Inchcock Today – Tuesday 19th September 2017

Tuesday 19th September 2017

0400hrs: Woke up. I tried to adumbrate some things from the dream I’d been having, but all the memories dissolved into the ether as I tried. Tsk!

Went to make a brew of tea and surprise! Demand for my attendance at the Porcelain Throne arrived (At last!) Off to the wet room. Found there was blood over my chin and jammies from Incisor Suzie-Tooth. Cleaned things up. So busy at the moment, don’t know when I’ll get around to doing the mounting pile of washing.

Did the Health Checks: Sys 144 Dia 74, Pulse88, Temp 35.1 and weight 14.92, not too bad, apart from the weight.

Saw the note come reminder I’d left for myself.

Started the computer, and did a Morrison delivery order for tomorrow. Then began finalising the Monday Chronicle.

It was a little cold this morning, so I went around and closed the windows.

A bit of drizzle coming down outside, and the street and house lights seemed a little dim. But then, I had my reading glasses on. Took the picture and they still looked dark?

Back to the diaries, but I had a feeling, an EQ awareness of impending bother, hassle or whatever. I could not shake it off. Most uncomfortable mentally when this happens. Sure as eggs are eggs, something is going to upset the apple-cart soon.

Finished the Monday post and went to make a mug of tea. I thought I could hear that little howling sound again, and took a look out of the window. No wind about, the rain had stopped and nothing in sight?

This feeling of discomfiture was bothering me. I wish whatever it is that is coming, would do so quickly to get it over with. A horrible sensation that something will not work out right? I hope I am wrong about it all the same.

Emails checked and I went on Facebook.

0935hrs: Ablutions tended to. Readied things and off out to the surgery hobble. Passed May at the bus stop on the way. Little chinwag and gave her a nibble bar. Down Winchester Hill and left up Mansfield road to the top of the hill.

When this naughty Nottingham Cyclist nearly bumped into me as he sped by.

Down the incline and into the Sherrington Park Surgery car park and entered. The receptionist was in a good mood today. Reported to her and filled in a request form for some extra Codeine 60g painkillers.

Took a seat, getting the crossword book out.

The EQ spurred thought of an imminent failure or let-down, still lingering.

Nurse Nichole came to me to summon into her treatment room. It made my day her being on duty. We had a nice chat while she took the blood. Gave her her nibbles as I left, and some to the receptionist team when I left the premises.

Walked down to the bus stop in Carrington and caught a bus back to Sherwood. Dropping off near the Charity Shop, then over the road and called into the Co-op Store. Where I bought some bananas to ripen to eat, just in case after the dentist removes the tooth, things might still be painful to consume and masticate. One large potato, and a TV magazine for next week.

As I limped up to the dentist place, two fire engine tenders belted passed toward the City Centre.

I mounted the too steep steps into the Dentist’s surgery and went to the receptionist and explained everything again as I did yesterday. Signed a form and took a seat, crossword book out again. Ten minutes later a nurse came down for me and led me up the steep stairs to the treatment room.

This female dentist seems a bit more pleasant, and we went through what had happened with the tooth. Things appeared to be going well. I suggested that maybe we could take out the two front teeth together, and have a plate put in. The Pound Signs flashed over her facial features for a moment or two, and said: “No, no! We’ll take the one out and let it settle first, then take the other out and let that settle, then think about having a plate put in. In other words “No, that will mean just one charge if you take two out same as for one. It is imperative that we charge you twice, and then again, for the plate, there is a maximum charge you know… better to get around that by charging less but much more often!” Fair enough!

When she got around to looking at my notes, she asked what my INR level was. I told her 5.0 – this stopped her in her tracks. “I cannot do an extraction if your INR level is not between 2 & 4!

This despite my having had three extractions, four fillings and two crowns done at this Dentist’s when my INR level has been over or under this level over the last two years?

I told her I’d just had a test done half an hour or so ago at the surgery. After a kerfuffle and talk with someone on the phone, she affirmed that she could not do it while the level was too high or low, especially too-high, because she may not be able to stop the bleeding. I asked her if it was alright then, for me to go home with the loose teeth, have something to eat and the tooth come out there, and I bleed to death?

A surprising reply was given: “I’m not bothered, all I am interested in is my not getting into any trouble from the authorities if I do any surgery while your INR level is not right!”

Fair enough gal, I thought.

This must be the EQ feeling of the next Whoopsiedangleplop[ or Accifaupa I had earlier? Humph!

She spoke again on the phone to someone, then told me to go downstairs, and the receptionist will look into the problem.

So I did.

The receptionist was most displeased that I did not know the number for the surgery. But she looked it up and rang them. I couldn’t hear the conversation.

Afterwards, she told me to ring the surgery tomorrow afternoon, to obtain the INR result. Then to contact them (The Dentists) with the figure and they will decide what can or cannot be done about the issue, or better still, call in and see them with the results if they are within 3 to 4.

I departed, downhearted and still in pain with the teggies.

At the bus stop outside the door, where some flat tenants were waiting. I had a little moan about things to them, and they thought it hilarious. Glad to give someone a laugh at least. Hehehe!

Hobbled off the bus and to the apartments, said my farewells to the other gang members, and into the flat.

Wee-wee, a mug of tea, medications, Health Checks, got the potato in the Crock-Pot and got on with updating this diary.

Tired and fed-up.

Nosh readied.

I’d boiled the large potato and mashed it nice and soft with butter and milk, and opened a tin of the hot dog sausage that was soft-to-eat, followed by the fluffy lemon meringue mousse.

Caught the tooth many times and received almost electric shock-like pains for my bother, Hehe!

I changed the time for the Morrisons delivery so there was less chance of it clashing with the time I might be going back to the dentist or phoning the surgery for the INR blood, results.

Got down to enjoy the fodder with Incisor dodging eating (Haha!) and the phone rang. Jenny called me to ask if I was still going to the free meal tomorrow. I tried to explain about the INR blood level and Dentist confusion best I could. But it was late, and I was feeling so confused and tired of all the hassle going on. Hope she understood what I said.

Did the checks and medication taking.

Watched a bit of TV, and then Duodenal Donald started playing up badly. Dare not take any extra painkillers. I did take an Omeprazole capsule, but stocks are low on them and the Codeines.

I pondered on the fact that the place needs cleaning up badly, very untidy. Fell asleep!

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