Inchcock Today: Monday 23th October 2017:

The quomodocunquizing philargyrist

Monday 23th October 2017

Chinese Traditional: 2017年10月24日星期一

0145hrs: I woke, still felt so tired and wished I could get back to sleep – and blow me, I did!

0300hrs: Stirred again, this time I got out of the £300 second-hand recliner, cumbersomely and in need of the Porcelain Throne. A good session too, where the mind became emergent and into life proper.

Health Checks: Sys 188, Dia 75, Pulse 80, Temp 35.1 and  Weight 14.96, not happy with how the Sys seems so high lately.

I think I’ll go for the INR Test today instead of tomorrow and at the City Hospital DVT Clinic, and mention this to them, for the staff at my GP surgery, don’t seem interested at all. I don’t overly worry about these things as a rule, but this is concerning me a little.

I’ll take a nice steady walk up to Sherwood and down to the ring road then up to the City Hospital later this morning, get the blood test done and hopefully some advice on whether or not I should bother the doctor about the high level of the Sys. Don’t like to bother her just in case there is no need and I get that famous “What the hell are you bothering me for” look back from her. She hides it well, but not well enough that my EQ is fooled. I still like her a lot though, she is usually straight with telling me what’s what… well, she has been in the past.

I made a start on this diary up to here, then got on with finishing yesterday’s off. Then did some WordPress Reading.

Checked on Facebook.

Did the Emails next.

Got the stand-up ablutions done next. Strip-wash like, so the shower noise did not bother the neighbours.

Got the nibbles and checked I had everything for hirple to the hospital. Bus-pass to get back, Mobile phone with the flat battery, Lumix camera, DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) appointment card, umbrella, folding walking stick, nibbles for the nurses, crossword book, Emergency Medical Card, pen, bird seed… Yes, I think everything is there. Hehe!

On the way down in the lift, the latest Alien Blob had already escaped her mucus shell.

Her light brown skin now exposed, the gel lingering around her.

Set out on the hobble. Only a light sprinkling of rain, low winds and not cold with it at all.

Up gravel path hill, passing the Copse on my left. Anne Gyna did not like this incline at all.

But amazingly she eased off with the pains, and my gasping for breath ceased once I got to the top of the hill into the Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Where I was met with a sombre sight – many of the trees near the Pitch & Putt golf course were in the process of being murdered.

I just hoped that the reason for this herbicide was not to make it easier for the golfers?

Most likely some disease I convinced myself. I went left down towards the Mansfield Road exit gate, and as I stood underneath the beautiful trees that lined the footpath and took in natures wonderment, this Nottingham Footpath Cyclist came by me, making me jump a little as he wissed by somewhat close to me, I thought. At least he had a light on his bike.

Out and crossed over the road and made my way over the hill and down to the traffic lights.

At this stage, I felt somewhat okay physically. No Dizzy Dennis, Duodenal Donald, Haemorrhoid Harold and Reflux Roger also in a good mood with me. Why even Hippy Hilda was alright to me. (Although she did have a good go at me later, bless her!)

The wind got up, but it was not a cold.

Even found myself merrily singing away to myself? I say singing, I was Yodelling actually. (Not out loud, Hehe)

Turned right at the lights and down along and Edwards Lane.

Crossed over the road at the pedestrian crossing and onwards to the Traffic island on the Ring Road.

Not a lot of traffic this morning.

As I crossed the pelican light, I saw this in the middle of the path. I had to smile and say to it: “Not at the moment thanks.” Hehehe!

And then, another Nottingham PAvement Cyclist came at me.

This one was in a hurry

His little legs were going like pistons.

I carried on along the side of the fields, looking through the old rusty iron fencing and wondered how these avoided the wartime collections of metal to build s Spitfire in the olden days? Just a thought.

At the kid’s play area in the fields, I spotted some Nottingham Street Art Graffiti on one of the children’s, well I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps a skateboard area?

I’d not noticed this monstrous artwork before, but it looked well worn?

As I plodded on further, more unintentional Nottingham Street Art? Haha!

The rain started as I passed this by, and I hoped that the junction box was not still connected.

Onward and to the hospital around the corner. Into the haematology waiting area, took a ticket from the machine an sat down to await the number 129 being called out. Got the crossword book out and within a minute, my turn was called out. Blimey, talk about quick!

Into cubicle three and was met by a lovely lady. She reminded me of Nurse Nichole. We managed a chat as she took the blood. Heck of a job stopping it bleeding afterwards, so I assume the reading when I get it will prove low and unsuitable for the Dentist. Spit!

Gave her the bag of nibbles, thanked her and set off to catch the bus back to the flats, well, Sherwood to get some milk to replace the bottle that has gone sour on me.

Caught a number 40 bus and dropped off in Sherwood. Seemed that someone or other had been having a feast at the bus stop.

I wandered down to the Co-op store and got a pint of milk.

Out and back up to the bus stop.

I managed to avoid the Nottingham Pavement Cyclist on my way back up the hill.

Three gals from the lats were waiting, and I joined them. The noise from the builders seemed like their topic for the morning.

Dropped off on Chestnut Walk and they soon left me hobbling behind them. I got there eventually and up the lift and into the apartment.

I was suddenly hit with weariness again. Not ill or sick, just so tired.

I got an early meal. A simple, quick one today.

Instant mash with lots of cheese, nice and soft to be kind to the teeth. Smoked mackerel which was a little painful to gnaw on, I had to suck on it. Hahaha! The tomatoes were not too bad.

Basically, all I did after that, was to sit and nod-off and wake repeatedly.

Most annoying not being able to get anything done.

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    • Man planted them 10 1874. they accomodated birds, insects, squirrels, bats etc. as well of offering beauty to the surroundings – and now, man destroys them.
      I’ll look-up to see if I can find out why, they may have been diseased?

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