Inchcock Today. Thursday 24th November 2016: Tenants Meeting missed again – Whoopsiededangleplop Avoidance Mode Engaged!


Thursday 24th November 2016

In Albanian: E Enjte 24 nëntor, 2016

0240hrs: Woke fretting over all the tasks that lay ahead today. No way can I get them all done. Pondered on the optimum order to attempt them. Tenants Social Hour (May have to just nip in and drop off the prizes and nibbles), Then a bus into to town and get to the opticians to have the spectacles repaired. Next up to Angel Row Audio Clinic and get some tubes for the hearing aids. Get some bread while in town, bus back to Carrington call at the Chemists for the prescriptions. To the surgery. Out and to Hucknall Road and get a bus into Bulwell, get pea snacks, bus back to City Hospital and to the GUM Clinic. A bus to… no, I’ll never cope with all this in one day. Something, will have to not get done?

Yet again, I could remember nothing of the dreams I’d had at all.

I liberated myself from the struggling to operate £300 second-hand recliner chair in response to a call to have a WRHD session. As I cleaned the blood away that had leaked from Haemorrhoid Harold, I pondered on the medical conditions. Anne Gyna was being very kind this morning, as was Hernia Harry too. Arthur Itis naturally was giving me a bit of hassle, but less than yesterday. The swollen knees were easier. The pains behind the eyes had relented somewhat. The head where I hit it falling onto the floor yesterday was persistent but not too much to cope with. No dizzies yet at all. Little Inchy’s lesion was leaking blood, but not as bad as it has been. Even the back pain had abated a little.This scenario above

The medical sit-rep above was pleasingly comforting. Because last night I felt in a right pickle and state and feared in capacities for today. I swore to have a Whoopsiedangleplop free day if possible.

Made a mug of tea, took the medications and did the graphic at the top of this page. Then got on with the diaries.

0511hrs: Had a go on Facebooking. Then did Graphics until 0825hrs.

Warden Deana rang the bell. She had been to see Olive who told her how poorly I was. Gave her the raffle prizes for the Social Hour and asked her to drop them off, which she did.

Ablutions completed – carbolicalisational session today.

Checked the list of tasks-to-do, and decided in this order: 1030hrs L9 bus to town – Sourdough bread from Tesco – To the opticians to get glasses mended – Audio clinic for batteries and tubing (so I can repair the hearing aid I broke walking into the hallway electricity cupboard) and bus to the GUM clinic. then bus back to the flat. Betamethasone Corticoid Cream. Leaving the Doctors for tomorrow

Leaving the collection of the Betamethasone Corticoid Cream from the chemist and calling to see the doctor for an appointment until Friday. I’m not sure if I can fit all these tasks in any way, but I’ll try.

4thr02Readied the things again and wrapped up well, then set off to the bus-stop to catch an L9 into town.

Met Olive and one of her daughters near the lift on their way out, grabbed a little cuddle and kiss. Much to the amazement of her daughter.

The weather was windy and cold this morning. My mind was all over the place considering which of the jobs I could get done and which to leave.

Got into town on the L9, dropped off and walked straight through the Slab 4thr03Square and up Friar Lane to the optician’s shop. Where the highly desirous lady set to repairing the glasses straight away for me and was very nice and kind in doing so, flashing her Cytherean smile at me, making goosebumps come up and kindling feelings of such passion arise within as she looked straight into my eyes as she checked if the glasses fitted correctly… Sorry, got carried away a bit there.

Clinging to the memories of her twinkling warm smile, I thanked her and departed. Across the pelican lights and up Granby Street … oh, they call it Maid Marion Way nowadays. Up to the top and left, up the staggeringly steep Park Row and right onto the Ropewalk and into the Audio Clinic, to find it closed? Could not see any signs about why?

Looked through the window in the door and everything looked normal in the waiting area. Someone came walking nearby from another department and she said the hours have changed for the walk-in side of the clinic, but 4thr05someone had stolen the sign they had put up, I can call on Mon Tue or Wed between 0930 > 1400hrs for any non-appointment reason. I thanked the chap, who had kindly taken his time to explain things to me, and departed back down the hill into the City Centre once again, to catch the L9 bus back home.

Everyone seemed like I was, well wrapped up in the cold and wind that prevailed.

Met one of the lady tenants at the L9 bus stop and had a chinwag with their there and on the journey back to the warmth of the Woodthorpe Court flats. She was a Geordie lass and she’d lived for four years in Australia and five years in America and had worked in Las Vegas, Nevada. She told me she didn’t like it on Australia and was glad to come back to England from America. She lived all over the place in England too. Cornwall, Hereford, East Anglia (Which she really hated!) and Wales. A well-travelled lady indeed.

Met Olive in her chair with her daughter as I got in the lift and we shared it, with me grabbing another snog and chinwag en route.

To the flat to collect the Clinic Card I’m forgotten to take earlier, and out straight away and caught the 40 bus on Winchester Street Hill to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic. Booked in and waited in the corner room along with about twelve other make patients. A right United Nations looking lot we were too. Me the only white person, brown and black youths, who, I could sense were thinking “What was that old git up to, to have to come here?” (The G.U.M. clinic). Then another patient arrived to join us, a sort of cross between a hippie and a rocker he was. I wish I could have sneaked out my camera to take a photo of him, a right dodgy looking character he was. Hehe! He’d be about 45-50, very tall and thin. Long straggly greasy black hair with balding on top and a ponytail that was brown. Most of the lads were on their mobile phones, it would have made a good photograph with me sat in the corner with my  crossword book.

I was called in, ahead of many of those who were there before I arrived, and got odd looks from some of them when I went into the treatment room, avoiding the usual visit to the assessment office. Down went the trousers, on the bench thingy, out came the lighted magnifying glass, Little Inchy covered with paper towelling and I was told to wait for the doctor and not to move.

A male doctor a female doctor and a nurse came in after a while. They each had a look and then they consulted with each other. They asked if I was using the Betamethasone cream, (I didn’t tell them I’d forgotten to collect it from the chemist). The nurse applied some to the lesionThey decided to try another different treatment cream this time, but I’d have to wait until they had consulted with my Doctor to assess if it would be safe to use this one, with me being on Warfarin. They would be in contact, but I must return for another check-up and they would make an appointment and let me know of that as well.

As I walked out through the corridor where the treatment rooms were, I heard a howling? I wondered if this was the Beatnik-Rocker chap? Hehehe!

Caught the 40 bus back to Sherwood, then the L8 that took me up Winchester Hill to the apartments, didn’t see anyone I knew, and of course ‘Little Inchy’ was stinging a bit.

In the flat and a WRHD session, with Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding fairly badly.

4thr06Physically shattered now, all I could do was get the fodder ready, simple that tonight.

Ready meal Yorkshire Pudding with sausages. mashed potatoes inside it with a bit of gravy. I added some more sausages and when it was cooked some crispy bacon strips.

Some mini rolls and bread thins along with a sundae dessert completed the meal. However, I only ate a few of the mini rolls and didn’t eat the sundae. I tried a spoonful and it tasted off?

Did the washing up and settled to watch a Jonathan Creek DVD, the one I’d been trying to watch for several nights but could not due to my falling asleep.

Same again tonight.

Oh, just realised, the Whoopsiedangleplop Avoidance Plan for today worked! Hurrah!

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