Inchcock Today – Tue 27 Oct 15: Some sorting done – with help!

Tuesday 27th October 2015


Woke with a jump at 04150101bhrs. For some reason I was expecting my old cat Cyril to be laying on me chest purring away. Blimey, it must have been 12 years since I lost him???

Me dreams again involved me being chased around inside a dilapidated skyscraper offices and corridors?

Dark and misty with it outside this morning.

WC’d, no swabs for ‘Little  Inchy’ so made do with some bandages. Must get some more later.

Went through to the kitchen and spotted me overflowing used medication pots draw. Decided to tackle it straight away.

So I got me trays out, made up the new pots and rotated them into the draw for later use. Took me about two hours to sort them, but I didn’t drop any this time.

The kitchen was much warmer than the living room, I turned down the storage heater a bit – just hope I’ve done it right and don’t end up with no heat later?


Made a cuppa and took me medications.

P1020305Went through to the bedroom with the intention of having a look at the 3 drawer wheeled thingy I’d bought for the space where they left for a washing machine under the draining board. I couldn’t even lift the box, so I rolled it into the kitchen… bit of help needed here methinks. Tsk!

Laptop on got dairy done for yesterday and posted on WordPress. Some nice comments had come in I replied to.

Onto Facebook for an hour or two, the Steve of Age UK rang. Some money transferred to the Nottingham Building Society had not gone through. He would be here in about an hour.

Got a wash and shave and true to his word Steve arrived an hour later.

Firstly I explained that I tried to get a hold of him after he left last Friday, as I’d had a call from the bank about money going out and could not understand what the recorded message was saying so could not press any buttons in reply.

He checked his phone, and none of the eleven calls I’d made to him showed up?Odd that!

He rang the bank for me, all seemed okay, then he rang the NBS for me to pay what I owed them using me card.

It seems they have had four viewers at the house and another coming tomorrow.

I shan’t get too excited knowing my luck eh?

P1020304Steve then got stuck in to making a start of erecting me book-case bless him.

He got it out of the bedroom, making some space in it for the first time in a while – mind you he put the moved stuff into the hallway.

P1020301 P1020302With gusto he had everything out of the box’s and managed to get it started despite me not having a hammer he could use. (Well, I might have, but I couldn’t find it, I spend ages searching while spent ages working at the bookcase.

He didn’t have much time to spare and grafted away like a good un for me. Not in his list of duties either.

I crept up behind him and said “Steve, give me scowl will yer?”…

He did too!

P1020303Two hour after his arrival he’d got the base up in the corner ready for the drawers to be erected to go at the bottom, and the fixing thingamabobs to be screwed into the wall – and said he’s return to get it finished. Even said he’d bring his own electric drill! What a guy!

With Duncan and BJ’s help the three of them have saved me many a time. Thanks lads.

It wore me out just watching him.

Steve had to shoot off home to get his nosh then he had to visit another poor old bugger like wot I am, but this poor blokes in the Queens Medical Centre hospital.

I measured the size of carpet, well mat, that I needed for under the brown 1967 E-plan cabinet, and did it in new measurements 160mm by 110.

If the Asda delivery comes early I can have a walk through the park into Sherwood to see they have any that size at the carpet shop there.

Cleaned up the bit of mess we made and got the laptop on to update this tosh.

Asda arrived and then hunger overcame me and made me nosh.

P1020306Fish salad: Fish sticks, cheesey pops, beetroot, new potatoes, BBQ Herring fillets in tomato sauce, bread thins followed by Lemon cheesecake and cream.

Rated this as 8.9/10.

Back and legs starting to ache now.

Got several of those calls from the bank again.

So tired now, fell asleep and missed me medications. Tsk!

Going to pay for this tomorrow methinks…

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tue 27 Oct 15: Some sorting done – with help!

  1. Oh dear, luv. Can you take your medications soon after your nosh so you won’t miss them? They really are necessary you know. I worry about you, and even more now. My ex-hubby passed away last night, and it has hit me much harder than I ever thought would be possible. That brings the grand total for 2015 to 7 deaths. With two months left in the year, I’m just wondering how many more.
    I’m sorry this is not a happy reply, but I’ve lost too many people this year. Take care of you luv.

    • I feel for your losses and know you must be feeling bad Angie pet. Sympathising cannot help I know, but I feel it for you.
      I wish I could b there with you to comfort you when your down. All me best. TTFN X

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