Fri 4 Sept 15: Inchcock Today

Wednesday 4th September 2015


Woke up where I fell asleep last night while watching TV – still I didn’t have to struggle up off the floor.

Think I had some amazing dreams, just a feeling but no memories of details.

Late, gone 0600hrs but then I stayed up late last night. Kettle and laptop on, found myself singing again as I visited the WC, that soon changed when I saw the bloodied jammies – ‘Little Inch’ had been bleeding badly last night, wondered if it was something in the dreams that caused it?

Cuppa and medications taken and took some photos through the kitchen window for the top of this diary.

Feeling well drained and the stomach was gurgling a bit. Too much to eat last night me thinks. Huh!

Finished yesterdays diary off then revisited the WC.

Did some Facebooking and checked emails.

Feeling a lot better now. Got myself spruced up and ready for me visit to the Woodthorpe Park Tropical Houses visit. Then I plan to go to Long Eaton to visit the Fultons Food store in search of blackcurrant ice-cream lollies.

Took me x30Z camera with me to take some photo’s of the Tropical House plants.

Sat01Met Diana Walker as I got in the lift gave her a letter for the previous tenant and a nibble.

Walked up the hill to the park and into the Tropical Houses place… oh dear, this is what I found:

Nothing tropical here!

Sat03Terribly disappointed I walked down into Sherwood and caught a bus into town – passing several of the Nottingham Pavement Cyclists en-route and throughout the rest of the day.

Why they don’t just scrap the law about riding cycles on the pavement I don’t know. The police show no signs of enforcing or pretending to enforce the law! This one nearly hit the policeman in the distance when he came out of the shop – not a sign of any admonishment from him. Tsk!

Caught the bus and got into town. Called in the pound shop and got some bread thins, then to the bus-stop over the other end of town and caught a bus into Long Eaton.

Found the Fultons Food store, and they had some blackcurrant ice-cream lollies in stock, so I took a risk of them melting on the way back and bought three boxes of six.

Had a wonder around taking in the memories the place installed in me mind of many years ago when I worked in the town.

Caught a bus back to Nottingham and wandered into the City Centre towards me bus stop for the L9 bus. Too early I had a wander around for half an hour taking some photographs as me ice-lollies slowly melted.

Sat04 pigClandestinely fed some pigeons a few seeds.

Using me new camera I took a close-up of some of them.

Walked up towards the bus stop on King Street and took a close-up of the statues on top of the building, hoping to show the cracks between the Sat05masonry slabs.

I’m still amazed at how they erected these in the first place, and how they have survived the blasting to clean them up.

Back to the flat and sated me hunger by making a nosh that I ate while watching me new TV in the arm chair.

Sat06Washed the pots afterwards and returned to catch the end of what I was watching on the goggle-box – that was it!

Into the land of nod.

Missed me evening medications – I’ll suffer for that later! in fact I am doing so now in the morning as I write this drivel.

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