Sun 6 Sept 15: Inchcock Today

Sunday 6th September 2015


Woke at 0115hrs.

Many dreams but could only recall bits and pieces – had to nip to the porcelain, by which time I’d lost many of the memories, Tsk!

I was a ghost and wanted to touch and talk to the people in this hotel lobby I was in – frustrated…?

Alarm bells everyone running around, in Nottingham City Centre, all panicking, I was eating a blackcurrant and vanilla ice cream lolly whistling and doing a crossword and singing… pigeons?


Too early to take me medications, mustn’t forget to later though.

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on.

Finished yesterdays Diary off. Did some Facebooking then checked me emails.

Thought about Kentucky Angel Angie and wondered how she was going on with her apartment move. I hope she’s doing alright – she’ll be up to the neck in it at the moment sorting, just hope she manages alright bless her.

Hugs1Thought about telling me sister Jane that I have moved and inviting her to visit, but I decided things haven’t been sorted out and arranged anything like her expectancies yet.

DSC00050Got  scrub-up and ready for a walk through Woodthorpe Court into Sherwood to the Co-op store.

The usual assortment of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists were ll over the place.

First two as I got to the top of the hill into the park.

DSC00051Being a Sunday there were a good few pitch & putters, pitching and putting, and plenty of dogs taking their owners for a walk.

I love seeing the dogs happy chasing after the balls with their tails wagging.

DSC00052I got down onto MAnsfield road and was surprised by the amount of traffic.

The pavement cyclists were still rampant, but getting the camera out to picture them was too much of an effort as I began to feel weary for some reason or other?

Had a poddle around the Co-op shop and found they had some Beetroot and apple bloomers still warm, freshly baked?

DSC00053So I invested in one. (No will-power at all have I?).

Ended up buying too much unneeded stuff again. Tsk!

Still, I got a £1 off when I spend £10 within the next four days coupon at the check-out. I could have done with a coupon barring me from the shop – the amount I’m spending lately. Hehe!

DSC00055When I came out, not feeling to good, but no dizzies, I took a photo from across the road of another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist as he plodded on with the pedestrians having to move out of his way!

At the same time, there were three other cyclists on my side of the road doing the same thing!

I hate feeling hatred, but these ignorant illegal morons do annoy me so, no respect or concern for the elderly or infirm pedestrians at all. It wouldn’t be so bad if the slowed down or moved away from folk!

DSC00056Walked back through Woodthorpe Park.

As I got to the top and turned right, I spotted some squirrels in the trees and walked into them slowly to try and get a photo of them.

They were very small and seemed to be playing with each other.

DSC00057But I could not get close enough and they were moving so fast.

Down the gavel ‘Whoopsiedangleplop’ inviting path to the flats.

Past the illegally parked car and into the reception area into the flats.

Thought I’d take a photograph of the DSC00058area and it came out looking a lot cleaner than it actually is.

Up to the flat and hunger-pangs developed.

Mad missen a nosh that came out better than I thought it would.

The beetroot bread was so delicious.

DSC00059After I ate it, I sat down to watch something on the TV for half an hour…

I woke up three hours later.

Cleared and cleaned up and got on with some graphicalisationing on CorelDraw x7.

Weary once again despite me ‘Old Marissa07man’s nod-off’, I got missen down on the quilt.

Then got up to attend the porcelain.

I got missen down on the quilt again. 

Then got up to attend the porcelain.

I got missen down on the quilt again.

Then got up to attend the porcelain.

I got missen down on the quilt again… oh dear!

2 thoughts on “Sun 6 Sept 15: Inchcock Today

  1. you know, don’t you, that sis is going to give you a right bollocking when she finds out you moved months ago and didn’t tell her at the time ?

    wouldn’t like to be in your shoes then, mate ! 😆

    p.s. best wait until you’ve got a bed in your new flat before inviting her round for a visit – and don’t let on you’ve been sleeping on the floor, else she’ll tell you off for that, too !

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