Inchcock Today – Wednesday 20th September 2017: Surgery, Pharmacy, Flu-Jab then the continuation of the Denist Farce! Tsk! Oh, and an update on the Alien-Blob on the lift floor! Hehe!

Wednesday 20th September 2017

0215hrs: Woke up feeling a bit better about myself and medically speaking too. Weird that the tooth was giving no pain at all, Anne Gyna has eased so much too. Only Arthur Itis was really bothering me, the right wrist. But it may have been brought on when I took the tumble on the bus the other day when it braked hard?

I soon regretted thinking “Weird that the tooth was giving me no pain at all” when as I was rising out of the £300 second-hand recliner, I sneezed. This set Incisor Susie Molar off. Tsk!

To the wetroom and tended to a Porcelain Throne session, messy but not too bad. I was just glad that things were ‘moving again’.

0245hrs: I got a few of the washing items out of the bag, and set off down to get them into the machine. Up again and did the Health Checks and took the medications.

0310hrs: Down to move the clothes into the dryer.

0318hrs: Up and got yesterdays diary finished and posted off to WordPress. Duodenal Donald started giving me some grief then.

0400hrs: Down to collect the bits of laundry. I popped outside and took this photo of the garages at the end of Chestnut Walk.

Something was flying about near the trees on the left near the storage container. Very fast they were, these whatever they were, made me take a photograph, but I can see nothing of them in this photo?

Folded the togs and cleaned the machine and filter, sink and floor.

The area near the lifts was very messy, leaves and what looked like crushed corn all over the place. The Alien Blob was still there on the floor of the first lift. I tried to photograph its mutationalisationing process, but the elevator cage was shaking far too much to get a clear picture. The flickering lights were also on show this morning.

0415hrs: Put the clobber away and made a mug of tea. Then made a start on this diary up to here.

Sorted out the medication pots.

Checked the Emails, hoping to find one from the surgery with the new Warfarin INR level. No such luck. WordPress reading, then onto CorelDraw to work on the next TFZer graphicalisation.

Got it finished eventually.

But I was very pleased with this one and how it came out in the end.

Pattie from Canada, being shown around on her visitation to Nottingham Castle, by yours truly. I told her not to worry about transport, I’d provide it for her. Hehehe!

The Morrison man arrived, must have been a bit late or behind, because was in and out in a shot! Thanked him, wished him good weather and got the fodder away.

The fridge had plenty of room yet, but the freezer was cram-packed full! Plenty of scope for the Iceland order coming tomorrow.

The freezer was so full mainly because I thought I had ordered a 500g pack of McCains Oven Chips… but had in fact ordered a huge dirty great big bag of 2.25kg! Tsk!

Had a long, excellent refreshing, enjoyable ablutionisationalisticalisationing session.

Changed into togs and set off for the hobble to Carrington and the Surgery. The lift was still shuddering a fair bit, and the lights were flickering, the second lift did not have these impediments. Hehe!

There were about twenty residents at the bus stop when I limped passed them. I stopped and had a little chinwag with them. Obergefrietereress Jenny was there with them, and I apprehended that it was the party of pensioners I should have been going with, to Sprinters in Arnold for the free Fish & Chip meal. I explained to Jen’ about my tooth and why I was not going with them again.

My farewells were given (Not that anyone answered them, Huh!) to them all and I pressed on down Winchester Street to Mansfield Road.

Good job there was no one in a wheelchair or disabled scooter rider, or someone with a pram with me. They would have struggled to get by this lorry.

Turned left, up the road and as I passed the traffic light junction with Haydn Road, I saw they had finished the new road markings.

Up to the top of and over the hill towards Carrington, I laboured a little en route. The plates-of-meat were stinging something awful by now.

A Nottingham Pavement Cyclist, on a dinky little child’s bike, was making his way down the hill. It was a youth of about 15-16 years-of-age. He must have been over 6-feet, too.

He looked so comical on that bike to me. His knees were up almost to his chin height.

