Inchcock Today. Tuesday 8th November 2016 He was feeling better today…then…


Tuesday 8th November 2016

In Maltese: IT-TLIETA 8 Novembru, 2016

So early yet again, I woke in a panic this time at 0130hrs! Not the foggiest idea what for or why I was in a panic, but, I was. A most singular sensation it was. It soon evaporated and was replaced with the need for a WRHD session. I dismounted the wobbly £300 second-hand recliner and to the wetroom porcelain. I think I can stop the diarrhoea tablets now, things improving it that department, but the bleeding started again. What’s the odds the Senna will be started again soon? Hehehe!

Got the Desiree potatoes and crock-pot vegetables on the go. I did this now, in case I got peckish early again, with all this waking up in the early hours.

Made a little list of things to do when Deana arrives later. If she has the time that is of course.

Took the medications and made a mug of strong Co-op 99 tea.

Got on with WordPressing, and sorted the photographs ready for finishing pf yesterday’s diary. Eventually started this one off.

0555hrs: Back for another WRHD session. No bleeding this time.

Checked the Google Calendar and did some Facebooking for a few hours.

Deana called and got the new phone going for me bless her cotton socks. She got it going, put on the lousest ring tone and cancelled it taking messages. Checked that it was preventing witheld numbers coming in too. There is a facility t obar specific numbers, but that will need investigating later, whenh I start to get used to the things workings. I have to use four Ni-MH batteries (Whatever they are like) in it and have to get some spares and a charger it seems?

2tue02Hunger came over me early, so I got the stewed steak and gravy, two potatoes and the Crock-pot vegetables ready and ate it with some Sourdough Bread to soak up the gravy.

A lemon yoghort amd a Cox’s apple to follow.

Spent hours preparing graphics for later use, and felt alright for a couple of hours or so.

3wed03Then it hit me, the return of the grumbling innards!

Hot flushes, dizzies, spots and marks appeared all over me face and arms… Oh dear?

Computer off, I couldn’t concentrate any more.

Just flaked out in the £300 second-hand recliner chair and felt sorry for myself.


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