Inchcock Today Thursday 28th September 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop Day, well, more an Accifauxpa one come think about it. Huh!

Thursday 28th September 2017

0225hrs: Bad night for waking up and fighting to try and stop the brain wandering off on its own course. Going AWOL but taking me with it, sort of thing. I fretted and worried about Sister Janes operation, the noisy git upstairs, my own regular ailments and failures, the toothache, trying to accept my oncoming caducity… You name it, I think it rambled through the grey-cells at some point over the next ten minutes or so.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and straight to the Porcelain Throne. Far less a messy session this time, but boy, was it a painful one! Oddly enough, Harold’s Haemorrhoids did not bleed at all? Just stung like buggery! Hehe!

Did the health checks and took the medications, then I think I decided to do the remaining washing left over from yesterday, partly to give the still partly-fuddled brain-box something else to ponder on?

Got the bag and accoutrements needed and went with them to the lifts.

Number One Elevator (The one with the breeding alien blob on its floor), was out of action. The sense of humour was still working in the brain though… I imagined that the caretaker had after 3 weeks got around to cleaning up the blob and had probably been bitten by the Alien and mutated into something else? Hehehe!

Got the machine going and up to the flat.

Arthur itis in the left knee particularly bothersome now?

Making a mug of tea, I looked down outside and thought there was a free parking space opposite the building! Never been known I thought, and took a photograph to show others the proof. Haha!

When I got in, on the computer later, I found it was not a parking space, but a black car that was hidden in the drizzle and darkness.

Made a start on this diary, then back down to the laundry room to move the clothes into the dryer.

Getting out of the elevator, and Duodenal Donald started giving me a lot of jip suddenly.

Carried on with the dairy. When the alarm/timer beeped, I collected the empty bottles and took them down with me, to put them in the Recycling bin.

On the short journey down, Craig Cramps affected the fingers, and I had a job to get one of them out of the bottle. I had to smile to myself.

Out through the lobby doors, the rain was falling, and a collection of fallen leaves had gathered rather artistically against the brickwork divider, I thought.

It was warm but wet out there.

I sneezed as I approached, and the teeth began aching like mad again! Slowly the ailments were taking over my day again! Humph!

When I lifted the lid of the bin as mentioned earlier and gently laid my three sauce cleaned bottles on top of the nearly full receptacle (Not wanting to make a noise and disturb anyone), I realised that I may be the only non-alcoholic tenant in the place!

And likely, the only one who could not afford to drink Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whisky (93-year-old Polish Eddie?). Famous Grouse Whisky (86-year-old Bill – William on Sundays?). Hayman’s 1859 Reserve Gin, I could not guess who had drunk this, but there were two empty bottles mixed in with a good selection of wine, spirits and beer ones. For a fleeting moment, just seconds, I was tempted to start drinking again. Luckily, as I closed the lid, I belted my elbow on the corner of the brickwork, that did the trick, cleared away any alcoholicismistic thoughts. (Jealous? Me?)

Back into the laundry room to collect the things and titivate it up a bit.

Disaster! The lovely brown throw came out with the edges tattered and loose. Lost its colouring and all wrinkled up beyond saving I think. My Kippah had shrunken to barely wider than my hand when stretched. I’d done something wrong, but could not tell what, because, the settings clear after use on this machine? Tsk!

Cleaned out the filter and wiped the inside of the drum and the shell.

Back up again to the little dwelling box on the 12th floor. A wee-wee, kettle on and another wee-wee? Oh, dear!

Getting a bit lighter now.

Another mug of brew.

Had a wee-wee.

Checked on the weather forecast for the rain situations. Oh, we’ve got a lot to come and worse on Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

On with updating this again.

Ablutions tended to. Assembled the nibbles and raffle prizes for the Tenants Social hour meeting.

Had a wee-wee (Tsk) Took the black bin bags and put them down the chute.Then set off on a walk

Then set off on a hobble around the back of Woodthorpe Courts, by Winchester Court, up the hill onto Sherwood Vale. And right down to Chestnut Walk and down that to the Winwood Social & Obergruppenfureresses cabin come hut.

Then right down to Chestnut Walk and down that to the Winwood Social & Obergruppenfureresses cabin come hut.

Between the two blocks of flats, I actually saw some workmen.

Not many, but still, an improvement on lately.

A machine was moving very slowly towards my block. It had the name of a Mast-Erector Company on it. Appear more like a pile-driver to me?

I noticed through the fencing that ready-made concrete was being delivered this morning. So I assume the team will soon be getting on with the foundations for the new block of apartments to go in-between the two old ones.

As I walked along the side of the dividers, I had to take care not to slip in the wet mud from the rains.

Up the hill and onto Sherwood Vale without any mishaps, though.

As I turned right down Chestnut Walk, more caution was called for as sadly, the falling Autumn leaves combined with the rain, made walking decidedly dodgy! Hehe!

As I passed the top of Winchester Street on my way to the shed, I espied they had put up new signs on both sides of the road.

Resident Parking Only. Which apparently made no difference to the two people who got out of their car at the end of the Walk, and nipped off with their dog, up into Woodthorpe Grange Park.

I noticed through the fencing on Chestnut Walk, a load of Nottingham Street Art had appeared, thrown through or over the railings into the park. Humph!

