Sat 5 Sept 15: Inchcock Today

Saturday 5th September 2015



Woke up in the chair – distorted and with the angina and reflux valve giving me some gip – That’ll serve me right for missing me evening medications last night – Huh!

Made a cuppa and took me morning medications with extra painkillers.

Boy I must have been so tired again last night.

Set the laptop up with the new powered multi-USB thingamajig, so I could have access to two DSIM cards at the same time. Finished yesterdays dairy.

WC’d, bleeding not so bad this morning. The skin cancer wound started itching and stinging when I had me wash?

Marissa07Did some Facebooking, checked emails and started work on a graphicalisation idea I had, that didn’t come out well.

So I spent the next few hours getting it right!

Then, the day almost gone, I made P1000020missen some nosh.

Beef sarnies, potatoes, chips (Fries) apple and beetroot followed by Cornish clotted cream with lemon yoghurt.

Took me medications with a cuppa.

Watched some TV, not a lot as I fell asleep again – forced missen down onto me quilt on the floor.


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