Inchcock Today: Inchcock Today Diary – Tuesday 29th March 2022

Inchcock Today: Diary Tuesday 29th March

05:35hrs: Woke to pea-souper fog.

I dragged my not-slept-much body from the clutches of the second-hand, overwhelmingly-sickeningly beige coloured, £300, c1968,  tatty, uncomfortable, wobbly-recliner. Then went to make a brew of J Sainsbury Extra Strong tea and drank it pretty quickly cause the need for the Porcelain Throne arrived.

So, off to the wet room come WC I went. And the evacuation operation was positively under the influence of Constipation Conrad!

So, out came the crossword book. As I awaited some movement from the rear end, I studied the clues, determined to do better than yesterday’s solution-finding of only two! There was no rush, so I looked at the options for a good ten minutes. Then the activity started… and stopped a minute later – solidly refusing to recommence again! Which gave me another ten minutes or so of puzzle-solving. Well, that’s not strictly true… I didn’t get one answer! But I persevered, with an unnatural desire to succeed.

As you can see in the second photo, I made no, zilch progress. Which was annoying. Haha!

I went back to the kitchen and sorted out the spring water bottles. Opened the fridge door to find that I’d already done them last night. Dementia Doreen again!

The wee-weeing started and was pretty persistent again throughout the day. I made a brew and got the computer to update Monday’s blog.

Carer Richard arrived. He was looking a little better than yesterday; bless him. We had a good nattering session; things of old we had in common were the theme. I could see he was ready for his bed and appreciated the chinwag but cut it short to let him get home to his medicines and, above all, bed. Bade him farewell, and he took the waste bags to the chute for me. Hope he’s not coming down with anything. He’s got enough already.

By the time I got around to doing this post, I could see clearly the writing on the reminder pad – Consip victory! I’ve not got the foggiest of what it meant! Sad, innit? Hahaha!

I got on the computer again, finished updating, and sent the blog to WordPress.

This morning, jolly good figures from the sphygmomanometer, even though it was nearly midday by now. Gosh, the day is flashing by! Even the body temperature had risen again… bot by a lot, but that’s two days on the up. Things might be getting better? No, I am a fool!

I spent the next four hours on the computer, making mayhaps my biggest cock-up of the year!

I’d started doing a Local News Snippets one for tomorrow! Pillock! And had not finished and posted the Monday one yet!

Then, after updating and sending off the Monday post to WordPress…

Instead of starting this blog, I began doing an Ode blog!!! Gawd or Mighty, I’m Going Potty!

The mind was so puddled. I stopped and went to make a brew of Glengettie tea.

Filled the kettle but did not turn on the heat!!! Argh!

I took these two photographs of the evening sky. There is no sunsetting to speak of, but I still found them beautiful, Mother Nature at her finest. I appreciate There’s something special about the skies, not as much as a good natter. Hehe!

I’d made a start on two blogs now! Neither one finished. And had to get this one started then! Dumbo!

I had a call from Meridian saying the evening carer would be late. They already were. I told them no bother, not to worry. Which was true!

I put some potatoes in the oven and added a pastie later, peas in the pan.

I got on with starting this blog. The evening carer arrived later, apologising. But there was no need; I appreciated that she was in a rush but still found time for a bit of chinwag. 💙

I made some progress with this blog, but it was so late, and tiredness overcame me and my hunger.

I’ll have to finish this in the morning. I’ll get the jammies on and nosh served up now. TTFN.

Wednesday morning update:

I was up until gone midnight again.

Made a well-overcooked meal. But it went down nicely, all the same, despite fighting to keep awake while eating it. Tsk!

The darned Thought-Storms raged again when I washed the pots and got into the c1968 second-hand, E-plan recliner.


12 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Inchcock Today Diary – Tuesday 29th March 2022

  1. Wee wees, word cross, decent sphygmomanometer reading, excellent photos and a well arranged overcooked meal. Not bad at all.

