Inchcock Today – Thursday 21st September 2017

Thursday 21st September 2017

0345hrs: Woke, a dream memory remained, just the one bit of it: Someone who is a partner to someone on Facebook, who I had never seen, of course, was telling me off for something or other about red peppers and how I cook and eat them wrongly? She was not loud, but her words got through to me, and I kept apologising and kissing her hand. Very odd.

Slowly it dawned on me, no Arthur Itis, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harold or Duodenal Donald hassle at all this morning! Incisor Tooth Suzie and Anne Gyna were the only two of the ailments interested in giving me grief. Haha!

My thoughts were interrupted by a call to the Porcelain Throne. Trotsky Terence had eased, and I read a bit of the Lenigrad book while I waited for the evacuation to start. Some medicationalisationalistic activities required afterwards.

Little Inchy was sore, but not bleeding, unlike Haemorrhoid Harold, who was bleeding. Tended to these problems and cleaned up, then went into the kitchen to make a brew of tea.

Noticed the odd hue in the sky while the kettle was boiling. Took this picture using the night-setting mode on the Lumix camera. Not a very decent one, and… I managed without any effort to bang the back of my head again on the window frame as I got back inside after taking the photo.

Made a nice string drink of tea, using the new dainty Porcelain mug with the beautiful pictures on it.

Did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Gave an almighty sneeze, and Incisor Suzie and Reflux Roger let me know their displeasure at this. Hehe!

Cleaning the sink area, I dropped a plastic bowl, when I went down to retrieve it, Hernia Harold gave me a rather nasty twinge. I think I might have spoken (Written) too soon about the ailments being kind to me. Haha!

Got the computer going, and checked the Emails. Not many today. Then finished off the Wednesday post and sent it off. Then started this one and the graphics for it.

Went onto Facebooking. After a couple of hours, I went to make another mug of tea.

I took this photograph of the same area as the earlier dark one. It was a tad misty and drizzling now. However, I did not bang my head getting back in this time. Haha!.

The Iceland Man cometh. Bringing the extra fodder I’d requested. And what a mess I’d made of this order, too!

I thought I had ordered two 2 ltr bottles of Fanta Orange Juice, but 2 x 500 ltr bottles arrived. Kitchen towels that I figured I had not ordered and certainly did not need came. A frozen cheesy beans and sausage ready meal. I thought this was going to be a fresh Cottage Pie one. And, a bag of chips I could not remember ordering.

Why I bought BBQ mini-ribs after breaking my tooth on the last ones I had, is beyond me!

These memory blips I mentioned last time I saw the doctor, but she was unconcerned and told me “We all do this, and you’re getting on a bit, you know!”

I had to take out some stuff from the freezer to make room for these items, and the fridge is now fully loaded.

Did the ablutions and took the rubbish bags to the chute on the way out. Also with the stuff I’d taken out of the fridge to make room in a separate bag. I dropped the bag off at the cabin with Obergruppenfurheress Julie to use or hand out. Had a natter with some tenants at the bus stop, and caught the bus into Arnold.

At the traffic lights at the bottom of Winchester Hill, I noticed the closed down Kebab shop had lost some more letters from its signing. ‘The Golde L’, sounded to me like it could have been the name of a cattle ranch in Texas or Nebraska. Hehe!

Dropped off the bus on High Street, close to the Asda (Walmart) store. All I was going to Arnold to get was a packet of the fish surimi sticks. But I came out having spent £12. Tsk!

Luckily a arrived at the bus stop in plenty of time because it arrived 4 minutes early.

This would, I assumed, have been due to the driver getting his lunch break at the end of this journey.

The old Police Station across the road, well, it wasn’t old actually, only been there for a few years, last week I noticed the builders or demolition men working on it. Was now all gone and a new building being erected. No signs of what it was going to be, offices or retail most likely. Although any more retail would surprise me. I wondered if Lidl or Aldi might be moving in? But thinking about it, there was not much room for a store of their size.

Back at the compound and up the lift with three gals and we had a laugh or two.

The rain was coming when I got into the flat.

I got the bean meal and added some cheese, tomatoes and yellow peppers on top and got it into the oven cooking.

My years of doing Security Work came to the fore when I looked outside and noticed these two chaps at their vehicles below. Funny that, cause they were probably just getting ready to go home?

“Suspicious Minds”? Hahaha!

I abluted and changed in the nightwear. Put on the rather colourful leisure trews with the pockets in them. My mate and neighbour of many years ago, Jock Kirkpatrick had a pair very similar to these, and I had a sad moment or two thinking of and missing him but enjoyed a few happy memories as well. “Hang on Jock, I’ll be up with you soon mate. Please make some of your tatty-scones for me when I arrive, cocker!” Hehe!
The reason for taking this photo was to show how the right foot was not sticking out. Amazing really, how some days it is like this, and others it sticks out at an almost 90° angle?

Got the fodder served up, and mighty grand it looked and smelt, too!

But, it was a disaster! I threw 90% of it away. The tooth was just too painful, couldn’t manage the tomatoes, potatoes or peppers at all. Scooped up the beans and ate the soft banana and lemon desserts, a bit disappointed in this, but all my own fault for even trying to eat such food while the teggies are playing up. I did nibble, no, rather suck some Mini Stilton cheese biscuits. Got them to the back of the mouth and let them melt. I’ll have a job cleaning the gnashers without catching the two incisors in the morning. Hehe!

Did the Health Checks, the weight had gone down! 14.85, Hurrah!

So tired now, I got down to watch a film on the box, fell asleep, and Sister Jane rang me. She is going to have her club-toe, that’s not the word used I think but can’t remember it now. Hope it goes alright for her. I was well weary and drained.

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner and watched some of the film on the box.

Nodded off very quickly, waking a couple of hours later and turned off the set.

Kept waking and fretting over everything and nothing, but nooded off soon, each time.

Didn’t get up until 0425hrs, broken, but decent sleep all the same.

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 21st September 2017

    • I love the word ‘Fooding’ Corin.
      T’is a shame gal. But there you are. Just annoying that having got the INR level right, I still have to wait 4 weeks to get it done? That means having to get the INR blood test results again before I go for the appointment. Tsk, Tsk and Tsk! Hehe! XXX ❤

  1. Are you in line to get the tooth fixed? The more than once I’ve broken a tooth, I just called my dentist, he fit me in, usually the same day, and fixed the broken tooth. But I don’t know how your dental system works.

    • The problem is the INR Warfarin level, Tim. That and the fact that the dentist cannot fit me in when I do et the level right, so have to go through all the palava again!
      Getting me down a touch now. I might ring the 111 Helpine on Monday.
      Smashing photo’s from Pitkin by the way Sir. TTFN

      • Dentil work with other conditions can be really touchy. When I had to get dental work completed in order to get the stem cell transplant, my dentist had to be on standby for when they got my immune system to a safe level using Nuepogen before I could have the dental work done. Good thing my dentist was flexible.

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