Inchcock Today – Friday 29th September 2017

Friday 29th September 2017

0330hrs: Woke, tried to recall the dreams I knew I’d had, without any luck… a call to the Porcelain Throne was responded to in haste. A lot easier this morning compared to yesterdays agonistic session, but the blood flowed worryingly too much again from within.

Did the health checks and took the medications.

Then started to update things on the computer and the diaries. What a bloomin’ mess I got myself into, Tsk! Made the date graphics alright, then posted them to the wrong days’ posts, then realised that I’d got the wrong top graphics on the wrong pages… What a pickle I got into trying to sort it all out. 0600hrs by the time I got it right, at least, I think I have! Even had to have three or four wee-wees in between my efforts at getting things in order again. By the end of all this editing and rearranging, I felt almost crapulous.

I wonder if there is coterie or club for people like me to join for help and support? Perhaps it might be called “TLIF (The Losing It Fast) Association”? No doubt about it, senility dawns.

Made a brew of tea that did not taste good at all. Was it the milk, tea bags or me? Does it matter? Passed some wind, sneezed setting the two front Suzie Incisors off again, and back for another wee-wee.

Set about doing a graphic for my mates Lynton and Martin; also I’ll use it on one of the diaries as a top graphics and post it to Facebook, cause I was well pleased with this one as a funny thought prompting effort, although I say it myself. I won’t show it yet until I have used it elsewhere, might make it the top for tomorrows diary?

Oh, go on then, I can’t wait to show it off. (I say smugly. Hehe!)

Onto the Email sorting. I got carried away with some of the News Alerts for Nottingham. Sherwood, in particular. A street full of cars had their tyres slashed. The Alia Polish Restaurant on Mansfield Road had been attacked and vandalised and a knifing.

On to WordPress reading.

Emails got a request for a graphic. I like it when I get these, cause it makes me feel like I’m needed. Australian Marie, asked for this one of Australian Mary. Hehe!

I hope they like it.

Tried to catch up on Facebooking. Limited time though.

The Odd Ball Noisy Git above has started banging away again!

Off to get the ablutions done. Then gerroff to town.

Teggies, shave and nasal clean-out, then a quicky but good shower. Got the medications done below and at the rear end and changed into the clothes. Got the bag ready, checked for the brolly, bus-pass and cash-card, and off to the lift to go down.

The following experience is not a joke and actually happened. There I was, at the only lift still operational. Pressed the call button while the cage was on the 15th floor. It came down by-passing me, to the 6th floor. Then down to the ground floor. Then back up to the 14th floor, and down again to the ground floor. Eventually, it came up to collect me. Hehe! It stopped at the 8th, 6th, 4th and 3rd floor going down, but there was no one at the 6th or 3rd floors?

Sat in the lobby were Edna and Nora. We had a quick confab, and I gave them some nibbles. Then out and along to the bus stop, in the rain.

The City bound bus arrived first and waiting there a surprising amount of us old fogies that got on, and it picked up much more en route.

I went to the terminus stop.

As we passed Victoria Centre (Mall), the rain was easing, and the Nottinghamian pedestrians were still crossing over the pelican traffic lights on red, as usual.

Bless em! The fact that two people were knocked down at this junction while crossing over against the lights didn’t seem to have phased them at all.

The rain had reduced itself to barely a drizzle, as I wandered down Queen Street into the City Centre Slab Square.

The mobile cinema was still there. Since my last visit they had built a wooden surround around the vehicle trailer the films are being shown in.

A food trailer was being got ready on site.

Claiming in print on the side of it; “Genuine American Barbeque Take-Away Food”. Just what Nottingham City needs, more food! Hehehe!

I had a wander through the back streets. At the jewellery store window, one of them as dedicated to watches.

Expensive watches.

I assumed this one was a Cartier ladies one.

I thought I might do (What I have done now) a little competition to see if the TFZers can guess the price of this article?

Just for a bit of fun, like

I hobbled around the back of the Council House and down to St Peter’s Church and Square.

I attempted to take a photo of a Nottingham Pavement Cyclist as he pelted down the hill.

But, he got hidden behind a car. Tsk!

I visited the Marks & Sparks food hall in their basement. Always a financial mistake me doing this. £11 spent this time. I really should resist the temptation to go in this shop! Ready-made colcannon mash, Cheddar mashed potatoes Rosti and a chicken risotto made up for the expenditure. And, I’ve got to chop up the chicken pieces before I dare try to eat it. I thought when I bought it, there would be only mushrooms in it. Idiot!

When I came out and limped up to the Square, there were so many Nottingham Pavement Cyclists about, I could not catch them all, but I managed to bag two of them, much to the displeasure of other people about. Oh, dear!

