Inchcock Today – Saturday 2nd August 2017: Not much done other than Computerisationalisationing, diaries, writing and Graphic preperations

Saturday 2nd August 2017

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0430hrs: No signs of any nibbling activity around the recliner.

Although the dream memories were fecund, they absconded from my reach within seconds, most aggravating. They seem lately to be non-existent or soon evanesce. Egads!

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dear! Haemorrhoid Harry bleeding freely again. Made right mess that needed cleaning up.  Getting low on Haemorrhoid Harry’s cream now. Titivated things and back to the recliner room, found a note on the arm of the chair.

Times and scribble on it, not the foggiest idea what it should represent, apart from the Wee-wee?

Bad writing to say the least, but maybe I was half-asleep when pencilled it?

Took a photo from the kitchen window while I did the Health Checks and took the medications. Sys 169, Dia 76, Pulse 99, Temp 33.3, Weight now up to 14.9… Tsk!

Again, I took a Dia-Limit capsule as things were still not free of Trotsky Terence’s interference on the Throne.

0630hrs: I set to importing and doctoring the photographs from yesterday, those I took and them that Jane & Pete had sent me. This was an enormous task. By the time I had used them in yesterday’s post and on a dedicated one, it was 1210hrs! The day had gone! Tsk!

I began this diary up to here, then checked the Emails, did WordPress reading and responding.

Then I went on Facebooking. Being so busy I’d missed an awful lot.

Got carried away finding words to use and adding them to my own Words-to-Use file on Word.

Then on to Coreldraw to do some prep work for the next TFZer series.

Drained and tired now. I did the Health Checks and took the medications and then got the fodder ready.

Balsamic boiled sliced potatoes, with beetroot vinegarette, Mushroom & Pork Pate, tomatoes in balsamic vinegarette, potato letters. Peas and a rather overcooked yet tasty beef pie – and; The apple that Pete kindly stole from his neighbour’s tree and gave to me yesterday. Hehe!
Oh, and a banana.

I settled down to watch the Spain v Italy football match. It seems that the Italians have copied much from the England team. Maybe they should stop doing this? That is if they want to win something, like a football competition. The Spaniards were so superior in every department, I tried to count their players on the pitch, I thought they had sneaked an extra couple onto the field. Hehe!

Had dreams the moment I nodded off, but I can only recall the tiniest of details. Somehow I was swimming inside an oil tanker, and searching for lost shoelace?

Woke a few times to go to the Porcelain Throne, but it was all wind. Oh, dearie me!