Inchcock Today – Monday 25th September 2017

Monday 25 September 2017

0230hrs: Woke and fell asleep again – 0315hrs: Woke and nodded off again – Craig Cramp’s attack!

0345hrs: Woke, thought about things in a melee of confusion in my brain, fell asleep again – 0400hrs: Woke with the teeth aching bad, took an extra Codeine and fell asleep again…

0425hrs: Woke in a terribly depressed,  disconsolate state of mind. I was thinking amongst other things. Would any noise from that flat start off again today?

0440hrs: Out of the £300 second-hand recliner, had a wee-wee and to the kitchen.

The rain was belting down this morning, as I took this photograph out of the window and down below, I thought it looked like part of the Chestnut Walk might have been flooded near the works gate?

Depressed at the thought of the noise starting again from the flat above.D

I had to take the photo through the glass, due to my not wanting to get wet. I think it looked like a Stanley Workbench on their balcony?D

That I assumed would be part of the cause of all the constant noise yesterday? But surely this would not have been the workmen on a Sunday? You’d have thought they would have warned other tenants of this if it was them on the job. It was worse to contend with, due to my toothache I think. These noises have been going on for several days now, and it is getting to me, I’m afraid.

I made a mug of tea and got the medications taken and did the Health Checks next. I did not take any extra painkillers because I took one earlier in the night.

Sys 158, Dia 79, Pulse 82, Temp 32.9 and the weight 14.92.

Compared to the previous weeks, there was little difference. Last week’s at the bottom, the week before at the bottom.

Although the weight had gone down a bit for a nice change.

I’d started a list of things needed from the shops. Just milk, balsamic vinegar, tinned peas and instant potatoes up to now.

0540hrs: No signs of any Porcelain Throne activity being needed yet, a bit concerning this. Hehe!

I got the last of the potatoes into the Crock-Pot and seasoned them. The intention is to overcook them, then bash them up with some cheese and milk, so they can be eaten with the minimum of hassle to the damaged teeth.

Made another mug of tea and blow me down with feather duster… I found a packet of Morrison’s Cheese & Onion Instant Potato Mash in the tea bag cupboard! How I missed that when searching for some over the last few days, I don’t know. Tsk!

I did an order for a Morrison delivery, while I thought of it. Had to rush a bit, cause I want to catch the first bus to get the other bits in, hope the rain stops soon.

A session on the Emails completed.

Still raining.

Ablutions tended to, still no Porcelain Throne usage. Huh!

Had an excellent shave and did the teggies with the greatest of care not catch the tender front incisors. Black bags sorted and dropped down the chute on the way to the lift.

Limped down the road to the Obergruppenfurheresses Hut (The white one in this photo). Went in and Älterer Wächter Deana was in. I gave her the food from the fridge that I would not be able to eat or masticate while the teggies are so bad. I mentioned the noise from the flat above, and a knowing look came over her beautiful face as she replied: “Oh, yes, him. He likes to do a lot of DIY, leave it with me!” So I left it with her and departed for the bus stop outside.

Nora and Roy were there, and we had a good chinwagging session. Others joined us, and the City bus arrived, only two of us got on this one.

T’was a wet journey all the way into the City Centre and I did some Crossword catch-ups, and even finished one. Although I had to give up and cheat with the answer for one of the clues. Tsk!

Dropped off the bus and went into Victory Centre (Mall) and up to the Market. Called at a stall to see if they had any Balsamic Vinegar, no luck there.

I took this photo, as I hobbled down and along to Tesco.

Thought the TFZer gals might like to guess the prices if I cover up the tags on the one I use on their site? Bit of fun, like.

Got into Tesco and had a search for the instant mash. Had to ask an assistant, she showed me where they were. In an isle, I’d been up and down twice earlier. Sad innit? Hehe! Ended up spending a bit more than planned again. Value mash x2, petit pois x2, Garden peas x2, Caramelised gravy granules and Balsamic vinegar. Total £5.54. Paid the none-talking lady on the checkout and left the centre (Mall).

