Inchcock Today – 30-31 August 2017 – Thursday Tenants Social Hour

End of Wednesday 30th August 2017

Croatian: Završava u srijedu 30. kolovoz 2017

I started to assemble the new saucepans and got the fodder in the oven. Halved cooked potatoes (in the crock-pot) with cheese added on top of them and two potato pockets with cheese inside, and into the oven.

Obergruppenfurheress Warden Deana called on me to check out if I had done the monthly Wrist Alarm battery checks. I reported that I had. (I don’t think she believed me judging by the semi-concealed obliquely sideways glance, masked with a well-practised but attractive smile, I gladly accepted in return to my statement.)

This gave me a chance to get rid of the sauces, Peri-Peri pot and bits that I had ordered while apparently in a stupor, dizzy spell or moment of madness. Hehe!

Another Whoopsiedangleplop while turning over the potato pockets in the oven, I’m sure the blister will go down soon. Antiscepticated the digit with some Germolene antiseptic cream. Now some more of that I should have ordered from Morrisons! Hehe!

The door bell chimed again, and there was me walking about now with no trousers on, limping more than ever due to the stubbed left big toe, no hearing aids in and passing the wind rather freely! Hoping it would not be Deana, cause she lets herself in if the door is not locked. I gingerly partly opened the door and popped my head out to investigate. It was the chap from next flat to one, wanting to know if I had a five-pound note in return for coins. I fetched a fiver, and we exchanged currency. Couldn’t hear what he was saying actually, but he is an easy chap to lip-read, and waving the coins at me, I followed what he wanted, I hope. Haha!

Back to the kitchen to dish up the meal, but it was not ready yet, the cheese on the potatoes needed a good while yet to turn crispy and brown as I like them. I did the Health Checks: Sys 154 – Dia 72 – Pulse 78 – Temp 32.6.

Served up the meal. I had some of the Smoked Mackerel in barbeque sauce with the other fodder. No bread needed.

I had made too much, yet, ate it all with great satisfaction. The reason for the two lemon yoghourt desserts was my overstocked situation and short ‘Use By’ dates on them. I could have given Obergruppenfureress Deana a packet of them, but never thought. I’ll take some down to her and Obergefrieteress Warden Julie and put them in their fridge at the Social Hour in the morning.

The usual falling asleep and waking up ensued – but this time, I could remember a bit about one of the dreams – Not a lot! As Paul Daniels used to say. I was master of earth it seemed and was looking down on the planet from wherever and picking areas out that needed to be eliminated? Scary!

There was a lot of noise coming from above again; I could not identify where from or what was making it correctly, but it was annoying late at night, so it shouldn’t be workmen unless someone has had to call them out for an emergency?

Thursday 31st August 2017

Spanish: Jueves 31 de Agosto de 2017

0430hrs: Stirred in the £300 second-hand recliner, taking in the lingering aroma of the night’s involuntary passing of the wind, it was not nice. I started to scratch at the base of the neck; something was not right here. A flaming hard place for me to get to, to put the cream on! Nothing pedicular I hope? Later, it spread around the neck to the chest and shoulders? Seems to be taking an anfractuous route wandering around my body? Ah, well.

Dismounted the recliner, the stubbed (Or whatever) toe still painful, and into the wet room for a Porcelain Visit. Things went well, all in all, apart from the new  Itching Ivan ailment, only Duodenal Donald was bothering me enough to be of any concern.

So I took an extra Omeprazole capsule with medications.

Health checks were then done: Sys 148 – Dia 67 – Pulse 82 – Temp 30.8 and Weight 14.84.

Got the computer on and updated this diary.

Checked the Emails: Sister Jane sent one granting me permission to visit her on Friday.

Naturally, I replied thanking her for the most gracious granting. Hehe!

Went on Facebooking. Then WordPress reading.

Did the ablutions and had a wee-wee – no injuries to report. Hehe!

Gathered the raffle prizes and box of nibbles and off to the Temporary Social Hour Hut.

Got down to the foyer, and returned back up in the lift to the apartment to collect the hearing aids. Tsk!

Down again and hobbled to the hut, and was greeted with “Oh, he’s here then!” from Frank, they do like a laugh. Not many of them in attendance again this week. I should think about 15 or so. I put the raffle prizes on the trolley and handed out the nibbles and the lottery tickets when I bought them. Very quiet in there today?

I pondered on whether to catch the early bus, this will mean dashing off shortly, or waiting until after the Social and get the later bus. Being as Hilda Hips and Duodenal Donald were both in a bothersome mood, I decided to leave early. The atmosphere was a little group-like and unforthcoming, almost standoffish, anyway. I wondered if I’d missed something, or was it my deeds? Had I unknowingly committed a distasteful or misanthropic act?

I departed to the bus stop and had a few chinwags and laughs with some tenants. Bill from the 11th floor was in good spirits as we nattered en route to town.

The Sky brightened up as we went along Cranbrook Street.

As I got out of the seat ready to alight the bus, Dizzy Dennis’s hassle got worse I’m afraid.

When I did get off the bus on Upper Parliament Street, things seemed a bit bleak as I struggled to keep my balance.

I leant up against a bus shelter for a few moments, and things improved a lot, and I set off up the road and across into the Boots the Chemist store. I wanted to get some of the eye anti-irritant sprays. At nights I’ve been using one, but it has now run out, only 10ml contents and very expensive. I investigated the prices and range on offer.

The Optrex ones were over £16, the Boots one £12.49, still a lot, but they do help at night with the sleeping, I’m sure. I just hope these work, as well as the Optrex one, did.

