Inchcock Today – Wednesday 30th August 2017: Mystery of the Blood-blister – Mystery of the Vanishing Bicyicle, and the Mammoth Morrison Order Mystery!

Wednesday 30th August 2017

Ukranian: Середа, 30 серпня 2017 р

0350hrs: Woke still feeling so tired and fought with my conscience, over past failings and present tasks and decisions that need doing and taking. The significant errors and the little peccadilloes of history would not let me settle in mind. This took a while, as I seemed incapable of making any decisions to rectify or tackle my worries and obligations. I was nonplussed at this and felt a lot of self-criticism growing.

Around 0425hrs, Trotsky Terence forced me to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner and visit the Porcelain Throne. As I got out and stood up, the pain from my left big toe was enough to make me take a closer look. Blood blister? Tsk, another toe-stubbing I cannot remember doing!

I even had the camera on the wrong setting, and the picture came out in mono? Am I going bonkers? (Don’t answer that, no need. Hehe!)

Trotsky Terence was affecting things just a little. Huh, again!
Cleaned things up and went into the kitchen to refill the air spray bottle, and dropped it. (Nice smelling kitchen floor this morning, though?)  Set about searching for another spray to use, after a good few minutes, I found the liquid soda bottle was almost empty. Rinsed it well and transferred the drop of disinfecticated water and made up some more and filled the bottle. Tackled the bin bags ready to take out later to the chute and sprayed the new black bags I’d placed in the three containers.

I was feeling a lot better now, not happier, just more robust in mind.

Got on with the Health Checks, and made a brew.


3Wed09Peered out of the window and took this photographicalisation of the road below.

I thought I’d seen a push-bike on the kerb at the end of the first set of parked cars. Came into the computer room and checked as I downloaded the picture into WordPress, and sure enough, it looked like a bike to me? So I went back into the kitchen to see it again and if I could recognise it. It had gone?

The wind started escaping, so I sprayed around in the kitchen and hallway, I spotted that a letter had been delivered.

It was a birthday card from my old mate Duncan Robertson, bless his cotton socks.

This cheered me up no end. But, I still had the EQ delivered, feeling of yet, even more, Whoopsiedangleplops had yet to arrive. My EQ is rarely wrong, Tsk!


The Morrison’s order arrived earlier today… I think I might have made an Accifauxpa with it – far too much.
0710hrs: The Morrison delivery arrived… all £75.66 worth of it! Heck of a job sorting out the things I’d ordered. I mean, why, how did order them:

Six bottles of Morrison’s washing up liquid?

6 bottles of Morrison’s extra thick bleach, when I already have three in stock under the fridge, and a bottle of Appine bleach too?
6 pots of Extra Fuel & Protein porridge, when I had three tubs of ordinary porridge on top of the cupboard anyway in stock?
2 Bottles of De Nigris Glaze with Soy sauce; What’s that then? Why would I show interest in getting this item, that I do not even know what to do with it, how to use it?
Sage & Onion Stuffing, four packs of and one already on top of the cupboard, along with a large box of mushroom stuffing mix?
Two x 4 pots of Ski lemon Mouse, fair enough they were on offer, but I already have four pots of Lemon Yogourt in the fridge?
A 500g pot of Bertolli butter and olive oil spread – again, I have in the fridge and only used a bit pot of Flora Buttery spread?
Six mini orange juice pots of – I already have three large bottles of orange juice and a carton of fresh orange juice in stock?
Frozen Mini Hash Browns, I have three-quarters of a pack in the freezer?
A pot of Ainsley Harrison, Piri-Piri seasoned Mexican thingamajig. I do not like Mexican food or Piri-Piri?
A sourdough sliced loaf – I had also ordered whilemeal flat bread and bread thins?
Two Pots of the BBQ pot noodles I do like, but I already had two pots in stock?
I was seriously worried by my actions over this order. Perhaps, I did the order on a bad day with the Dennis Dizzies and Trotsky Terence? Not that I can remember which day it was, though?
I had to use the step-ladder to get the Porridge, stuffings and Pot Noodles up and onto the top of the cupboards – which means I may have to use them again when I want to get them down to use? Although, I usually manage with the grabber. Hehehe!

Back on the computer and finished yestreday’s post and sent it off.

Luckily, Obergruppenfurheress Warden Dean called to see if I had made my Wrist Alarm battery strength check with the Control Room for this month. I informed her that I did it a few days ago. This gave me the chance to creep a bit, and I gave her the bread, Soy Sauce Glaze, the Balsamic Marinade and Mexican Piri-Piri tub. I must pay more attention to my next ordering session!

Then I updated this diary to here.

Onto Facebooking.

Then CorelDraw to do some more TFZ series graphic preparations.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 30th August 2017: Mystery of the Blood-blister – Mystery of the Vanishing Bicyicle, and the Mammoth Morrison Order Mystery!

  1. You are definitely well stocked. You might consider opening a grocery store for the other residents. Mystery bike? We have a lot of “ghost bikes” around town. They paint old bikes white and place them at intersections and along roadways where cyclists were killed on their bikes.

    • Shop for the tenants? I might struggle to collect payment, Hehe. The other day, I was listening to some of the residents complaining about the Rent Extras. Adding a standing charge (Not a lot) for us to use the laundry room, CCTV coverage, cleaning of communal areas etc. I nearly said we should not be granted allowances just because we are older… I’m glad I didn’t now. Hehehe!
      Some tend to stick paper flowers nearby where fold have been killed on the roads here, Tim.
      I still haven’t found out how to use the Glaze Fusion Soy?
      Cheers Sir.

    • Hoarder, that’s me, gal. A fodder hoarder!
      When an ankles-napper food was very short, I assume this is why I am like this nowadays, a luxury to be able to choose what I eat through choice and not whatever is avialable. Hehe! MAny a time, when mother was at home, I’d be sent out begging from neighbours and collecting nub-ends off the streets for her. Life is so much betterer now, thank heavens.
      Take care pet, XXX

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