Inchcock Today Mon 26 Oct 15:

Monday 26th October 2015

01topj1No kip last night at all.

0435hrs I put the laptop on, made a cuppa took me morning medications and finished yesterdays blog and started this one

WC, haemorrhoids leaking, Little Inchy too.

Made plans for today, no INR Warfarin blood test today, so:

Walk to the launderette – On way back call in Nottingham Hospice with their bits and ask about their lottery – Call to see how BJ is going – bus out to the clinic for me checks on Little Inchy – Bus to town to get some photographs and feed the ducks and pigeons in the Arboretum – make a start on assembling (alright, trying to assemble) the trolley I got from Ikea for the kitchen – Go to the Community shed to take previous tenants mail… I got this far, but just knew there was something important besides these jobs, but could I remember?

I checked the Google calender but nowt on it for today at all… oh dear?

Did some Facebooking, a lot of Facebooking.

Soon time for me bath and readied missen for me walk to the launderette.

Took the mail I’d had delivered at the flat for Margaret the previous tenant, to the Community Hut on me way out.

Met Deana, she’d just arrived on site. Gave her a nibble and then the letters. She asked when she saw me carrying me usual bag and the bag of washing why I was not using the machines in the flats. I explained that I was fed up of people using the driers only when the washers were in use ad having to wait an extra hour before I could use them.

01topj2I poddled on and down Winchester Street’s hill into Sherwood, then up Mansfield Road, then down into Carrington and the launderette.

Just avoiding one of the famous Nottingham Pavement Cyclists en-route.

Got in and got me washer going.

01topj3Had a good chin-wag with Mandy after taking her photo when she wasn’t expecting it. Not a good one but still.

Brother in law Pete rang to see if all was okay, nice of him. He’s going to ring back late in the week to let me know when I can visit them and or meet with him in town.

01topj4A lady came in carrying her dog and I fell in love with it straight away.

The dogs name was Randa. The lady explained it came from Miranda.

I put me washing when done in hte drier and went off to Lidl and got some bits.

Razors, 2 cobs, Frikadellens, mini tomatoes and a Pork Farms Pie. I hink the lady on the check out must be new to Lidl, because she didn’t Tut at me or get sarkie or nasty when I dropped me money on the floor and she had to pick it up, bless her. Lidl will soon knock the empathy out of her!

01topj5Back to Launderette and took me washing out of the drier. I must say me woolly cap had shrunk even more this time. I called to tell Mandy as I squashed in down on me head – and Mandy laughed out loud and took me photo as I went up to the counter!

It was nice having a laugh.

01topj6I caught the bus back into Sherwood, and walked up through Woodthorpe Grange Park back to the flat.

Not many folk about, a few with their dogs like.

It looked so beautiful with the different coloured leaves falling as the sunshine came out for a while too.

Me feet were aching for some reason, but me hands and knees were not bothered by Arthur Itis at this point!

Back in the flat I WC’s and put the camera card in the laptop to transfer them.

Then decided not to, and to go into Arnold on the bus that was due it ten minutes from the flats. I hastily got me things back on and hot off to catch it.

Only just made it in time as it was coming on site as I got to the bus-stop.

No hassle or Whoopsiedangleplops on the way.

Dropped off and had a slow walk around. When I got to the pathetic market I thought I’d take a photo of it for yers… as soon as the camera told me there was no memory card in it… (Quick as a flash I knew I’d left it in the laptop, I’m quick yer know Hehehe!) I decided not to take a photo of the pathetic market after all.

I called in Fulton food store and only got the last two polish chicken portions they had left, because they were selling them at 40p instead of the usual £1.35, and they were in date too!

I had some time before the bus was due back so called in Asda to get some of their 50p BBQ noodles before they returned to full price of £1.09.

I found they were offering Walkers Pops at £1, so got some, Bread thins at 89p so I got some… and do yer know, a packet of fresh cream French Horns dropped themselves into me basket! Amazing!

I wandered off to the bus stop. And caught the 11 minutes past L9 that arrived at 19 minutes past – I nearly gave up and walked off to catch a bus into town then one out again back to the flats.

When I got in I WC’d, put the kettle on and then as I put me fodder away realised I’d not got the BBQ noodles from Asda that I’d gone there to buy in the first place! Tsk!

I put the laptop on… the laptop that had been looking after me camera card for me – Hehe.

Many emails awaited answering.

Getting dark early now.

IMG_0081Got me nosh ready.

Two cobs, polish glazed chicken, beetroots, pork pie, and the Lidl Mini plum tomatoes…

Possibly… no, I can say with certainty…

The most bitter, foul tasting tomatoes I’ve ever tried in me 4o years on the earth WPlie. Oh, all right, 70 years on this earth!

P1020300They were very juicy though, fair enough acidly sour juice.

I would recommend that any readers who have any taste-buds still working give these a wide berth.

Made a cuppa, took me medications and sat to read down around 1800hrs.

Woke up around 2300hrs.

Made another cuppa and turned the TV on after looking at the magazine to find that ‘Mash’ was on.

Fell asleep within minutes… Woke up several times with Little Inchy bother and ended up using all me swabs! Must get some more tomorrow without fail! Tsk!

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