Inchcock Today – Monday 27th November 2017

Monday 27th November 2017

Azerbaijani: Bazar ertəsi 27 Noyabr 2017

Sunday 2330hrs: Woke-up feeling all out-of-sorts, off-kilter. The brain thoughts and the body not precisely in harmony. The first semi-clear idea was about the INR Warfarin blood test, and I have to ring the surgery at 0800hrs when they open, to find out if I have an appointment and if so, what time was it arranged? If not, I’ll go to the City Hospital for it.

No bleeding from the gums, the boil on the nose seems to have gone (Very odd that!), and Duodenal Donald, as well as Anne Gyna, were in a calm mood with me. Just the grey-cells box to worry about at this moment. Hehe!

I did feel strange. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off for a wee-wee. Made a brew, took the medications, then did the Health Checks. Listed the details, in case I do get an appointment at the surgery, and hopefully with Nurse Nichole.

Computer booted up. Much wind was emanating from the rear quarters.

Finished off the Sunday Diary. The refresh connection link button with Facebook, on WordPress, was not working? Tsk!

Quick bash on Facebook.

TFZer Suzieanne in Scotland has her birthday today and is not feeling so good.

Made and sent this off to her Facebook page.

She’s been very poorly. I pray she will improve soon. Bless Her! ♥

Did some page headers on CorelDraw too.

A Porcelain Throne visit, messy again. Much cleansing required afterwards.

Made another brew of tea and made a start on this diary.

WordPress Reader next.

0425hrs: Checked Emails and started off another graphicalisationing session.

0640hrs: Off to do the ablutionisationing.

0815hrs: Rang the GP surgery, guess what? They had not made me an appointment again! I’m pissed off now. Got to rush out to get to the City Hospital and it’s raining! Gumph and Spit!

Back in a bit… well, we’ll see, Haha!

I’ve made it!

Here is the route that was taken. A nice steady hobble and rain only caught me a bit. The further I limped along, the better the spirits were. Just about an hour-and-a-half en route, but I spent another two-hours waiting in the queue. Hehe!

Did the teggies (Carefully), Shaved with only three cuts, stand-up wash and scrub-up. MEdications applied where needed. Got the bags and brolly ready. Wrapped myself up well  (I could hear the winds when I put the hearing aids in). Sorted and took the rubbish bags and took them to the chute. Set out and went back in the flat again when I got as far as the lift. To check I’d not left anything on, likes lights, stove, faucets etc.

Out again and down the road to Obergefreiteress Julie and Obergruppenfurheress Deana’s hut. Where I was lucky enough to find them both in situ. We had a laugh and chinwag, and I got some orange recycling bags given me. I gave them the two dribble-easy cups and explained about the leak when drinking, adding that were the best mugs I’d ever known for keeping the tea warmer for longer. Gave them some nibbles, cause they are a good pair of Wardens and I like them a lot.

Farewells tended, and off back up Chestnut Way and the hill into Woodthorpe Grange Park. I’m not an algophilist, I took this way, so I could have a look at the beloved Tree Copse as I passed it by.

It was so pleasant going down the path to Mansfield Road. Strangers who were being walked by their dogs returned my greetings; every dog was friendly, life was good.

Then the animal of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came belting down the hill and slalomed between the people and woof-woofs! None of us was happy about this. But, it gave us something to spend a couple of minutes chattering.

Onto Mansfield Road and over onto and down Devon Drive.

I thought I might get an under-the-umbrella shot or two in, but the rain held off.

Crossed road and hobbled contentedly down onto the Ring Road. I think I was singing to myself at one stage?

I felt a bit of a Schmoe for not understanding why I felt in such good, congenial spirits now when I was almost depressed earlier on? Perhaps it’s talking to people after the bitterly lonely weekend? Although, the thought of missing Nurse Nichole still wrangled away at me inside. Especially, as it wasn’t my fault, but the surgery staff, again!

Towards the bottom of the hill, I took this photograph, thinking it might come out as a ‘Moody Photo’, but it didn’t really.

Down to the traffic island and left over the Pelican Lights. Two cars shot through the lights when they were on red against them. Swines!

My EQ told me my attitude and contentment was about to change?

A bird I have never seen before landed on the rusty railings as alongside the park. I got the camera out as fast as I could, but it had gone off by the time I was ready. The creature was about the size of a sparrow or robin, and was black or dark grey with a thin white collar and some white specks on its tail feathers?

As I turned right onto Hucknall Road, I took a shot of the Day Brook that runs alongside the hospital. At least I couldn’t see any new rubbish dumped in it from the other week.

The rain started coming a bit stronger, so I walked a little faster, maybe not more quickly, but less slowly (Hehe), the rest of the way to the Haematology Department.

The entrance was blocked off. No signs of why or how to get to it by another route either. Yes, my EQ was getting more confident that things were going to get worse, today!

I managed to find a way around and into the Blood Clinic eventually. And boy, was it busy! When I got my ticket from the machine and turned around, there was just one seat free. So I hobbled over and got me bum in it quickly. Alright then, quickishly! Haha!

I knew it would be a good while before my turn came up, so I got the crossword book out and spent an hour or more failing to do very well with them at all.