Out and over Mansfield Road, the rain was easing now. Called in the PoundWorld excuse for a shop, to see just in case the had any cheaper Balsamic vinegar on sale.  The didn’t. However, they did have some things of interest to me. Some Hellmans Australian BBQ sauce and American BBQ sauce. Tiny bottles, but I thought they might come in handy while I’m eating so much mashed potatoes, to flavour them with something different. They also had some Smedley’s tinned garden peas at 3 for a quid. So I got some of each.

The bag was now getting very heavy to carry.

Hobbled up into Trinity Square and to a photograph of some pearls in the jewellery shop window.

I can use this one on the TFZer site.

I went into another shop on the search for cheaper Balsamic vinegar, but no luck there, either.

I took this photographicalisation of the top of King Street. It shows people how tight things are for the bus drivers, who are continually delayed and I do not know how they manage to keep to their timetables at all.

Knowing this scene is repeated all over the City Centre, is why I try not to complain when they are late when I’m waiting for one to arrive anywhere. Over to the bus stop, and sure enough, the bus was late coming, only five minutes or so, though.

I got the crossword book out, and at the next stop, Lillie and Nora got on the bus and sat behind me. I asked if they could help with a clue about a type of ear-ring. ‘Loops’ she said straight away, bless her. This helped me get going with it nicely. But 4 down Virtuoso, still has me beat! Tsk! Last one, too! I feel I should know this one, but the brain refuses to cooperate. Haha!

We chattered away, and I mentioned the noisy neighbour. Lillie said she heard the racket as well. And she is one floor below me! When we alighted the bus at the flats, I had a job keeping up with them again. But credit where it’s due, they kindly held the list for me until I got there. Bless em!

The rain had stopped now. Another chinwagging session in the lift, fond farewells and into the wet-room, but only or a wee-wee. I am getting a bit concerned about the lack of movement in the Porcelain Throne area today. None at all?

Got the kettle on and checked to spuds in the Crock-Pot.

I thought I heard a dog barking outside, and thought it might be my loveable Greyhound. Opened the window and had a look down, but no signs of any dogs. I did note that the leaves were beginning to fall early though. Very sad for me. I don’t like seeing this. No idea why, but I am sad when this happens. I spotted something else down there, near the Chestnut Walk sign. Unless I saw things, another bit of Nottingham Street Art. Do you see it, please?

I got the things out of the bag and put away.

I’m looking forward to trying the new Balsamic vinegar on my next ‘Soft Meal’.

And the BBQ sauces might go well with mashed potatoes, do you think?

I had to absquatulate the kitchen and off to the Porcelain Throne… A false alarm I’m afraid. All wind and nothing substantial. Humph!

Noise coming from the flat above again – Grrr!

On with getting yesterdays diary finished. Yes, I forgot about it! What a Plonka!

Got the nosh served up, a bit of a battle with the preparations being messy and needing a lot of cleaning up afterwards.

The Soy Sauce I put in with the garden peas was well too sweet. But this simple tooth-friendly meal was alright otherwise. Easy to masticate too.

I pondered on whether or not to take a Senna with the medications, being as there have been no movements from the rear end for a few days now? I didn’t though.

The noise from up above had been far less, but still too much again today.

Settled to watch the TV, and was soon in the land of Nod.

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 25th September 2017

  1. Live to masticate, masticate to live. Life gets really sad when mastication lies in the balance. The mashed potatoes are a great compromise to get some nourishment. I hate being awakened by cramps, especially if I’m having a decent or even an indecent dream for that matter. The dry photo through the glass is wonderfully abstract. All your photos are excellent today. I can’t quite make out the other letters for virtuoso in the crossword photo, but since I can clearly see the “R” and it’s six letters, it could be “bravura”.

    • Indecent dreams eh? That would be even worse to be interrupted by cramps! Hehe!
      Thanks for the compliment on the piccies.
      Crossword: I noticed I had spelt 1 across wrongly, Tim. Rejuvinate, it should have been Rejuvenate. Tsk! So, I know have: E _ P _ R _, six letter, to fill in Sir. I think Expert might be the answer, now I’ve got it starting with an E?

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