Into the meeting, and got myself ensconced on a table. One that I usually get turned away from and sent to the one near the door to use. But not today, for the one near the doors was filled with four visitors of Frank Two, and no room was available. Which tickled me pink, cause I could have a proper chinwag with the gals at this larger table.

Put the raffle prizes on the table with the others, bought some raffle tickets and gave them away to two gals.

I dare not have a drink, cause it might start the rear end leaking. Jenny took the nibbles around for me. Not many came back to be used next week. BJ was in good form, no time to talk though he was helping to do the raffle.

Then, just as I was laughing about the crossword and not one of us could remember how to spell Deutschmark. (I can now when it’s too late to show off, Tsk!) And a Whoopsiedangleplop of an embarrassing nature took place! I felt the warm-and-wet sensation from the rear quarters, that is so commonplace for me, but not for ages now. Something had caused the bleeding to start again.

I knew I had to get back to the wet room and check things out quickly and was very uncomfortable with having to leave so urgently.

I think I red-facedly waved my farewells as I left. Rushing as fast as I could, and limping with Arthur Itis’s left knee and the right-angled right ankle bothering me, I must have looked a right wally hobbling at speed back to the flats. Especially with trying to walk in a fashion that prevented any more leakage!

What a mess to clean-up and treat, when I did get in. No going out for me today, too hazardous now.

It was Duodenal Donald that was the cause, which I was content with, for I feared it might be Little Inchy and his lesion causing the problem, luckily it was not so.

More flipping washing to do, now!

Made a brew. I half expected someone from the thirty or so folk at the meeting to call see if I was alright, but no, not yet anyway.

Updated this with the photos and verbiage. Then went on to sort the Emails and WordPress replies out.

The ‘Herbert’ upstairs is knocking and banging again!

About to go onto Facebooking, and both fire alarms went off, Communal and the one for this flat! I can’t hear the Communal one, but my alarm was going off, made me investigate outside, and I heard it then. Oh dearie me!

I looked out of the kitchen window and saw one fire tender – they usually sent a tender, ladder and back-up van to our alarms, but only the one today.

Mind you, just as well really, cause there was nowhere for the one to park, let alone three!

Two workers vans in the Emergency Vehicles Only double lined parking space!

By the time I got the camera out the crew were in the foyer I assume. The cab doors were left open

A minute later (eight minutes in total) they were out again in the tender and were off to the end to turn around, then they appeared again, as they left the site.

I bet there will be some bother over the parking in their dedicated bay, and I hope they kick-up a stink too!

Had a wee-wee.

Did the health-checks and took the medications.

Back on the computer and forgot I was doing Facebook and I did a Morrison order for next week. 0630>0730hrs Wednesday 4th October.

Back on Facebook. What a mess. It kept freezing and would not let me edit the photo galleries. Most disappointing. It took me three hours to get through and almost finish what I wanted to do. Tsk!

Did the Health Checks and took the evening medications.

Had a wee-wee.

Finally got around to WordPress comment reading.

Tired now, I got the meal on the go and served it up.

The loose one of the two bad Incisors had become a lot looser. But I coped without too much trouble to masticate with unbearable pain. I’m becoming a bit of a Mastication Maestro. Hehehe!

While sorting the meal, I stopped to photograph a most beautiful scene from the kitchen window. It produced an amazing crepuscular ray, and the dust reflected the sun, it was marvellous. However, by the time I got the camera, the sun had gone.

What I still think is a good un, though. The wind showing in the trees?

Tired as I felt, the nodding off routine of late, did not mature: as I watched the TV for over two hours without any.

Then when they did begin later, I reckon I had a dream everytime I nodded. But annoyingly I could recall nothing about them at all. I think they were all sort of set in my younger days, but don’t understand how I think I know this?

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Thursday 28th September 2017: Whoopsiedangleplop Day, well, more an Accifauxpa one come think about it. Huh!

    • Thank you kindly, Corin.
      Felt a bit bad at having to leg it so quickly.
      Fings not too bag on the ailment front at the moment… apart from the teggies and Arthur Itis. Hehe!
      Taketh care. XXX ❤

  1. You seem to hit the “sauce” pretty well with 3 empty bottles for the bin! When the powers that be take away all the satellite dishes, there’s not much left to do than drink alcohol and fill the bin with the empty bottles. That’s too bad you had to leave the social, but the photo with the striped cloth on various things in the blue container is wonderfully abstract and non-descript — great photo. So the aliens invaded the lift and put it out of service. That’s what happens when the powers that be don’t clean up after aliens. I find it sad you are having so much trouble with your teeth. Is there any help on the horizon?

  2. All ran out at the same time, Tim. I think I might be addicted to the balsamic vinegar? The one I tried that is cheaper, from Aldi’s is just as good tasting as the dearer one, to me anyway?
    Your thoughts on the satellite dishes made me giggle.
    Bit embarrassing having to shoot off from the meeting, but, needs must I suppose.
    Wonderfully abstract and non-descript — great photo… Me? Thanks, Sir.
    “So the aliens invaded the lift and put it out of service. That’s what happens when the powers that be don’t clean up after aliens” Hehe!
    15 days to go for the teeth to be tended to. That is of course, only it the INR blood level is in range the day before. Can’t believe the medics seem to think this is acceptable? I shall mention it, hopefully, to Nichole on Tuesday. TTFN ta.

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