Mon 7 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Medical mayhem

Monday 7th September 2015


Up at 0230hrs… WC visit.

Arthur Itis not so bad this morning. But give him time…

Made a cuppa and started the laptop. Had a problem with getting the external storage drive to load. Tried connecting through the new multi-USB thing then directly to the laptop – which didn’t find it? After many attempts suddenly it read it?

So I downloaded all me work saved onto it to the Documents folder on the laptop – which defeats the object of having the external-drive in the first place to save using space on me hard-drive? Tsk!

Finished Sundays diary off and got it posted, then started on this one.


After a couple of hours I’d caught up, made a cuppa and took me medications.

GP for me Warfarin blood tests this morning, then the clinic to have ‘Little Inch’ looked at again.

DSC00060It’s a bit nippy this morning and drab with it.

Took a photograph from the kitchen window here to show you.

It’s grand having a view like this every morning to look at.

I wondered as I perused the view, how many Nottingham Pavement Cyclists, shoplifters and alcoholics lived nearby.

Only joking!

Off to the doctors to see the nurse for me Warfarin Blood-test. Remembered on the way out to drop off the previous tenants letters at the Woodthorpe Community Shed – the door was open but nobody inside, so left the letters and some nibbles on the table for Camp Guards. (Hehe, I’m feeling witty this morning?)

Also remembered I had to collect me prescriptions from the chemist as well today.

Set off down the Winchester Street hill, and right up Mansfield Road hill into Carrington. Over the top and down, crossed over and called in the paper shop and treated missen to a newspaper (Cause I forgotten to put me crossword book in me bag to do at the GP and clinic while waiting like – Tsk!), then on to the chemists.

DSC00062I got the prescriptions given me in a bag on their own. I could have done with a trolley! Hehe.

Then I called at Lidl to get a pork pie. Came out of Lidl with the pork pie, a Polish Zywiecka Extra pork Sausage slice, sautéed onion potato slices and a pot of Crème Fraiche… I can hear you asking what’s the plonker bought Crème Fraiche for?

Well you see I misread it for DSC00063cream cheese.

One of the TFZ gals recommended cream cheese fer me to try yer see – and I couldn’t find any until today – well no, that’s not right cause it was Crème Fraiche that I found wonnit?

Anyway, if anyone would be kind DSC00064enough to tell me wot Crème Fraiche is and  how and what to eat it with I’d me be grateful please, before its sell-by date.

Thanking you in advance. I’m trying out new recipes inspired by the TFZ gals yer know. Must thank em the angels, when I get on Facebook again.

I’m looking forward to trying the sautéed potatoes later. Mind you, I noticed it had two orange warning tabs on it? Humph!

So, (Heavily ladened) I nipped down to the surgery to see the nurse. Booked missen in and started reading the newspaper.

When I got called in, I was so glad to see it was Nurse Ann on duty and not Nurse Gruppenfurher… er, Glenda.

She sorted me nicely like, and I asked her to take the nibbles I’d brought for the staff and departed.

01topaCaught a bus to the City Hospital.

Got in the clinic and signed in with Mr Gloom and doom on the reception. People like him should really have a different career yer know. Maybe a hangman or assassin would suit him better. Just a thought.

Went through and sat down, got me crossword book out cause I had  good half hour until me appointed time, and a lady came to collect me within two minutes of me starting the crossword.

The usual talk and questions before she took in a treatment room and had a look at ‘Little Inch’s lesion. Always an embarrassing practice this, fer me, not the doctor. After a few oohs and arghs and telling me she didn’t like the look of it… she covered me up with a paper sheet and told me she would be back shortly with a colleague who she wanted to look over ‘Little Inchy’.

Deja vu at this stage – all this happened on me last visit – I wondered if the same female doctor who came last time would return with the young doctor again?

It was too! After asking about when I how much of the last cream given me I applied – the two doctor got their heads together and told me they were going to ask the chemist there to make up a one-off cream for me to try this time. It would take a while to make up and I could wait in the waiting area.

So, I waited in the waiting area – and nearly finished me crossword book before a different lady turned up and told me how much and when to apply this new cream – and under no circumstance was I to apply it anywhere other than on the lesion itself.

I have to return in three weeks, unless any problems, then I must go back to them, or to the Out Patients at the hospital if they are not open at the time, and take my record card with me.

I pointed out that I do not have a record card. That really cheered up Mr Doom and Gloom on the reception when the doctor queried with him why I wasn’t given one on me first visit month ago…

If looks could kill, I’d have been a gonna then!

I sat down and waited again. A completely different person arrived calling me name – they will post me an updated card through the post.

Glad to be out of the way of Doom and Gloom’s stares, I departed and caught a bus back into Sherwood.

Walked up through Woodthorpe Court and down back to the flat.

Once in, I visited the WC and noticed how full me laundry bag was.

Put me nosh away, stored and rotated my medicines in the dedicated draw, WC’d again.

Then I got the soap and softener in the bag of laundry with me newspaper (Daily Mirror) and into the lift – down to the floor, realised I’d not taken the 20p’s for the machines, back up to the 12th floor, got the coins and down to the ground floor again.

Got the washing machine going, then I checked the filters in the driers – both were well clogged up. Not been cleaned for ages.

So, as a favour to the dirty idle tenants who don’t clean them, I cleaned them – Again! Tsk! There are some of the tenants who can’t get down to clean them though, it’s not easy if your a tad immobile.

 Read me newspaper while the washing washed – then moved me togs into the drier.

And elderly lady came down who was new to the camp – and I had the pleasure of showing her the procedure.

I’d planned to take me camera out and have a walk around the blocks for a while to see if any photo-opportunities arose nature wise, but it started looking  bit windy, so I went back in, I’d foolishly left me newspaper on the seat, when i re-entered one of the women who don’t clean the filters but could if she wanted was nicking me newspaper! Humph!

Had a go at the crossword book until the drier had finished. I put me togs in the bag and cleaned the filter – I say, Cleaned the filter!

Went up to the flat and put me togs in the airing cupboard.

DSCF1001Updated this diary and then got me nosh on.

The Sautéed potatoes, last two hot dog sausages, beetroot, lettuce and beetroot bread with BBQ sauce. Followed by lemon mousse.

Tomorrow is the Dentist – one filling, one extraction.

That’ll be something to look forward to!


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