Down the road, walking amongst the fallen conkers and their outer shells was a bit bothersome. As I could not avoid treading on some of them, and the resultant pain made me jump a bit. Never mind.

The traffic got a bit denser as I hobbled on. The gas repair and water roadworks further on to blame I suspect.

I sneezed, and this caused both of the front teeth to sting a bit. I suppose the song, ♫ The hip bone’s connected to the backbone
The backbone’s connected to the neck bone, The neck bone’s connected to the head bone,
 Now shake dem skeleton bones! ♫ Must be right. Hehehe!

I arrived at the surgery and asked the Obergruppenfureress on the reception if I could get my INR Warfarin level results. Then went into detail about the Dentist and why I needed them.

I got a semi-frowned look in return. Then the lady consulted with Obegrefreireress Nurse Ann. They both looked at me from a distance and returned to their private talk.

Nurse Ann left, and the new receptionist went back to her computer. After a while, she came over to me and told me the result was at 3.0 – spot on the target! I was so pleased that I could get the teeth done now! (Huh, read on, Humph!)

I went to the Chemist in Carrington, to fetch the prescriptions. Bit of a wait, they were busy.

Kiran asked me if I wanted my flu jab doing while I was there. I thanked her, and she gave me the shot in the treatment room. All done and dusted.

I was beginning to cheer up now. (Fool, I should have known better with my luck, please read on).

Merrily I caught a bus to Sherwood and approached the dentist place, with confidence and an air of expectancy. Humph!

I got in and to the Oberleutnantess receptionist and explained everything to her again. Despite the fact that she dealt with me yesterday.

They could not see me today, but I could see my dentist (Vitesh Patel) on Friday evening. Otherwise, it will be into October before I can see him. I explained about how I get in the afternoon, tired and weary, and why. This was of no interest to her, of course. So I asked if I could see the dentist I saw last time. (Snehali Patel) Telling her, I prefer to see that dentist and would like to be moved to her list if possible. No answer to my request. She just said it would not be until October when she could see me either, and even days later than the other dentist. Not until the 13th October. Fair enough I said, I’ll have to wait then. She tapped her computer and gave me a read-out with the appointment on it at the top.

Then as I was leaving, she added: “Of course you will have to go through getting your INR result clarified as within limits again before you come!” That was only time of the whole meeting that she smiled; with curled lips! As if she had won a victory and was enjoying it!

I was now back in depression again.

I left and waited at the bus stop to catch the 90 up the hill part-way to the flats.

Feeling very depressed now.

I limped back to the flat.

In the lift, that was not shaking so much now, I took a photograph of the Alien Blob, still there on the floor after, how many days now?

I think it is mutating now.

The centre seems to be holding something ready for birth? Hehe.

Inside and I picked up some mail that had been posted and had a wee-wee. Two letters, one from the NCH with an A-Z of Home Improvements. Basically, a list of things we will be responsible for during the upgrading of the flats. I’ve not got round to reading and studying it yet, but did read one little section on Personal Belongings.

Surely the onus is on the workers not to steal anything? How can we find somewhere safe and secure when the workers are in the flat and able to go anywhere, they tell us to leave while it is being done and have all those tools with them… Sod it, never mind.

Then sorted the prescriptions out with an uninterested will-power.

Got the nosh ready.

Thesmoked haddock was superb, the peas warmed very slowly with added balsamic vinegar were tasty, same with the overcooked on purpose potatoes.

Now that Incisor Tooth Suzie has started, what’s the best word… sinking and leaning a little. eating without catching her, is actually a bit easier. No less painful when I do mind. But cleaning the teeth is a nightmare. Tsk!

Settled and watched some nodding-off affected TV.

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  1. I don’t understand why so many receptionists in your area seem to get off on given terrible customer service – not that I’m a receptionist, but if I pulled anything like that with a customer I would be fired

    • Some seem a little depressed, gal.
      The new (well, I’ve not seen her before) receptionist at the Audi Clinic was very nice and patient with me, that cheered me up for a while.
      TTFN pet. XXX

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