Inchcock Today – Tuesday 28th November 2017

Tuesday 28th November 2017

Sesotho: Labobeli la 28 November 2017

1150hrs: Awoke, the body not up to any pandiculating. Once again the body was not suffering in a poorly way, just still tired, weary and aching in places.

The mind, was very polyphiloprogenitive, I was momentarily concerned as it seemed to be doing its own thing, going where it wanted, as if feverishly searching for something but not letting me know what it was? When it found it, I was informed of, in what was almost a command; “Get the laundry done!” Then the central nervous system enclosed in the cranium of my head, the convoluted mass of grey and white matter returned to its usual state of only just coping with controlling and coordinating my mental actions (Poorly), rested.

I robotically removed my mass from the £300 second-hand recliner, and off into the wet room for a wee-wee. It turned into a Porcelain Throne Session, but an almost perfect one this time. No bleeding bled at all.

Then I gathered the washing things together in the big bag. Got some togs on and made my way down to the laundry room. Only one of the lifts working, the other had a blank blue screen above. Arthur Itis and Duodenal Donald both being kind to me, Anne Gyna just a bit of bother, hardly worth mentioning though, yes… I’ll take that back. Hehehe!

0030hrs: Got the machine going and back up the lift. The second elevator now lit up, but stuck on the ninth floor?

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Mug of tea.

0100hrs: Down to move the clothes into the dryer. Both lifts operational now? Someone had not cleaned out the filter, and there were new to me stains in the sink, that I could not get off.

0120hrs: Up and got the diaries updating done.

The time flew by, it was soon 0200hrs, and I was down once more to the laundry room. Number one lift now stuck on the 9th floor again? There are no quotidian moments here, are there. Haha!

Got the washing out, folded and into the bag.

Tried again to clean the sink marks off, without any success. Cleared the filters, wiped the drums and casings.

The number one cage was out of action this time, no lights at all?

Is someone playing about? Are Aliens to blame? Is Elvis still alive? Am I going bonkers? These lifts remind me of two things; Heath Robinson and a Carry-On-film. Hehe!

It was a lot warmer this morning.

Made another brew and got a header done for the upcoming funny ode about my Mini-Ottoman, blog.

0430hrs: Went on to WordPress Reader. Then checks the comments received.

Facebooked next.

Then onto CorelDraw and graphicalisationing prep work.

Got two fun ones finished.

Must get off to the ablutioning session now. Got all cleaned and fresh, dressed.

Did the Health Checks and medication.

Took the sorted black bags to the rubbish chute on the way out, and down the lift and out into the not precisely hot sunshine. Popped in the Obergruppenfurheress Deana hut. Out to the bus stop to join the ganglet of Senior Citizens there amassed. Then realised I had not taken the mobile phone or camera with me, and it was too late for me to return to get them. Fool!

I decided not to go to Arnold after all. Because sorting out the time without the phone could well mean I miss the bus back. So I just caught the City Bus up to Mapperley Top and hobbled to the Aldi Store.

I poddled around and ended up buying 2 pots of lemon yoghourt. Not cheap and very small, but they looked delicious with the lemon settled at the bottom of the glass pots. Some Part-Baked Rolls. The very naughty Frikadellens, and two tins of garden peas. I only spent £4.18. Good for me, that I think.

Had a wee-wee and made a mug of tea.

I then hung out of the window to take a picture of the balcony as was.

I got the computer on and updated this load of absolute tosh.

On CorelDraw to start the idea I had for a Bexit Funny. Had a job setting it up over the next two hours. Got it done. Don’t want to let on what it is yet until I publish the diary that I’m putting it on.

The weariness dawned, so I closed everything down and made the nosh; not that it needed much making. Balsamic vinegared tomatoes and franks.

Did some of the part-cooked brown mini-cobs Ten minutes in the oven) and had a pot of lemon fool and one of the tremendously tasty jars of Lemon Farmhouse Yoghourt, along with the evening medications. Taking the things to put in soak and mail arrived.

The DVT, INR Warfarin Level Results and new doses. No Email from the doctor surgery again. So, no chance of getting to the dentist.

Also, yet another note from Willmott Dixon builders. This time about training for how to operate the new heaters. Wednesday 6th December there will be three training sessions for groups of us old fogies, we have to book a seat with their Unterscharführeresses, Herrens Cath or Lynne by ringing them on their mobiles.

Rang Sister Jane, who rang back a few minutes later. Passed on the messages from cyber-friends for her, over the loss of Fooey.

Washed the pots and got my head down to watch some Jonathan Creek DVD episodes.

Soon off into the land of Nod.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 28th November 2017

  1. The meal is quite appetizing. You have to be trained how to use the heaters? Not simply turning a thermostat up and down? I think I’ve only ever gotten one email from a doctor concerning medical stuff.

    • Went down nice that one.
      I’ve overheard several of us old doddery people here, saying their heaters don’t work in the day? So I thought I’d get a gen-up on them before they are done in my flat.
      Rumblings of discontent are stirring! Hehehe!
      The times I’ve asked them to do this cause of the hearing on the phone causing mistakes. Tsk! Each time they do it for one week, although last week they didn’t and I have go ask again, in some vain effort to get theteeth done.
      The Obergruppenfurheress Nurse, Anne, keeps telling me I should not have the blood test done at the hospital. But if they don’t make an appointment for me like I’ve asked repeatedly, what choice do I have? Sorry about that, almost a little rant from me. Hehe!
      Loved the flat roof house.

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