When there were only ten tickets to go to mine being called, I put away the book, so I didn’t miss it coming up on the screen. My number got called in after a wait of about two hours. I was summoned to Cubicle Three. A bloke was being trained up, and he asked if he could take the blood, I said yes. All went well, I gave them a bag of nibbles that I had put in the bag last night for the GP surgery staff, and felt a little pleasure in the GP staff not getting it after letting me down again.

Thanked them and went out via the temporary route through two other departments, without getting lost.

To the bus stop on site. Found I had missed the 40 bus that goes close to the flats, so wandered down onto Hucknall Road and caught a City bound bus.

Went to the Victoria Shopping Centre (Mall) and poddled to the Tesco store to see if they had any chocolate nougat in, but they hadn’t.

However, they did have some Fresh Cream Jam Doughnuts on offer, £1.09 down to 70p. Also, they had some Sokolow Polish Cooked Pork Knuckle.

I paid the poor miserable looking girl at the checkout and tried to cheer her up with a laugh or two, at least she smiled.

Leaving the Mall, I realised that two security guards were showing interest in me, and following me? Nothing happened other than they gave me dirty looks as I exited the doors and looked back at them?

My EQ was warning me again, I think.

I limped along Upper Parliament Street to the bus stop on Queen Street.

Where a tenant lady from the flats, was with her little Granddaughter.

We had a natter about the buses mostly, and I gave the little one some chocolate coins. Only the two of us got on, but by the time three bus stops had been by, the bus was loaded almost to capacity.

In the forty-minute ride, I started and finished a crossword! I was well chuffed for myself. And it was the first time I’d ever done a puzzle in one go in this book. Swanking mode adopted, Hehe!

The lady and girl joined me on the walk to the apartments from the bus stop. When we got into the lifts, there were about ten others had joined us, by the time one had arrived on the ground floor!

Six of us piled into the cage, and some of them who had already got their heaters fitted were moaning about them not working right! Oh dear!

I got in the mini-dwelling and had a much-needed wee-wee.

Put the cakes and pork in the fridge.

Got the kettle on as the rain started to pour outside. I’d usually have got my head down by now, but needs must, so I did the Health Checks and took the medications. Then started to update this diary.

Sister Jane rang me. Bad news, but it had to be done. Poor old Fooey had been put to sleep. As Jane said: He was the one, of all the cats, that needed more care and work than all the others, but he was the most loving one. Jane said she might ring back.

I don’t mind admitting it, I shed a few tears, for Jane and Fooey.

I pressed on with the updating. At least, I hope, this was what the EQ was warning me about. So once again, the day started with me upbeat, and downcast at the end.

By the time I got to here with this chronical, life was no longer so bright.

I went on WordPress reading to try and cheer myself up.

Had a bash on Facebooking.

A couple or three hours later than usual, I got a cold meal of smoked mackerel, sliced tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, Stilton cheese and three slices of Scottish Plain Bread.

Went to check that I’d locked the outer door, to find a new leaflet had been delivered. That’s one thing we don’t go short of in these flats, pamphlets and unsolicited mail!

I could not believe this message. Anyone can see that the workers are likely to be using petrol powered tools and oxyacetylene burners etc. on the platforms. If they find out who is doing this, steps should be taken to make it obvious to all of us that this is unacceptable behaviour.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 27th November 2017

  1. Sorry to hear about poor old Fooey. He had a good run. At least you made the miserable girl smile. You did your good deed for the day. Looks like a good choice for fodder. “cigarette ends”? I think we still call them “butts”. I think there are no butts about it! Cigarettes don’t have “ends” they have “butts”. Too bad you didn’t see nurse Nichole, but it sounds like the vampire in training did okay.

    • Can’t get Fooey out of the mind, but thats natural, heaven knows how Jane is coping.
      I’m glad I had some mackerel in to have, cause Fooey loved it and it gave me something to ponder on. His memory, like the cats I’ve had, will remain and be accessed frequently and lovingly.
      We in Nottingham called the giggie-end ‘Nubs’, Tim. When Mother was at home, she would send mu out on the streets ‘Nub-ending’, collecting as many as I could for her. Then go home and break them all up and roll some fags for her in the Rizla Roller. Not a happy memory. Hehe!
      The surgery have not got in touch yet with the results and a next appointment for me.
      Humph! Cheers Sir.

      • You were getting “second hand” tobacco for you poor mother so you could get “second hand” smoke? Ya have to do what your mother tells you when you’re a young one. No one in our family ever smoked. A friend and I snuck some of his dad’s Red Man chewing tobacco when we were around 10 years old. It tasted fine, but it made us puke our guts out — we never touched chewing tobacco again.

  2. This is true, Tim.
    When I was born, the midwife handed me to Mother in a bloodied pillowcase, and der Mamata said: “I don’t want it, throw it in the Trent! (River)” As she spilt Park Drive cigarette ash over me. The midwife told me years later, and Mom didn’t deny it!
    Worra start! Hehehe!
    She left home and returned when I started working and earning.
    Still, she gave me some great stories to tell. Not that folk believe them, mind. Haha!
    I never tried chewing baccy, Tim.
    I did like my pipe, however, and still miss it sometimes. Weird innit?
    TTFN Sir.

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