Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th October 2017: Tenants Social Hour

A Sign of Mankind’s abject failure, squander-mania, greed, ingordigious, intolerance, esurient cravings, avarice, jealousness and self-destructiveness!

Thursday 26th October 2017

Esperanto: Ĵaŭdo 26 Oktobro 2017

2230hrs (Yesterday): I’d woken up thinking it was morning and discovered what time it actually was.

I’d taken the Health Checks but did notice the time before swallowing the medications and applying the various creams and lotions Tsk!

I got the Wednesday Post finished and started on this one. A little confused to say the least!

Did some graphic tops for future use.

Turned everything off and Nipped into the wet room to utilise the Porcelain Throne. All was good in this department this morning.

0110hrs: Made a fresh brew of tea and had a peek out of the window.

No rain or wind, and it was warm really.

Got CorelDraw back on, and the Virgin Media Internet returned.

Although depressed with things, the toothache and NHS Helpline had not rung back etc. The brain did not have its Boeotian spell like it has for the last three mornings. I wish it had, then I might not feel so low if the grey-cells had played up and gave me something else to worry about. Hehehe!

I updated an old TFZer graphic on CorelDraw.

Emails, Facebooking and WordPress Reading followed.

I got a good long hard ablutionalisational session done. Scouring pad, back brush and elbow grease used in the shower. Hehehe!

Applied the medications and lotions and sat on the Porcelain Throne… where I stayed for hours! I’d got to a fascinating chapter in the Lenigrad book, and seemed unable to put it down. Several pages later, as the body mass and extremities started to feel the cold, I put the book down and adorned my well-upholstered flobby body in some clothes. A challenge this is you know!

Assembled the raffle prizes and nibbles box in the bag, and did the second of the day’s Health Checks. The reading seemed to have come down and steadied a bit now. I wondered if I might get a call today from the NHS Helpline?

Soon it was time for me to set off to the Winwood Tenants Social Hour. Where I was so pleased to see that Jenny and Frank had returned from their short holiday. Jenny looked in fine fettle and spirits. She actually sang to the three gals and me as we entered. Welcome to my World, I think it was, of course, I might well be wrong on that. I probably am. Bless her.

Jenny supplied me with a small cup of tea. I put the raffle prizes on the trolly. Bill (William on Sundays) was at the same table, along with the big superior chap who helps me with the crosswords sometimes, and the lady who is assigned to the flats for the duration of the building works. A few more in attendance this week, and seemed cheerier. I took the nibbles around in the hopes of getting a chinwag or two in with the other residents, but it didn’t work out like that again.

I was thinking of leaving to catch the L9 bus up to Mapperley Tops to get some fodder when BJ arrived. Managed a quick natter with him, he was looking in good health today.

Bid my fond farewells to one and all, but they were nattering away, and no one responded. Which was not a bad thing, cause they were communicating, laughing and I was glad to see them having such a good time.

To the bus stop and a few others joined me.

I took this photo from the stop, of my Woodthorpe Court Flats. The builders were putting something up at the back of the block, to the right. Looked like a climbing frame of some sort to me.

Caught the bus up to Woodborough Road.

Walked along to the Aldi Store. Where I spent a fair bit of my ever-dwindling cash. Tsk!

They did not look busy as I approached through the car park. But when I got inside, it was pandemonium.

On my hobble around, getting many things I did not need or were painful for the poorly teeth to eat (Humph!). Some tiny potatoes, long-life skimmed milk, fresh whole milk, cooked Free-range Chicken Thighs, tomatoes, tinned garden peas, a packet of two Ciabatta rolls, belly-pork slices and a bargain bottle of Maple Syrup for £2.99, that is £2 less than Morrison charge for theirs.

Of course, I withhold judgement until I actually get around to tasting it.

Paid the young man and got to the door to leave, and I had to stop and distribute the weight between the two bags.

As I got out onto the road to walk along to turn right and down Winchester Street Hill, I was struggling with the bags and did not see tenants Margaret and her hubby. (I think her name is Margret). She laughed as she nudged me. They were on their way to the Aldi store I reckon. Lovely couple, I always like to have a talk with them.

A short distance down the road, I noticed this Speed-Warning sign. Most likely that is had been there for years, but for some reason, I had not seen it before. This brought on a moment of self-pity and feeling sorry for myself. Huh! No longer having a licence or car and there I was with Anne Gyna giving me grief and carrying a bag that was making it worse.

But I soon came out of it, when I came across this piece of Nottingham Street Art.

I wondered what it was?

Walked on with a little visit from Dizzy Dennis that only lasted a few moments, thankfully. Anne Gyna not happy, but I was because Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis were both giving me a rest.

I got back and into the flat, not feeling bad at all, just so tired.

I got the fodder away and prepped the meal.

So exhausted now, I got a Rumpole of the Bailey DVD on and watched a couple of episodes while the meal cooked. Glad to say, I did not nod-off and let anything burn.

