Inchcock Today – Tuesday 26th September 2017: Mega-Busy Day – Laundry room duties. Many photos of Nottingham City Centre taken.

Tuesday 26th September 2017

0255hrs: Woke-up, the dreams I’d had annoyingly drifted off into the ether in seconds.

Then, a much-awaited call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. I made my way to the wetroom in almost celeripedean style… well, with less hobbling and limping than of late anyway. Hehehe! The session went well, but Harold’s Haemorrhoids bled a bit. I was happy that at last something had been passed.

0315hrs: Took the laundry down and got it into the washing machine.

0324hrs: Back, up and did the Health Checks, Sys157, Dia 74, Pulse 80, Temperature 33.6, W 14.94.

Started this diary off, did the graphics ready.

0345hrs: Down to move the things from the washer to the dryer.

I noticed they had removed the bookcases from the lift lobby.

Looks rather stark now, to say the least.

But at least all the lights were working this morning.

Some new Commandment Posters had appeared on the board near the elevators.

The first informed us in Capital-Letters again, of the TRA (No idea what it stands for... oh yes I do, Tenant Resident Association. Only guessing)

In capitals again, and red lettering in places, this one was Commanding us to remove everything from our balcony.

If we fail to do this, anything on the balcony will be, as it is wrongly typed here: WILL BE REMOVE AND DESTROYED. Hehe!

I wonder who Lynne Rowe is? How do we contact her… or should I say HOW DO WE CONTACT HER?

I am naughty here. Sorry.

The third poster from Obergefreiteress Jenny was a handwritten one (Not in capitals, though).

Now, this was nice of her. Being concerned about someone who might need her help, and trying to put whoever it was, mind at rest.

Well done with this sign, Jenny.

0359: Up and continued with the diary update. I made this graphic adding this mornings photograph at the bottom, of the AMP  (Alien Mutation Process) on the elevator number one floor.

It looked to me like the life-form worm or whatever it is, has survived and is still waiting to give birth perhaps?

Whatever it is, it has withstood the caretaker’s efforts to clean it up and or remove it?

I assume some attempt must have been made over the fourteen days since it landed on earth? But, then again, without the incentive of extra financial gain, backhander, bribe, inducement, schmear, sweetener, some people are not interested in working without an additional bonus slipped to them. Who can blame him?

Looking closer at it, it really does look like there is still a life form of some sort in it?

I’m surprised the caretaker hasn’t tried to sell it to a museum by now. Haha!

0444hrs: Down once again, to collect the laundry and titivate the place. It certainly needed some attention.

The other washing machine that I do not use for this very reason had the doors all tacky with soap powder dried hard, stuck on them. W2, the one I use was not so bad.

The filters looked like they had not been cleaned for days, so clogged up with gunk and fibres.

The waste bin was rather full, and with some out-of-place items laying on top of it, that surprised me somewhat.

As to why they should even have been in the laundry room in the first place?

I got the clothing out of the dryer and sorted and folded into the bag.

Then, I got on with cleaning the filters and machine casings.

They were in a sorry state I can tell you.

The other washer drawer where you should put the soap powder, freshener etc. in, was so grotty, I could not get the soap powder off of the areas it had spilt over into.

0525hrs: Got it all sorted and cleaned, apart from the drawers of course.

Then, as I went to go back to the flat, I spotted outside the foyer door, a traffic cone had appeared?

Had the yobboes been calling again, I wondered. Or, maybe someone has been parking their vehicle up against the automatic outer doors? Hehehe!

Put away the cleaned clothes and onto updating this diary again.

0730hrs: Got it done up to here. Expecting the Morrison delivery soon.

Started to update yesterday’s diary, then.

I pondered on whether or not to take a Senna with the medications, being as there have been no movements from the rear end for a few days now? I didn’t though.

It bugged me about the dirty input drawers. So I went back down again to have another go at cleaning them. But no luck.

The solid soap powder would not come off, whatever I tried on them. I considered fetching a knife down and trying that, the scouring pads I tried, were not moving anything. When I knocked the knuckles trying, I gave up and returned to my nice but noisy (Thanks to the moron on the next floor up) apartment.

2Tue14The Morrison man arrived. In and out like a flash he was.

I carried the bags into the kitchen and got the stuff stored away.

Once again I’d overdone it a bit.

I realised that I had now bought three products claiming to be from; USA, Australia and specifically one from Idaho.

This is the instant mash that I foolishly pain £1.50 for!

When I could have got an English generic brand of instant potatoes, for around 50p for the same weight packet!

Tsk, Plonka!

Had a good ablutionalisationing session. Feeling alright at this moment. This worried me, Hehe!

The git upstairs has started drilling again, now!

Got ready and took the last of the food in the fridge that the teeth will not let me eat, to get rid of it before it goes out of date. Apples, tomatoes, bacon and peppers.

