Inchcock’s Thoughts of the Week – In abysmal imitation rhyme.

Despite, the old hero’s Diarhorrea Trotsky attack, his Accifauxpas, tumbles, toe-stubbings, Haemorrhoid Harold’s Return, his Bleeding Fungal lesion, visits from Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun and Shivering Sandra, his leaving the hot tap running again, and falling asleep in his computer chair (Him, mot the tap!), and his depressed state of mind: He is proud to present this week’s Thoughts in even more pathetic rhyme than last time!

Dec 23 2018






3 thoughts on “Inchcock’s Thoughts of the Week – In abysmal imitation rhyme.

  1. Very well pinedeth. Below are the properties of 2019 you can ponder and possibly make use of in your daily and weekly thoughts for the New Year:

    Properties of 2019
    Factorization = 3 * 673
    Divisors are 1, 3, 673, 2019
    Count of divisors = 4
    Sum of divisors = 2696
    It’s not a prime number
    2019th prime = 17569
    It’s not a Fibonacci number
    It’s not a Bell number
    It’s not a Catalan number
    It’s not a factorial
    It’s not a regular number
    It’s not a perfect number
    It’s Polygonal number is not (s < 11)
    Binary = 11111100011
    Octal = 3743
    Duodecimal = 1203
    Hexadecimal = e3
    Square = 4076361
    Square root = 44.933283877322
    Natural logarithm = 7.6103576183128
    Decimal logarithm = 3.3051363189436
    Sine = 0.86446054122904
    Cosine = -0.50270067899099
    Tangent = -1.7196327304832

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