Inchcock Today: Wed 5th November 2014

Wednesday 5th November


Sprang awake around 0200hrs, down and on the laptop with a  cuppa at 0245hrs.

Did some graphics but had to give up after a while Coreldraw9 playing up again.

Worked on some posts for Inchcock blog.

Thought about going to meet sister Jane on Thursday to go to the hospital with her and got some things ready to take.

Got an email from her later, it’s not this Thursday but next. Off course I knew that… I’d just forgot.

Got the things ready for the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop in Sherwood, did me ablutions and set off on me walk there.

03W02The sky looked beautiful, but by gum it were bloomin’ cold!

Dropped the stuff off at the shop and caught a bus into the city centre. Where I hobbled into Tesco and got some bread for the ducks and myself. (The ducks got it all – Tsk!)

Caught a bus out to Derby where I can 03W03afeed the ducks without being arrested.

03W03bI went in the Spar shop at the bus-station 03W03cand got some more bread and as I did I 03W03dcould smell some hot cobs for sale. I got missen a bacon one – it wus ‘orrible!

Dried and tasteless.

Still, the ducks and pigeons liked it.

The birds there on the river Derwent behind the bus station were in great abundance. There was lot of them as well. Mallards, Canada geese, swans, pigeons and thousands of nasty greedy bullying sea gulls.

Took a lot of photographs of them.

Then I caught the bus to Mansfield (Gawd bless the pensioner’s free bus-pass!).

I managed to get a good read of PC David Rathbones book on me journeys today because I left me Blood Red Snow book in the bathroom at home.

Had a poddle round for a bit.

I tried to take a photo of a mobility scooter that looked like a three-wheeled Harley-Davidson but by the time I’d got me old camera out he was long gone. Still I found one on the web that looks very similar to the one I nearly photographed.

03W02aThen caught the bus back to Nottingham.

03W04Gawd he was in a rush, it felt like I was on a waltzer! I got off a bit battered and bruised.

Tried to take a photo through the bus window of the wonderful scenery – didn’t come out too well.

Hobbled back to the dump – no yobs in sight, good.

Bonfire night here yer know.  They’ll be out later with their fireworks and oh dear…

Don’t know if I should go up tonight or sit down here on guard!

Must remember not to use me Betamethasone ream tonight when i take me medications and wash the ‘Litttle Inch’.

Soddit, just had a dizzy spell; Tsk!

Oh… better take me medications then…

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Wed 5th November 2014

  1. Am I right in thinking you’re down to your last change of kit what with Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop having stocked, or by now sold your entire wardrobe? I’d say they’ve a cheek treating you thus old chap – a job for Danny Sparko to sort out in my book.

    • Plenty of all sort of stuff left for em yet that I’ve collected and hoarded over the years yet Mike. It gives me someone to talk to yer know.
      Now. where’s me tablets…

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