Tue 8 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Dentist, extraction and filling – No tooth Fairy though, Tsk!

Tuesday 8th September 2015



Woke at 0315hrs – Blimey it’s cold this morning. WC’d, ‘Little Inchy’ worse than ever, blood all over me togs, more extra washing again, Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took me medications as I shivered away – I must get to see someone today to explain this Night-Storage heating system and how it works.

Laptop on and finished yesterdays and started this diary. The USB extension thingy still have to be plugged-unplugged several times before the laptop can read it?

PKGCFinished a graphic on Coreldraw X7 and Corelpaint of Patricia Kropf.

I’ve been working on this one for a time now when I’ve had the chance.

Glad itcame out alright.

Remembered the Morrison delivery coming this morning, then I have to get ready for the visitation to the dentist for me extraction and filling.

Lesser men than I would be nervous about this yer know.

Doesn’t bother me in the slightest, no fear at all, I welcome the pain.4IT6

Made a cuppa and then had a spruce-up, shave and… other things in the bathroom…

Took rubbish and recycle bags and threw them down the waste hute on me way to the community shed to ask Deana if they could so anything with helping me to be able to open the kitchen window to clean it.

P1000022She is on holiday, at the same time that the Camp Obergruppenfurher Julie is? Bad planning that innit?

Walked up and through Woodthorpe Park and into Sherwood, avoiding the many Pavement cyclists and dogs en-route.

Arrived in plenty of time for the dentist so I called in the charity shop to see if they had any furniture, bed or curtains I might invest in.

P1000024They hadn’t.

Back to the Polish dentists, where the receptionist who scares the hell out of me was on duty. I handed her me appointment letter… She looked on the computer and gave me a look of disdain adding: “I am calling you this morning and you are not answering no!”

Me: “No, I mean yes that’s right, I was in the bath when you called, there was no number to ring back on, so I didn’t know it was you.

Her: “This is not good! The dentist is off sick! I needed to inform you, Yes!”

Me: “Not my fault is it?”

Her: “Ve vill have to make anther appointment” – the keys rattled on her machine and she handed me a print-out of the new appointment – 18th Sept!

Me: “Where will I be sending the charge to?” I asked smilingly

Her: “Wos?!

Me: “Well you inform me that if I fail to turn up for any appointment, you will charge me a minimum of £18.50. So who do I charge the £18.50 to then?”

Her: “We no pay, you failed to answer your phone!”

Me: “Which I wouldn’t have done if your dentist had not gone sick – yes?”

Her: At this she turned and spoke with one of the other camp Kommandant receptionists then said: “Ve can take you off of our list your are avare of this yes?”

Me: Grinning broadly I replied: “I was joking, only joking, but you agree it should work both vays yes?” I enjoyed that!

P1000025I left and wobbled down to Wilko’s, where I went in to get some more wood dye.

I came out with an a 16mb SD card, £5 wardrobe organiser, Pledge polish, Wipe roll, Dusters, soap capsules, Olive oil, kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner and 375mg magnesium & Vit B tablets!

P1000026Walked up through Sherwood to the bus-stop and had a peep see if the L9 or L8 bus was due.

Found I’d just missed them both.



Got some bits from the Cooperative store.

Some red peppers, and a packet of biscuits.

Pavement cyclists were about as usual but with the two bags I could not get me camera out in tome to catch em.

P1000027The traffic was building up as I limped up the hill over it and into Woodthorpe Park.

Getting a bit nippy now.

A feeling came over me that I must top this spending.

For some reason I remembered dreaming of Lynton Cox last night – something about him giving a lecture and I couldn’t get the lectern lights to work?

P1000029As I walked up the footpath through the park up to where I turn right and down to the flats, I noticed a chap with a dog on the longest lead I’ve ever seen.

It wasn’t one of those reel-in-out ones.

In this picture the hap still had more dog-lead in loops on his arm to use.

P1000030I walked through a little clump of trees in the way down the hill in hopes of seeing some wild-life to photograph.

When I came out of the wood, a beautiful scene met me.

Back onto the path and down to the flats.

Got in the flat, WC’d, and got the laptop on.

Updated this tosh.

P1000031Put the new date for the dentist visit in my Google diary.

Got me salad ready: Cheese, apple, sliced tossed peppers in Virgin Oil, raw garden peas, tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, beetroot, potato salad, pork and pickle pork pie and some parsnips I roasted in’t oven – and burnt!

Did some graphicalisationing and then got the nosh down me. Rated it 8.6/10

The weariness dawned again and I did nowt but snooze for ten minutes or so, wake-up, pass wind and snooze again all night! Tsk!

2 thoughts on “Tue 8 Sept 15: Inchcock Today – Dentist, extraction and filling – No tooth Fairy though, Tsk!

  1. ha, I nearly bought that £5 wardrobe organiser thing myself when I was in my local Wilkos on Sunday

    p.s. you may have a lot of health problems but from the amount of food on that plate, loss of appetite isn’t one of them 😆

    • It’s the opposite to lack of appetite Dunc – gluttony seems to have overtaken me! Tsk!
      The organiser thingy is alright. it’s just that I’d forgotten I’d bought one from Ikea – Humph! The sections in this one are smaller, so I’m glad i got it – now all need is the energy to sort out me stuff and get the place organised. Still, no rush now – Maybe I’ll ask sis Jane to help me? Mmm… risky that… Hope your well Dunc, cheers.

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