Wed 9 Sept15: Inchcock Today – Whoopsiedangleplop once again, Tsk!

Wednesday 9th September 2015


Woke up at 0410hrs in the chair where I fell asleep last night while watching TV.

Think I had some amazing dreams, but nothing concrete could be recalled – just a feeling of frustration?

WC’d, made a cuppa and cleared up the food wrappers at the side of the chair – Tsk!

Took me medications and cleaned up bleeding ‘Little Inchy’.

Laptop on and yesterdays dairy done and posted, started this one off.

Did some graphic work, Facebooked a while and then got on with trying to sort one of the dozen of giant bags that need sorting. Got me trays I bought to see if they fit into me 1967 cabinet etc.

Decided to get a bath and pretty myself up and hope I feel a bit better.

Had a super-soak, got me bus-pass, the Panasonic Lumix with the view-finder camera etc ready for me mission.

That was to go into Arnold and see if the shops there had any jackets with plenty of pockets in them. Then get some photographicalisationing done in the Nottingham Arboretum. Then see if the shops in town had any jackets with plenty of pockets in them.

Had a natter with some other residents at the bus-stop, then caught the bus into Arnold. (Oh that pensioners free-bus-pass is so appreciated! I wondered if Duncan had used his yet?) No jackets suitable in those shops, so caught a bus into town.

Dropped off on Mansfield Road and walked through the Arboretum. Some humans in the grounds but I didn’t see any animals to photograph on me way through and down to the pond come lake.

But there, were my favourites there – pigeons and mallard ducks, although not many mallards today.


P1000035Got me seed and fed them and took some photographs as they jostled to get theirs first.

I think that it’s amazing how mallards and pigeons get along, even when food is on offer, without squabbling with each other.

There were a lot of young ducks in the pond this afternoon.

I walked on down to the West gate entrance/exit and onto Waverley Street.

As I approached the gates I noticed a bee was jumping from one flower to another to get some nectar I assume.

P1000036He only stayed on each yellow flower head for a few seconds before he was off to another, he really was a busy-bee! Haha!

I tried several times to catch him with the camera. Later when I got back to the  house and laptop and downloaded the pictures from the card – only one of the shots I took came out decent. 

P1000039As I walked into town there were several Nottingham pavement Cyclists as usual – this one was on the pavement despite there being a cycle lane on the road? Ignoramus!

Up the hill and down into the City Centre.

P1000040They had some Foreign food stalls in the slab-square again.

A German BBQ stall that only had sausages on offer, the usual Indian, Chinese and a Spanish stall amongst the non-food ones.

I walked down Wheeler Gate and called in two stores in search of a suitable coat, but neither had any in.

P1000042Came out of the second store and sneaked some seed to the pigeons.

Walked back up and into Primark in case they had some jackets suitable – of course they didn’t.

I was after one of those sleeveless ones with no end of pockets all over them.

Caught the L9 back to the flats – and I reckon I must have nodded off on the bus five or six times, and was lucky in waking when I did not to miss me stop! Huh! It doesn’t seem to happen so often on the diesel buses, but almost every-time I go on one of these electric powered ones in the afternoons. Wonder why? 

Got in the flat and got me nosh cooking. I purposely made a little less this time as part of me new determination to lose some of the weight I’ve added to me belly since moving into this flat and getting a cooker.

Laptop on and updated this diary while it was cooking – had to nip to the WC and when I opened the door – the heat that hit me was lovely – I’d left the wall heater on from when I got out of the bath earlier. Made me realise how cold it was in the rest of the flat.

P1000044Got me nosh, cleverly put it in a smaller dish to fool myself into thinking I was eating me usual dollop like.

Boiled spuds, cubed spuds, tomatoes, roast parsnips, carrots onions gravy and braised beef. The roast parsnips were delectable!

Followed by a lemon yoghurt and Fromage Frais, no crisps to follow and no chocolate or biscuits either… yet!


After eating I started to clean the pots and kitchen like…

As the point of the knife stuck in me finger…

I whipped me hand out of the bowl sharpish…

Stepped back and fell over the rubbish bin. Luckily as I went down only the side of me head hit the counter.

I got up okay though… swore and then saw that the tiny wee cut on me finger could only be located with great difficulty, it is that minute! Tsk and Humph!

The bruise on me head is coming up nicely though.

Got me INR Warfarin Blood level results in the post. 4.7, very high, that means it is too thin, so less chance of having a blood-clot but more chance of bleeding to death – Hey-ho.

Rubbed some cream on me lump on me head, Cortisoided ‘Little Inchy’ and took me medications. Took extra antacid for me ulcer and stomach.

Noises coming from somewhere now, but can’t pinpoint em or work out what is making them? Sounds like crumbling concrete to me… oh, it’s stopped.

Couldn’t get to sleep – turned on the telly and listened through the headphones. Tried to nod off again… Read some of me book. Tried to get to sleep again, kept waking up regularly. I think it must have been around 0300hrs when I finally got off.

Woke up around 0530hrs. Humph!

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