Inchcock Today Sat 24 Oct 15: Out in the rain again, then Whoopsiedangleplops!

Saturday 24th October 2015


Up at 0325hrs. In the chair again, feeling horrible, guilty and amazingly not wanting the WC?

This changed as soon as I moved me knees to see if they would allow me to stand up yet, and started the hernia off.

Little Inchy in a state again. I could not remember having any dreams at all, but I think I must have by the state of poor Little Inchy.


The rain has stopped now…


Cuppa and cornflakes this morning

The rain has stopped as the daylight forced its way through.

Cuppa and updated yesterdays not so good a day diary. Feeling rough, I did some Facebooking.

Time for me medications by the time I’d got it done and posted.

Had a good wash and brush up, too early to have a bath, the noise would disturb me neighbours.

Got myself ready for a walk to the Community Shed then through the Woodthorpe Grange Park into Sherwood and walk on to Carrington to get me monthly medications.

Wrapped up well, it looked like more rain to come.

I went down in the lift and there were about ten residents in the foyer, waiting for the bus to arrive – I suppose there would be more today, being a Saturday and there only being four buses all day to choose from. Had a natter and went out to walk to the shed.

The plans changed a bit here – I’d nearly reached the shed when I realised no one was on duty at the weekends. And I passed the memory test at the doctors???

01topj5 01topj6So I left by the other end of the complex and walked down Winchester Street onto Mansfield Road. Called at BJ’s house but he was out.

So back onto Mansfield Road up the hill, over and down into Carrington and got me prescription bag of goodies for the month.

Then in the paper shop to get me TV paper.

To Lidl, and got some cobs, Frikadellens and fish sticks.

01topj7Out into the now rather heavier rain to the bus stop.

Caught a bus back into Sherwood.

The bus was filled up but I managed to get on one of those drop down seats near the front.


I went Arse-over-end when I came to getting up to get off in Sherwood…

I got missen tangled up with one of the bags and as I went down the medication packs fell out all over the place, luckily the bottles and tubes didn’t break. Like a shot, most the caring Nottingham public transport users remained seated but looked sympathetically at me, one young lad did help get me stuff back in the bags and watched me safely off the bus. Tsk, felt such a fool again!

01topj8I stood under the bus shelter for a while as the rain turned into torrential downpour mode, to adjust and sort missen out. I’m afraid that Little Inchy got squashed in me fall and rise to and from the bus floor – he was bleeding again now!

Ah-well… over the road and into the 01topj9bNottingham Hospice Charity shop, gave em me bits, bought a Brian Clough book titled ‘Cloughie 150 BC – The inside stories’ for a quid.

Then up to the Co-op store and bought another tin of the Vegetable-Chilli-con-carnie. Bit of luck here, they were reducing some frozen foods to clear, so I got three small packets of sweet potato lumps/balls at 50p a pack! Also got pack of out of date fish-sticks at 49p for ten sticks to have with me tinned kippers later in the week.

Whoopsie2 When I got to the check-out the lady pointed out that I was bleeding from me ear-hole. Tsk and huh! She insisted on fetching a first aider, I put a tissue to me ear and there was only a drop of blood, must have caught it on me first Whoopsiedangleplop on the bus – any-road, I bent down to me bag to get some more paper towel and clouted me head on the edge of the counter!

Much to the annoyance of those in the queue, the first-aider arrived and had a look at me. Then other concerned staff arrived? Then the manager who wanted to fill in an accident book – I told him that the accident if there was one indeed, happened earlier on the bus – everyone lost interest and the lady asked me for £5.99, tutted and gave me the change along with a voucher, this time for £1.50 off if I spend over £15 before the 30th of the month.

I was a bit confused with all the happenings, so stood a while to gather me senses (And lets face it, me and sense are getting further apart lately... Hehehe!

01topj9cMoved on out and up over and down the hill then up through Woodthorpe Grange Park, the rain easing nicely.

At the top of the path a chap with his dog passed and the tail-wagging thing came to me for a bit of fuss, and he got it too!

Down the crumbling footpath to the flats and got in the flat just in time to the WC. Had to clean-up painful ‘Little Inchy’. (Humph – getting fed up with this now – Grrr!)

01topj4Th ear-hole looked okay, just a tiny scratch.

Nice little lump on me head from the Co-op Whoopsiedangleplop though.

Sorted out me new medications, then rotated them with the few left over from last month in the drawer.

Put the food away, and having some Chilli in the pan from last night, I added some red-beans in tomato juice to it along with some cubed potatoes to have later.