I called into a shop to get the TV magazine’ for next week.

I still don’t know I bother, cause I only fall asleep trying to watch the goggle-box, anyway.

As the light dimmed, I got this ‘Moody’ photograph of the Council House and the Little John’s clock bell housing.

Made my way to the bus stop on Queen Street to catch one home, and I heard several emergency vehicle klaxons. It was three police cars going up South Parade behind the Council House. But I was not in a position to get any picture. Tsk!

I did get a photograph of this ‘Uber Eats’ Pavement Cyclist though, making his way up to King Street.N

Caught the bus, it arrived on time, in fact, it left four minutes early. This I have learnt, is because the driver gets his meal break when he comes to the other end.

No ill bother from the ailment, despite my decent hobble around.

Two other tenants got on en route, one from Winchester, one from Woodthorpe Courts.

I had a chinwag with the gal on the way back.

Got in, had a wee-wee. The chump upstairs was banging about again, sounded like it was clanging noises?

  But the food away and got on with updating this diary and sorting photo’s out.

This took a few hours, and I was getting a little fatigued but pressed on and then went out and took some photographs of the new boarding signs.

Oh, yes! Hehe!

Many new small signs informing us that they are sorry for the inconvenience?

And many large posters, made up from four sections had been put up the length of the road, about four or five of them with graphics of what the place should look like when finished.

It took the expert doing the erection job, from 1045hrs to 1400hrs to get them all up. I know this because when I went down to take the pictures of them, resident Annie told me so.

I looked up and took this photograph of Woodthorpe Court at the same time.

Came back in and noise coming from the flat above mine, sounded like something being dropped on the kitchen floor repeatedly, and then the hammering sounds started off again!

I made a cup of tea and got to here on updating this page, then went on Facebooking again.

More banging from upstairs.

Got the thin chips in the oven, and pulled pork with some Balsamic vinegar in the saucepan. Stayed close so I could monitor it.

Had a Wee-wee. Fancy that!

More noise from the ‘Herbert’ upstairs.

Got the nosh sorted. A bit risky, but  did the Frits chips I got from M&S, but made sure they were not crispy.

The pulled pork in the balsamic sauce had to be well chopped up into tiny pieces.

No problems suffered, with the desserts of course. Tasty all the same, rated this a 8.5/10

The whole meal went down well, I must say. Perhaps a tad too much balsamic vinegar in with the pulled pork. But you don’t like to complain, do you? Hehe!

Had a wee-wee.

Health Checks and medications were taken.

Got resided in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV. Nodded of, dreamt, woke-up… Nodded of, dreamt, woke-up… Nodded of, dreamt, woke-up… Nodded of, dreamt, woke-up… On and on this happened for hours again! I did find some scribbled notes in the morning, but they were beyond deciphering. Humph!

3 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Friday 29th September 2017

  1. The aliens seems to have taken over your lifts. Knock down drag outs at the street crossings not phasing the zombies? Lots of excellent photos today, although some of those people don’t look to happy. Are people still buying expensive analog watches? After the last cheapo watch I had broke some years ago, I gave up on watches and simply use the phone — it’s very accurate down to those stinking nanoseconds.

    Here’s the modern work place scenario: Boss – “Inchy your are a nanosecond late again! Inchy – “But my super expensive, very accurate to the second Cartier ladies watch says I’m right on time!” Boss – “This is the 21st Century @#&%! Nanoseconds equal bitcoin! Every nanosecond counts #@%&!” Inchy – “You just cost yourself 100,000,000 nanoseconds of bitcoin X2 for complaining about a single nanosecond when I was right on time by my super expensive, very accurate to the second Cartier ladies watch!”

    If I forget my phone, I use the sun, since it shines 90% of the time around here. The food looks like a relatively tooth friendly meal.

    • The aliens life-form deposited in the lift I thought was an amusing idea to have a laugh with some of the other tenants about. Oh dear, my mistake. They think I’m bonkers now! Hehe!

      Oddly enough, I got the idea that the Nottinghamians were a little miserable that today, too?

      Are people still buying expensive analogue watches? I have no idea, but there is a multitude of them on sale all over the City Centre Jewellery shops. I have not had a watch for donkey’s years, Tim. I use the mobile too.

      Glad the photos went down well.

      I liked the ‘The modern workplace scenario’. Hehe! I had to make sure what a nanosecond was. One thousand-millionth of a second, as you know of course. But I might use this term, cause I like it, in my next funny poem.

      Hope you, Laurie and the furry ones are doing okay.


  2. I so know how you feel, I have posted things on the wrong date, at the wrong time & numerous similar errors many times. I’m generally chronologically challenged, so I have to watch date & time very carefully or I make a mess of things that should have been smooth lol <3

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