Inchcock Today Wed 28 Oct 15:

Wednesday 28th October 2015


Woke after a dream filled kip at 0303hrs, fell asleep in the chair again.

Sat for a while trying to recall details of me dreams. In an office tower, empty abandoned, dusty… Searching for something, every-time I got through a door into a room or office I forgot what I was searching for, went back out of the room and the corridor was different to when I went into the rooms from it? This seemed to go on for ages?

Realised I’d missed last nights medications and pondered on whether or not to take just one Warfarin tablet with me morning ones?

In the end I made a cuppa and took me morning medications early while I thought of it, with just a half a tablet of Warfarin extra.

WC and oh dear, had ‘Little Inchy’ been bleeding! And then I realised that with Steve from Age UK helping me sort the Bookcase out yesterday, I’d forgotten to go to get some more pads from the chemist! Tut! Must get some today, really must!

I called the 111 NHS assistance number to ask for advice on any creams I could get over the chemist counter to safely treat Little Inchy. I had to go through 12 minutes of questions before I could ask them what I wanted to. A clinician is to call me back.

Sorry I phoned now.

Lady rang back. I asked her if there is anything I can use safely to stem the bleeding from me penis. No suggestions other than get in the bath and soak Little Inchy then dab him dry.

Told me to see GP.

Well that got me a long way to improving me condition.

Maybe I can see the chemist later and ask him if there is anything I can use to stem the bleeding from Little Inchy?

I’ll have a bath later when the running water will not bother me neighbours.

P1020305Did some Face-booking.

Went into the kitchen to make a cuppa and the site of the new 3 tier storage thingy in its box, waiting for me attentions to bring it to life made me feel a bit guilty.

P1020308So I started to get it out of its box and ready for assembly…

One look at all the parts and the so-called assembly manual and I decided to leave it for a bit… (Coward!)

Someone might call and take pity on me and help me get me head around the instructions. Tut, pathetic!

I think the check list of the 345 pieces scared me.

Went into the bedroom come storage come bomb-site bedroom that is… Hehe! and sorted some of the cardboard from the packaging ready to take down to the caretakers room later.

Ran me bath to give Little Inchy a good soaking, had a shave did me teggies, cut me toe nails (Not an easy or a pretty site I can tell yers), rubbed the cream on me skin cancer wound, pain gel into me knees and hands, dabbed Little Inchy painfully with the last bit of cortisoid cream, put the oil in me ear-holes and splashed after-shave on the four cuts I’d managed to give missen shaving this morning. Finally got in the bath without any Whoopsiedangleplops and had a good soak. Little Inchy somewhat painful and didn’t like me washing or creaming him.

Got missen dried and the bath and sink cleaned. Then filled up and sealed two large box’s with waste cardboard from the drawers, cabinet, and book-case and carried them down the stairs (One at a time of course, they were too large for one or two trips) left them outside Arthur Daley’s… I mean the caretakers room.

Readied myself for the walk in to Sherwood, got the measurements written down and set offP1020309.

I wont half raining still.

Saw a squirrel under the trees at the end of Chestnut Walk. Tried taking a photo but it came out rather miserably, too far away methinks.

P1020310Or I’ve lost me touch with photographicalisationing?

Crossed over the road and limped up the much used gravel footpath into Woodthorpe Grange Park and left down onto Mansfield Road.

On me way through the park I espied P1020311some… er… Wood-pigeons I think they were… or Doves of some kind. Again I tried to photograph them from too far away.

That or as I say, I’ve lost it with the camera and done to it that it doesn’t like?

Got into Sherwood and straight to the carpet shop.

They had no carpets of the size I wanted, and none in brown. Another wasted exercise then. Haha, fancy that!)

Now what happened next is a bit of mystery – an unexplained mystery:

I was on me way to the Co-op to get some bread and use me £2 off voucher and met  chap from the 6th floor of the flats and stopped to have a little natter with him. He was telling me about his collection of Owl ornaments and his solar-powered model owls he had in his window – a bus came and I got on it with him back to the flats?

Puzzled as to why I had done that, I decided that as the rain had eased off a bit, I’d nip up to the flat and make use of the WC, then walk back again to the Co-op store for me bread and bits. Tsk!

 I had unfortunately to clean up Little Inchy. By the time this was done, I remembered I was also going to go to the chemist to get something to replace the long longer any left in stock swabs.

Plodded down to the entrance doors to be greeted by pouring rain lashing away at them. Decided not to risk going out in this weather again and returned to the flat.

P1020313Got me chilli-con-carne and BBQ sausages in the saucepan, seasoned with Bisto, tomato purée and juice, vinegar and added some extra beans from the leftovers from the other day.

Followed by lemon curd Swiss roll and spray cream.

Rated this nosh 9.1/10.

Updated this, made a cuppa and did some WordPress reading.

Was soon nodding off and on in the chair.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Wed 28 Oct 15:

  1. I think I’m going to have to fuss at you luv. Didn’t I just yesterday tell you to be sure and take your medications (she says after forgetting her own last night)? I have a good excuse though, because I have been up all night–again.
    My son came in very unexpectedly yesterday, and broke the terrible news that his dad had passed away in his sleep during the night. Until that moment I didn’t realize I still loved the man so much, or maybe I was just too stubborn to admit it. Or he could just have been a habit I never quite broke. I’m not really sure, but I’ve been upset since I heard about it. My physical therapist arrived a few minutes after he left, and we just talked for the most part. It was a long time before I felt like getting up and doing any of the exercises.
    Since January, that makes 7 people we have lost in our family, and with 2 months left in the year my kids are becoming extremely frightened, checking on me just to make sure I’m still alive, I guess.
    Take care of you luv. I have more grieving to do.

    • You had an all-nighter too then Angie? Tsk, we area pair are we not? Hehe!
      Sorry to hear your loss gal.
      I’m really glad to hear the kids are checking on you, but sorry about your going through the mourning. I send you me empathy and sympathy, concerned you will be alright pet. Wish I could do more to help.
      All the bestest of luck, proud of you coping.
      TTFN X

      • I know luv. I also have all that yarn and so many projects to use. At least 50 more years before I’ll have time to die. Hope I didn’t just jinx myself there.

      • 50 years left sounds right to me Angie. I’ll be needing that time to get me kitchen and living room sorted… Hehehe! It’s a long slog, bet you find the same gal? Especially wiv all your twine and yarns? Taketh care. X

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