As I left the store into the main mall, I took this photographicalisation above. Much later when I was setting up the update to this post, I saw something in this picture that seemed odd, out of place and luminescent almost. Weird! Can you spot it?

I called in the market there to look at the shirts the Afghanistani stallholder chap had on offer.

Then, ambled along to the Tesco store and bought some tomatoes, fresh garden peas and vinegar.

Out and over the road en route to the City Centre to take some photos. Passing the Little Waitrose store, I saw a lady coming out with some Marmite Rice Cakes in her bag. This reminded me that Sister Jane loves these, so I popped in to buy some for her if I remember to take them with me on tomorrow’s visitation to see Fooey, Jane and Pete.

Limped to the Slab Square and took these shots.

I noticed some Nottingham Street Art on the way.

The people around all seemed in a rather unhappy mood for some reason? Even the kids on the beach appeared to be a little less happy than the other day?

I espied a glass (Or whatever it was made of) figure of a horse in a window. I thought of the TFZer gals, one of them mentioned statues like these a while ago.

This photograph does not show the price ticket, so I thought I might use it as a ‘Price Competition’ on their site later?

Usually, I cannot appreciate this sort of art, but this one appealed to me – until I saw the price! A clue I can use, although it would mean nothing to me; Circa 1960 it said on the label. About 12″s high it was, maybe a little more.

I made my way up Queen Street to the bus stop, and sat down, knowing that this irritates Hilda Hip and Arthur Itis when I have to get up again, but I suddenly felt so tired. Now here, I had a fantastic bit of help from a kind generous natured lady, who woke me and asked if I was waiting for the L9, as it is here now! Yes, a right Whoopsiedangleplop that could have been, if that kind lady had not noticed me nodding off, bless her and a million thanks!

When the bus got on a bit further, May got on the bus. We chatted, and when we arrived at the flats, I was able to assist with getter her trolley off of the vehicle.

I had a job keeping up with her, though. Hehe!

Indoors and to the wet room for a wee-wee.

Then a plan was formed for today’s meal. I got some potatoes in the saucepan with the Polish herbs added to them, shelled some garden peas and added brown sugar to them. When the potatoes are boiled, I itnnd to strain them, and slice them, add strong shredded cheddar cheese on top of them, and get them in the oven. Have some tomatoes with them, with balsamic dressing? We’ll see.

Started (Between wee-wees) to update this diary.

Went in to repeatedly check the fodder, and leant out of the balcony to tak this shot ofthe kids on the park up the hill.

Prepared the side food and got the potaotes sliced, cheesed up and in the oven on a high heat. Sliced some yellow peppers and put a ring on each potato half.

The meal was wonderful, and despite Duodenal Donald’s attentions, I enjoyed eating it.

No more Dizzy Derek and Anne Gyna was so kind, too.

The things for the morning’s visit to see Jane was sorted and in the bag ready.

Must get the laundry done before going as well tomorrow.

The nodding off’s were remarkable by their absence? I nodded off once and didn’t wake until 0330hrs, slept straight through!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – 30-31 August 2017 – Thursday Tenants Social Hour

  1. Deana has a very pretty smile. She looks like she could give you a nice bite. It’s a bit of a bother when people come by when you are in various stages of injury, dress and the wind at your back. Speaking of wind, I had a regular fart fest in a stand off with a herd of cows tonight. You can read about it on my post. The food looks good and well arranged for both days. You got lots of nice photos. What are what looks like workers doing to the right of the escalator? It looks dangerous. I hope all your whoopsies heal up quickly and that you can make it safely to see your sister.

  2. Deana is too appealing when she smiles, she has me agreeing to all sorts of things I don’t want to agree with or do, so easily Hehe! I like bumping into her, she is a tall gal and my head is level with her chest.
    I read your Windy post earlier Tim. I liked it so much, especially the toad stood out for some reason, maybe because I have never seen one in real life? Loved the ode.
    We have the Travellers (Gypsy types) camping up in the park close by now. So need to take extra care when out and about, and to expect some hassle from them they tell us. Oh dear!
    Cheesy potatoes, my weakness.
    I walked by the worker after taking the photo to go see Abdul for a shirt. They were not working on the lighting as far as I could see. I think maybe they were installing new CCTV camera/s?
    Thanks for the good wishes, I do want to get some shots of Fooey. Taking some of theliquid cat food tubes he loves so with me.

  3. Reminds me of the time where I walked through the factory where I worked in quality analysis. The braider and cure areas were very noisy. The hydrotest area, however was relatively quiet.

    One day, after spending long minutes in the braider area on a project, I didn’t take my earplugs out when I walked from the braiders, through cure, into the hydrotest area.

    I arrived at the hydrotest are, not thinking about the difference in noise level, and let a long series of “blastiferous” bloat-farts out. Then I saw many people were watching me for some reason.

    I turn rosy just thinking about it decades later LOL!

    • Hahaha! I sympathise Sir. Talking of ear plugs. When I was working doing the industrial cleaning for an Agency, at the Power Station.
      Cleaning up in the water cooler towers was needed, I did my best not be chosen for the job, but got selected anyway. We had the usual semi-rubber ear plugs in and had to wear some headphone type helmet ones as well. We spend the full time allowed in there, twenty minutes and were replaced by the next team. I was last out and down the side ladders, I could see all the men gone before walking as if they were drunk once they had removed their headwear, some went over ont the grass, and it looked so funny to me as they fought to regain their balance, not realising I was doing the same thing when I got down. Hehe!
      I’ve put some photos of Fooey and Albert on today’s diary mate, went to see them yesterday, cheered me up for a bit that did.

  4. You had a devil of a time with your outing, as the dizzies & exhaustion hassled you, along with the joint pains, glad it worked out well though <3

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