Laptop back on, because I didn’t feel up to starting to sort out or cleaning up as I had originally planned to get done.

A couple of dizzies came in quick succession, so I got the wrist alarm on me wrist, just in case, cause I felt… er ‘A bit odd’. No jokes please! Hehe!


What a tasty nosh! Rated this 9.4/10

Facebooked a bit.

Had me nosh chilli, potatoes with two Frikkadelen and four cobs, followed by can cream on Lemon cheesecake.

Rated 9.4/10 for this one, tasty!

Then I washed the pots and got me head down due to the sudden on-start of fatigue once more.

It seems like my days are getting shorter as I flake out earlier each day it seems?

Hey-ho, take care all.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Sat 24 Oct 15: Out in the rain again, then Whoopsiedangleplops!

    • You might be right Dunc, it’s a good job I’m used to doing it and have a semi-hard head – that’s probably because the are no brains in it. Hehehe! I keep looking at the box’s with the book case in it – can’t even lift it! You’ve got to laugh… I suppose.
      Hope you the woofies and not least or last, Seren are doing okay Sir. Cheers.

  1. I go away for a few days, the construction people cut my phone wire, then drill into a water main, and I finally get back to see this??? What are you doing to yourself luv? I’ve only over worked my shoulder and had to begin therapy again, but so far no bashing or banging — unless you count dropping the can of spinach on my foot and causing a large bruise, or knocking my ankle against the tub while getting out of it. That was so minor though that I didn’t notice it much after the first hour or so. Should be able to get a shoe on again within a month if I don’t hit that foot again.
    I’ve been remiss in checking my reader since getting back online, Seems like the more I try to keep up with things, the less I accomplish. We both seem to be slowing down my friend. It doesn’t help matters at all that we are having rain this weekend, either. I’m going to have to cozy up to Ben Gay later in the day, but first I want to go for a Sunday paper. Might change my mind before it gets light enough to see though. ‘Specially right now, after eating, when I just want to curl up and sleep. With my head aching the way it is, I’ll probably do the second one first and the first one second.
    Take care of you luv.

    • I do love the way you write Angie – humorous, dry, to the point and entertaining gal. Love it.
      Your phraseology is so witty. Thanks.
      I hope you do not start copying me with the Whoopsiedangleplops please. I felt a right clot in the bus, all tangled up. Still I laughed about it at the time too. Hehehe! Your so called minor efforts are more than enough for you to cope with.
      We are two in a pod with falling asleep it seems gal.
      Bless yer for caring pet. Take yer time, I know when I try to rush is when things of a certain Whoopsiedangleplop nature can occur.
      Take care, thinking of you. X

      • Aw, thanks luv. It seems to be a family trait from my dad’s side. I guess some comes from my Mom’s side also, but she never had much of a sense of humor herself. Too busy chasing kids down I guess.
        I’ve been Whoopsidangleplopping for so many years it just isn’t funny any more, but I do laugh about it — mainly to keep from crying I think. Just didn’t have a funny name for it until I met you.
        I’m really hungry lately, but just don’t know what I want to eat. Ever get that way? It’s a very strange feeling when it has to be that one thing, and one thing only. If I knew what it was it would be okay, but not knowing what I really want makes it hard.
        Guess I had better go stand in the fridge door and see if anything suddenly appears. That’s called having high hopes! Take care of you luv.

      • Thanks for being like wot I am gal, or rather me being like wot you are. Hehe!
        Whoopsiedangleplop ought to be in the dictionary I reckon Angie?
        My Mum spent years away, just me and Dad, and he had it rough! He never lost his sense of humour until near the end.
        I’ve got it (an idea) a blog called “The Whoopsiedangleploppers” Angie and Gerry! Hehehe”
        Eating is so varied for me too gal. I tend to get stuff on offer and buy too much so have to eat the same thing for days. There are days when I can make too much, or make a fancy nosh and then days I just don’t want to eat – but naughtily nibble snacks instead. Are the shops close by for you?
        Oh, I found some red beans in tomato sauce on offer, and as with so many offers, you have to get three/four or however many to get the reduced price, I hate that.
        I imagine they do the same over there?
        No blood tests today for me pet – so I’m going to take a load of washing down to the launderette with the time saved by not going to the GP. I’ll regret it when me knees start playing up, but at the same time I’ll be so pleased to have caught up with me washing? No pleasing me is there! Hehehe!
        Big hugs flower. X

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