  2. Some days seem to plod a bit, so it gives yer a chance to faff around and just see what happens while you are waiting for something to occur. These activities include making a few apocryphal entries on the crossword that actually did not even take place. I call that proper faffing form, being on top of your game and letting your challengers take a number and wait in a queue until you can get around to them. A good game that I have learned to do in my sleep, perhaps in just the way you traipse around the joint searching for crumbs to hide on your belly areas, sometimes including an indecipherable note regarding owt and nowt it doth duly appear.
    Then to get ready the meal of the day on the portable tray. And the nosh looked splendidly edible, Sir!
    A good Tuesday then!

    • Thank you, Mon Ami.
      I can see you see, furhterer than the average seer, into the depths of confusion one lives in. Oh, Yes! A new additon to you wualities and skills is born! “Billum, the seer of the unseeable sights seen in the mind!”
      Jolly good day to all at the Mansion ♥

      • I am always seeking to understand how all the pieces fit together and spin this existence. Looking for patterns in everything is all part of the journey. Looking at unseeable sights is one way, another is hearing, then there is touching and hoping it doesn’t burn too much. Sulphur burns and its product is sulphuric acid (a good name for something that comes of sulphur, or an astonishing coincidence). Pharmacies used to sell all sorts of chemicals, made it easy to stock my lab 🙂
        The furries of the mansion are hungry. I must attend…

      • Your thought-alchemisationing brings forth a smile of appreciation of you wit, good Sir.
        Weed killer, rat poison and led in paint seems harder to get a hold of lately, I’ve noticed that – so, mo presents for Herbert then. Hahaha!
        Furries in need, must be responded to. I agreeth.
        Cyril used to jump up on the draining bought, and give me a look that said; “Come on… Food!” And purr whilst eating his nosh.
        Got all behind again, news to read of actionings on the Cataracts front in todays blog Sir! And Whoopsiedangleplops as well, naturally. Har-har!
        Keepeth well, all at tne Manor. ♥

      • Good to send thought alchems your way, Sir. And speaking of rat poison, the active ingredient in Warfarin, I received an INR value of 4.1 on April Fool’s Day (4.1). So the joke was indeed on my thinly-blooded state of being. Just had a nicely steamed portion of broccoli with salt and butter, just the thing to bring that INR number down from the stratosphere.
        I enjoy hearing about the late great Cyril in his days and ways.
        Meanwhile, Fozzie the Furriest is sleeping in so as to avoid an April Fool’s caper. The bed is unmade — just the way he likes it on Fridays such as this.
        All goodeth wishes from usseth. No April Fool tricks ever in mind.

      • There is a product called simply Warfarin Rat Poison. I put it in a blog years ago, and saw a packet in a hardware ship I went in… shop I went in? It must have been years ago then, Billum. Hehehe!
        Just had an lovely email from HRH, bless her for praising your care.
        I’m glad you enjoyed yout Boroccoli with salt and butter – but it irks me that I cannot have some. Hahaha!
        Cheers and haveth a great day, all!

      • According to the results for today’s INR, I have been consuming too much rat poison with my meals. I am a lot like a rat that way, eating way too much rat poison with my noshes. YUM!
        Is broccoli another edible that is hard to get in the UK? I should go to the hardware store for more Coumadin.
        HRH writes the best stuff, and can type it with few mistakes. Worra treasure!

      • Ayup, Billum. All brassica veg is on my must-not-eat list. But it did do a decent potato, leek and pea stew last night that went down well, Sir.
        Mayhaps a part of the rat-pack, are you Sir? Haha!
        What Are Side Effects of Coumadin? easy bruising and bleeding, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, bloating, gas, or altered sense of taste, Mr Google tells me.
        Indeddly much, so HRH does and is! ♥

      • The joke was on me, but I larfed it off and returned to my Zoom with Presidents Biden and Zelensky. World crises must take first and full priority, of course.
        Coumadin is doing the same thing to me as it does to the rats, but why does the medical community not conduct regular INR tests on the coumadin-eating rats? Makes no sense to the likes of me. I guess that I do not know everything. All I know is owt and nowt.

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