Inchcock Today – Tuesday 29th August 2017: No Nurse Nichol today, Inchcock is depressed and inconsolable. Poor old thing!

Tuesday 29th August 2017

2017 අගෝස්තු 29 අඟහරුවාදා (Sinhala)

Woke around 0320hrs: The mind once again in turmoil and reluctant to allow me to organise my thoughts. I seemed incapable of divaricating the mass of useless, pointless and inconsequentialities milling about within a few quintessential important issues? A losing battle. Humph!

0415hrs: No signs of any nibbling around the chair. I made my move to escape the £300 second-hand recliner, encouraged by the need to make use of the Porcelain Throne. Another messy session that needed things cleaning up afterwards.

Into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications, and boy what a sight the morning sky was. I went out onto the balcony to make this beautiful photographicalisation.

Which was not a good idea – when coming back into the room I caught the headphone cable with my foot. The cable extension plug came out, the TV repositioned itself, and I stubbed my toe on the ottoman! Good start, Hehe!

I cursed and cleared up the ensuing mess.

I observed the reminder note I’d left on the TV screen, Morrison’s delivery and INR blood Test Today.

Dia 156, Sys 84, Pulse 91, Temp 31.4 and the weight… Down to 14.78!

The tea had gone cold, so I went back to the kitchen to make another… this was when I noticed as I got the milk out of the fridge, a Gooey mess had leaked from something down into the bottom of the refrigerator and onto the freezer door below. I had to move the whole unit to make room for the salad drawer to come out and cleaned it all up.

After finishing it all off and cleaning the bowl I’d used, I spotted this little mite clinging onto my finger and blood-sucking away! Shaking the hand did not budge it at all?

I checked the fridge but could see no more signs of any of them? Puzzled now!

Puzzled again, when the time for the Morrison delivery had passed, so I checked the email – seems I put it on a wrong day, today by error for tomorrow. Whatta da Plonka!

While on the Emails, I checked them out and did some WordPress reading.

Posted this photograph of Fooey that Pete sent me. Did an Email asking if I could have permission to visit Jane, Pete and Fooey on Friday this week if they are in of course? No reply yet. I just hope that Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Duodenal Donald etc. permit me to. Huh!

Had to stop and get ready to do the ablutions, so I wasn’t late for the INR Warfarin Blood Test, hopefully with Nurse Nichole. Got them done and down into the lobby – When I realised I’d forgotten the hearing aids.

So, back up to the flat to collect them, and by the time I’d got back down again, I realised there would not be time (30 minutes) for me to hobble to the surgery in time. So, I waited for the 1030hrs bus to catch it down into Sherwood.

Took a few photographs of a bee on the flowers on the verge. I made five in all, but only this one had the bee in it. It was quick, Hehe!

Had a laugh and chinwag with some of the residents also waiting.

Got down to Mansfield Road and waited for a bus.

Not much traffic around,

Caught a but for the three stops to Carrington.

Into the surgery, reported to the Obergefreiteress Receptionist, and sat down for ten seconds and I was called in, not by Nurse Nichole, but Obergruppenfurheress Nurse Anne.  Sad!

She called my name, then said; ‘Follow me!, ‘Come in!’ as we got to the treatment room door. ‘Go through!’, then ‘Sit!’ This was the verbal theme throughout. She took the blood, and I thanked her meekly and handed over the bag of nibbles and exited the place.

Walked down into Carrington to see if the Lidl shop had reopened yet. It had not, and was still a shell.

Caught a bus back into Sherwood and called into the Co-op store, got a small beef pie, cherry tomatoes and wholemeal bread thins.

Noticed a chap sat in the outside seats of the cafe. The man was wearing a Sherlock Holmes style hat,  blue jeans with white polka-dots and motifs on them, a German Tyroleon green jacket, no socks on and footwear that looked like slippers. Smoking a light brown cigarillo. Also, he was eating some black forest gateau from his knee with a gigantic cup of coffee and passing proliferous blasts of wind! I admired his style in doing his own thing!

Some interesting buses spotted in the photo above. The white one is coming from London to Nottingham, (Or not as the case may be?),  the Maroon one Nottingham to Mansfield and double-decker from Nottingham to the Broxtowe Estate, that’s claim to fame is being the second highest gun-crime and the highest drug crime of all the Estates 2016.

Up to the bus stop, where tenant May was waiting, we had jolly gossip. The bus arrived with many other tenants on it, and I chin-wagged with Mary from flat 38. Arrived at the apartments and the three of us, Mary, May and Welsh Bill hobbled to the flats, with me coming in last as usual.

Up to 72, had a wee-wee and set about sorting the meal for later. The potatoes I’d got in the crock-pot earlier, with Basalmic dressing in the pot. I got the sage and onion stuffing mix in a basin ready to mix and the beef pie to hand, ready to go in the oven with the filling after it had been on for ten minutes to balance out times needed.

Got the oven warming up and updated this diary.

Checked the Emails.

Added the beef pie to the sage & onion with mushrooms stuffing

Caught up on Facebooking.

Health Checks and medicationalisationing sorted.

Cut up the tomatoes and added the balsamic vinegar to them.

Got the meal served up.

This was rather tasty, and a rating of 8.8 was given.

I do not know if it might have been the stuffing or not, but there followed an elongated period of passings of the wind and Reflux Roger started giving me some nasty hassle. Later to be joined by Anne Gyna.

Nodded off as soon as I settled to watch some DVD, but it was a very fretful time. Forever waking up and being unable to recall any of the dreams I knew I’d been having, and with bothersome stabbing pains from Anne Gyna.

Waking up so often, and now in pain around the left foot big toe? Feels like when I stub it, but I cannot recall doing so recently? Getting a bit fed-up with it now.

Hey-ho! TTFN.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 29th August 2017: No Nurse Nichol today, Inchcock is depressed and inconsolable. Poor old thing!

    • Hope the weather is alright out there, Tim?
      The withdrawal symptoms for the No-Nurse-Nichole is painful! Hehe!
      Loved your Cows effort Sir, the toad was brilliant!
      Cheers, taketh care both of you. And the animals of course. Hehe!

      • I’m trying to remember, my mother often make the evening meal & she is a wonderful cook so I am sure it was great, whatever it was LOL. At work I tend to eat a salad with boiled eggs, or leftover meat, so my work meals are pretty much (with some topping differences & sometimes different salad mixes) the same day in & day out.

      • Oh, the joy of not having to cook. I’m jealous now Corin. Hehehe! I like it really.
        I reckon if it’s healthy and what you like to eat, that’s fair enough. Getting decent salads here is not easy. The good tomato season has ended now, so I’m sad about that. The ones i bought last are so bitter, eurgh!
        I just can’t rid of the habit of having only one meal a day, like when I worked all those long night hours shifts.
        Tonight it will be beef pie, vegetables (Parsnips, potatoes, orange peppers, red onions, leeks and garden pea with rich gravy, methinks. If all goes according to plan. I’m not a very good gravy maker for some reason, it’s pot-luck every time I try. Haha!
        Cheers and I hope the plates are better than mine at the moment. XXX

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