Inchcock Today – Wednesday 27th September 2017

Whatever happened to the Wine Lakes and Butter Mountains?

Wednesday 27th September 2017

0520hrs: Woke and automatically wondered when the scab-end upstairs is going to start his knocking, banging, drilling and other sundry noises this morning. I was feeling a little low from the onset.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications, unfortunately, setting off the tooth-ache when I caught a Trentall tablet against the teggies as I tumbled it with the other collection of unwanted drugs into my mouth.

A very unexpected and urgent call to the Porcelain Throne arrived as I was pouring a mug of tea. Into the wet room and on the Throne… the tea was cold by the time I got out of the chamber again. The agony temporarily superseded my toothache for ten minutes or so, when I was at an impasse in this session. Rock hard, half-in and half-out, excruciating, bleeding and in agony for the last couple of minutes or so.

The bowl needed a cleansing of blood, I needed the same. Another third of a toilet-roll was gone. Hehe! Medicational extras utilised, creams applied etc. Tsk!

Refreshed me and back into the kitchen to make another mug of tea. Took a look out of the window, feeling self-pity and wondering why everything seems to be going wrong again. Little inchy bleeding again, Haemorrhoid Harold, the noisy b_______ upstairs, the toothache that cannot be seen to cause the INR blood level, the return of Crampy Craig, can’t eat without pain, can’t even go to the toilet without it either… Oh yes, I was in the depths at this moment.

The fog in the distance threatening the coming of winter didn’t help. But when I looked down below and saw the changing colours of the trees and bushes, I felt so guilty for the feelings I have now. I might not be able to remember much in detail of recent events, but I could remember Reverend Salmon in 1959 at the Bridgeway Hall Methodist Chapel on Arkwright Street giving a sermon to us younger ‘Life Boy’ members, and roughly what he said too! I think I can still smell the club-room we were in when the thoughts go back.  “None of us deserves contentment, and none of us will find it – without an effort on our behalf, and removal of greed from our systems!” No mention of his Lord? I liked this man, When he used to join in with us to play ‘Murder-ball’ with us, he did not hold back. I reckon that a few of us must still have some of the scars from the injuries he inflicted. I know I have. Hehehe!

For some reason, this little memory session brought about a change in my attitude and, I have no concrete idea why.

Went on CorelDraw and finished a graphic for a TFZer, who lives in Idaho.

It shows the expensive blooming packet of instant potatoes and cheese I bought the other day. Bit of a laugh, I hope. I’m not sure whether to eat it or keep it as future financial thingamajig? Hehe!

I started this diary going up to here, then moved to yesterday’s to finalise and post that one off. But it seems that the photograph of the meal has disappeared from the camera?

On with the Emails, WordPressing, replies etc.

WordPress would not let me update to Facebook? Which I went onto next.

First sounds of banging about from upstairs at 0845hrs.

It was a sad day for the noise, and I put the headphones on while I listened to the radio on the computer. (I found out hours later the delivery had arrived, but I had not heard the doorbell.)

Spent a few hours on CorelDraw, doing the next TFZer graphicalisation.

Hope they like it.

Spent another few hours cleaning the bottom cupboards. I shan’t go into the not being able to get back up again. Nor the bloody noise from upstairs. Cause I need to cheer missen up a bit.

Shattered now.

Got the nosh ready.

Pork & Mushroom pate, instant potatoes soft with cheese melted and mixed in, Garden peas with balsamic vinegar.

The pate bit of mushroom caused the teggies some bother. The left Incisor is getting looser every day.

Checks, medications and in the chair to watch some TV. Which I only managed a bit of, because of the nodding off and waking over the next few hours. Heard the doorbell, later on, it was a neighbour who had spotted the parcel outside of my door. Thanked him, took it in, checked the paperwork and left it in the spare come storeroom.


4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 27th September 2017

  1. I’ll bet they outlawed “murder ball”! We used to call it dodge ball, but “murder ball” would have been more fitting. I believe it’s a felony just to mention good old violent games like that in the presence of “innocent” young people today. You don’t want to give them the idea that they can get their anger out and have fun without rioting and destroying private property. The instant mashed potatoes and cheese are a great idea. There is something guiltily satisfying about instant mashed potatoes.

    • Murder Ball reigns no longer in the schools, you’re right mate.
      Same nosh again tonight methinks, but with some fish sticks and BBQ seasoned fish? I’ve taken to this BBQ mackerel, nice and easy to eat too.
      TTFN Sir, ta.

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