Had a chinwag with one of the gals as we walked to the bus stop.I saw Deana coming towards us, and told her about the food, she asked me to drop it in the toilet for her. As tenants tend to see food and think it is freebies and knick it. Haha! So I dropped the bag in there for her and carried on to the bus stop. At least there was no rain today.

Arriving in the City Centre, I got off near the old dancehall and made my way to the Aldi store. Where I managed to get some Balsamic Vinegar, the same size as the one I got from Tesco yesterday at £1.50, or 99p. So I got three bottles at that price. And a pint of milk.

Hobbled over (The feet were stinging) the road and through the Victoria Centre onto Mansfield Road, then along Milton Street and took these photographs of Clumber Street.

Limped up to Trinity Square, passing two bit of Nottingham Street Art en route. The simple artwork of crushed alcohol can be of no interest, far too quotidian. But the liquid graffiti on the wall of the Coral Bookmakers was curious… well, I was inquisitive about what had caused it. It was well set in whatever did it. Haha!

King Street and Queen Street were both bottlenecked as I passed them. I saw on Queen Street, a traffic warden booking some vans that had parked on the bend at the end of the road. I’ve never seen a traffic warden on either of these roads before.

Upper PArliament Street was also jammed up. It soon became apparent why.

On Long Row, there had been a collision between a bus a lorry and a van

This had been caused by the trailer parking on the edge of a bend that the coaches use from the Slab Square, and the bus had pushed the white van into the back of the lorry.

I assume this is why I saw my first traffic warden on Queen Street, which only a hundred yards or so from the incident?

I got to the bus terminus stop, and although late as I expected, I was soon on my way back to Sherwood and the flats.

The bus was busy en route, picking and dropping folk off. You can see in these pictures how the traffic in town did not let up at all.

The bag at my feet was not very full, but it caused a bit of attention when I accidentally dropped my bus pass into it. Hehe!

We were soon back home at the flats, dropped off and making my way up to the apartment to get a wee-wee ASAP.

As I entered through the door, the tapping and knocking from the bloke upstairs was apparent. I am getting a bit fed-up with this.

I got the fodder away and took the medications, then did the Health Checks.

Went into the kitchen to make another brew of Thompson’s Strong Tea, and spotted the three empty bottles awaiting taking down to the recycling bin that I’d forgotten to take when I left this morning.


I got the fresh Morrison’s mackerel pieces I had delivered this morning out of the fridge and spread some of the Italian De Nigris Glaze Fusion Soy with Balsamic Vinegar over the fish. To marinate for use later, Mmm!

I toyed with the idea of having a bit of the Morrison ‘Best’ Lemon Curd Ice-cream as well, but only got as far as looking at it in the freezer… And this phenomenally robust and breathtaking will-power overcame me! Talk about mazel tov myself!

This encouraged the depression to go away. Until the slob upstairs started drilling again. I’m ashamed, and hesitant to say, I shouted out loud and used a naughty word!

I added some soy sauce to the peas in the saucepan.

The weather was so beautiful.

I went out onto the balcony to take this lovely photo of the greenery and my most appreciated and beloved copse on the left in this picture.

Fatigued now, I got the evening medications sorted and got the meal prepared and served up.

The noise from above continued on and off until around 1900hrs.

Had the meal, nice it was, but still hard to eat without pains form the teggies.

Sudden and utter fatigue overcame me, and I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner and nodded of. Occasionally waking and wondering hwat it was that was on th TV, then off again. It was like this for hours. Tsk, Hehe!

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 26th September 2017: Mega-Busy Day – Laundry room duties. Many photos of Nottingham City Centre taken.

  1. What’s the deal with the balcony clearance? Removing satellite dishes is not without consequences. Great alien life form series. You should make an animated gif out of it. Lots of great shots of Nottingham.

    • Thank you, Sir.
      They are starting to do work on the balconies this week. Not sure what, but it seems they need them all free of anything to do the preparation work?
      Not sure if they will allow folks to put up their dishes again afterwards or not? Doesn’t bother me, but I was going to ask out of interest at this mornings meeting – But a medical Whoopsiedangleplop meant I had to leave in a hurry early.
      Animated gifs are a little beyond my scope, but I might if I get time, look into making them.
      Cheers Tim.

  2. So no one is allowed to have satellite tv there anymore? People pay good money for that. Yet the neighbor from hell continues unabated, I would totally complain about him again. <3

    • I’m not sure about the dishes, Corin. Will they be allowed to put them back up again? Maybe not, because I reckon the new balconies will prevent access to the walls outside. Perhaps a big dish will be installed on the roof? I’m only guessing though.
      The bloke upstairs seems to get away with things so easily. I’ve found out this morning he is a younger than most tenants Asian man and has been reported many times for his noisy activities, but still, nothing gets done?
      Cheers gal. XXX ♥

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