The meal itself looked grand and tasty, as indeed it should have been. But, my option of the chicken thighs was a bad one. For the teeth would not let me masticate at all, as the flesh was so tough. Usually, when the teeth are okay, I like it like this.

As I did my best with it, I noticed blood had dripped down from the loose tooth onto me and the plate. Ah-well, that’s life nowadays!

This took the edge off of the meal. The potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peas and apple were grand.

The bullet-like beetroot from the Sainsbury’s British Baby (Note that these were quartered and are still as big as the potatoes) Beetroot in Sweet Vinegar jar will have to be given or thrown away now. Never in the field of Gastronomic Disasters have I come across such rock-hard undercooked tasteless beetroot in my life! Argh!

Did the washing-up and turned the TV on.

Soon off into the land of nod, at the time the first set of commercials started.

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 26th October 2017: Tenants Social Hour

  1. Hey hun!!!
    Hope that you are doing well today or is it night ahah,.. I can never keep track of others time…
    Don’t you find pork belly salty ???…
    How are you feeling today my dear friend???…Now you stay outta trouble ahaha…

    • Hello there Suzette. Thanks flower. The times confuse me too. I’m not sure sometimes what it is here in Nottingham. Hahaha!
      Easy to see why I don’t suffer with sophomania. Hehe!
      I do like belly pork, and it is a bit too salty for ones health, but I do like the taste. Trouble is, using the supermarkets they do not sell small portions and i have to get a big pack, so have to have it for several days meals or freeze it. I’ve got the freezer cram-packed with stuff from earlier and forget I’ve got it in there and go out and buy more. Sad innit? Even I have to laugh at my antics.
      I’m up and down, got used to it now, don’t like it but still.
      I hope you are coping well-enough gal? XXX

      • Hey hunn!!!…
        awww thank you hun…
        ahaaha we both suck at time then hehehe…
        yeah I agree pork belly is good but the last one we had was soooo salty …but still great to cook in the crock pot…I love cooking in those…Ohhh I understand how the stores are for single people like you said they don’t make small portions … sometimes at the store in the town over they have smaller portions or you can ask say for like a half loaf of bread or they have a section more for the single person lol… hell I forget shitt all the time hehehe… as long as you laugh all is ok…
        Your meals always look yummy…you have me thinking we have a pork belly in the freezer hehehehehe…now I must check and see what we have ahaha…
        imma hanging iin there the best that I can…we just take it day by day right dear heheh…
        Hope today is treating you good…
        Huggggs n ♥♥

      • Dearest Fellowess Hangeroneress (Hehe), I tried doing the belly pork in the crock-pot with wine vinegar, not good at all, wouldn’t reccommend that to you flower.
        Balsamic vinegar, Maple Syrup or Light Soy Sauce can me good, but for some reason (Perhaps the salt content is different in some?) every no and then it comes out unnice.
        Fish for me today Suesuzzz.
        Hoping the bloke upstairs is abit less noisy today. Not so bad when I take the hearing aids out, but then I can’t hear alarms or phones. Hehe! Int life awkard?
        Feeling fine this morning thanks flower.
        Hope you are doing and coping alright. XXX

      • Hey Hunn!!!…
        It’s 11:11am “make a wish” …
        try for your pork belly…add some garlic (not garlic salt) powered or fresh what ever is cheaper in my book loolol…and some ginger and rub that all over the pork belly and add soy sauce and some sliced onions to the bottom of the crock pot then add the pork belly…add some water as well and cook for about 4 hours or as long as you need or want…give it a try it you are able… So sorry to hear that one didn’t come out so good… I hate when I make things (I usually don’t measure things out or follow a recipe) just add as I go hahaa… Oh I love fish too… so good for you too…
        Heck sorry that your upstairs people are being rude… they should be more nice …oh keep those hearing aids in my dear … Oh so you have hearing aids or selective hearing hahahaha… you have the pleasure of taking them out and put them in…so you can just say well honey I didn’t hear you ahaha…
        Yes life is awkward and so many people are being rude and hateful around every part of the world…
        Great to hear that today is going fine for you dear hunn…
        yeah imma hanging in there…staying warm today…on the cool side for Texas…
        Hugggs n ♥♥♥

  2. I’ve written down your idea for belly pork gal, kept it safe to try later when I get some pork again, I fank you! The good thing about this pork in the Crock-Pot is I can make it nice and soft so as to avoid the teeth getting bothered.
    Keep yourself wrapped up petal, you can always take clothes off if too warm?
    Forecast tells me 50°F here today.
    Have a cuddle back gal, and be careful out there! Hehe! XXX

      • Oh dear, brown-out they are called over there, aren’t they Corin? We are lucky in not getting many of them, although we’ve had about six in two years I’ve been here.
        Most annpying the web failures, Corin. They take out the Health Alarms and Internal Fire Alarm at the same time. Tsk!
        Have a good day if you can flower. A cuddle sent you can keep it until you get some stress if you like. Hehe! ♥

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