s on the market. And now, after 5 months it is still not on the market properly, but maybe next month it will be?He cunningly gives you other problems to worry about, Dodgy crap carpet fitters, TV’s that don’t work, Painters that use one tin of emulsion to paint three rooms and still splash a third of it on wooden doors,, sinks, cupboards, WC, bath etc…

Bitter? Frustrated? Me?

LyzKandRFacebooked me latest updated graphic for the TFZ team.

Washed and ready for BJ to arrive at 1030hrs in plenty of time, and I was waiting down in the lobby by 1015hrs.

Crosswording as I waited… 1030hrs arrived and left… 1100hrs came and IMG_0042went, I decided to have a walk to the end of Chestnut Walk to meet BJ when he arrived.

I waited on the corner looking down at the laundry building.

I utilised me me little camera to take some shots of the greenery flowers etc.

IMG_0047 IMG_0046

I was surprised at the blackberries in clumps with so many different levels of growth. Some overripe, some green, some ripening.

Tried to take a decent shot of some flowers a bit further up the road. Not to bad a shot, I only had me little camera with me.

Still, looking at these photographs now, I found there was something of beauty in them? I spotted the leaves were new strong and gleaming, while so many others were dying or dead. Something I’ve never properly seen in the past, just walked by?

The mobile rang for just a second or so, it was BJ – so I rang him back. He was running late (I expect nothing else from good old BJ, he’s never been on time for any meetings since I’ve known the lad). He told me he’d be here at 1140hrs. So, being about 1115hrs, I poddled back along Chestnut Way to wait in the reception area in the flats, as it was getting a bit nippy stood about outside.

On the walk back, I spotted though the bushes on the roadside, looking down the really steep hill, there was what was originally some steps cut out in the IMG_0043ground and a parting in the trees/bushes.

I took this photo of the leaf covered steps and the danger of using them – but the picture doesn’t show them very well.

Hey-ho, so I’m never not going to be a David Bailey then! Hehe!

More crosswording at the flats and soon it was 1200hrs gone – so I walked back to the corner to meet with BJ when he arrived.

About 1225hrs he arrived, and I could see the lad was uptight about something ad not on good form.

We went into Sherwood and he collected some prescriptions from Boots, after getting a bit angry at not finding a parking spot. Then we walked up the hill and he got some nibbles from the cake shop.

I was concerned that BJ was not too well, he took some of his medications when we left the chemists.

We were off to Ikea, being unable to find a space to park in BJ got more uptight than he was earlier bless him.

We plodded through the store and I got a Book-case, a three shelf metal storage unit that I hope will fit in me kitchen in the space they left for a washer.

We were there for a long time. I felt a bit guilty as BJ was not happy.

When we got to the place where you pick-up your choices BJ was irate with things. I thought his anger was due to him missing his medications and felt guilty again bothering him. He was so drained and stressed and i cold do nothing to help him. It was made worse when we found we had to go to another department after paying for everything.

He bought a wind-up torch for a relative and I insisted I pay for it in thanks for his efforts to help me out.

Then as we reloaded the stuff – three really heavy box’s, a cushion and cover onto the trolley at the checkout, I pulled me hernia into painful action and am now suffering badly with it – then I was in a bad mood too! Tsk!

IMG_0048We went and joined the queue to get the Book-case box’s – took ages and my guilt increased.

It was worrying to see the queue at the Complaints and Returns desk, of about 12 unhappy looking people!

When it finally arrived (the bookcase) in more two box’s, we left to the loading IMG_0049area and poor old BJ had to walk a long way to fetch the car. All the time cars were circling around looking for a space. A nightmare!

Very painfully we loaded BJ’s car with my stuff.

As I waited I spotted a sign opposite the loading area. “Getting your shopping home couldn’t be easier!” Humph!

BJ called at a relatives house on the way back, then he dropped me and the heavy awkward box’s off at the flats. And damn me, the key-swipe entry doors were not working! This really got to BJ and he was almost angry. I understood and said nothing to get him going worse.

There he was, trying to help a mate out, not feeling good himself, medications needed, shopping for others en route, car parking, queuing at Ikea, everything seemed to be going against him today – I felt terrible about it all. And now, even the mechanical things were against us!

Painfully, very painfully we got the stuff up and into the flat bedroom. BJ said he was sorry for things and his attitude today, but he could’t get to help me assemble the stuff we’d bought for a week or so. I (Feeling guilty still) said not to worry, and thanked him for helping me again.

I decided in the morning to call at this house and see how he was feeling.

Off he went well drained bless his cotton socks.

I managed to put the over on the cushion before fatigued I threw a tin of chilli and one of beans into a pan for me nosh. Put some lemon curd yoghurt and soured cream in the dish and visited the porcelain, where I fell asleep. Oh dear!

IMG_0050I woke up ten minutes or so later, so very glad I’d put the hob on minimum, and it wasn’t burnt.

So tired now.

My plan was to get the laptop on and update this diary.

In reality I fell asleep in the chair with me plate of empty dishes on the tray (Oh, the new tray I forgot, I got this from Ikea as well, thanks to BJ) at the side of the seat.

Felt horrible when I woke up.

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