Inchcock Today – Friday 25th November 20169: Got some jobs done – No bad Whoopsiedangleplops again either!


Friday 25th November 2016

Albanian: E Premte 25 nëntor 20169

Awoke at 0125hrs, wide awake again, but with no memories of the dreams again… most annoying this, have I lost the ability to remember them suddenly? I’ve not recalled any for ages now? Tsk!

I had a conversation with myself, a psittacism-ridden one. That seemed to get nowhere in my desire to sort things out in the brain that needed attention to obtain a degree of autexousious; if you know what I mean? The self-discussion was terminated when the urge for a WRHD session arrived.

Haemorrhoid Harold bled again, Little Inchy too, but by far less degree. Anne Gyna was being exquisite to me this morning, Arthur Itis his usual annoying self, Duodenal Daniel and Roger Reflux were in a good mood with me too. As I cleaned up and medicated the two area in need of attention, I pondered on what I needed to get done today. The Betamethasone Cream needed fetching from the Chemist, and maybe I could get some bread from the Lidl store while there? Feeling so surprisingly good this morning (Up to now, Hehe!) I thought I’d walk into Carrington to the Chemist, call in Lidl then get the bus into Bulwell to try and get some stuff from the two cheapo shops, get a tram back to Nottingham, see if Tesco had any Sourdough Bread that was fresh for a change and if they did, I’ve room in the freezer now for two loaves.

Blimey, I thought, is this me actually making plans? I got a bit worried then. Still, it’s only 0230hrs, plenty of time to forget. Haha!

Had another WRWW and made a brew. Took the medications and got the computer on to update the diaries and do a header photo or two for later use.

0445hrs: got a message about updates from HP Support Assistant.5fri3

5fri02Managed to get the HP Support Assistant downloaded and installed.

But the rest of the things only confused me.

So, I checked on the email situation. Lovely one from Patti Beckert, the American Artist, who looked 5fri03after me from afar when I had my cancer and then the heart operation. Bless her cotton socks.

Brother-in-Law Pete sent me an excellent photograph of Trinity Square from last night. Good on him, I told him I’d post it on the TFZers Facebook page today.

bipmcDid some artwork on CorelDraw17 then on to Facebooking.

Did this graphic of TFZer Nancy and me. To try and cheer her up, because she is poorly and not eating well at all, and that just is not our Nancy!

Back to the Facebooking.

I’ve managed to avoid getting the mulligrubs so far today, keeping my fingers crossed on this score.



Did the ablutions and set off on the marathon walk into Nottingham.

Got a nice shot at the end of Chestnut Walk, showing the amazingly bright sunshine.

Out of interest when I put the journey onto Google Maps in Walk mode, it told me the trip took 1hr 19min’s – in real life, it took 1hr 55min’s (Plus the two hours and a bit wandering around getting my stuff done) – but I assume Google were not aware that a pensioner with a limp was doing the walking. Hehehe!

5fri05I called in to see BJ at his house, just off Mansfield Road and had a chinwag.

Then on into Carrington and called at the launderette to arrange for them to collect my laundry each Wednesday and return it after washing. Not cheap, but worth it to avoid the hassle of using the flats laundry room now that we have been barred from using it between 2000hrs 0800hrs! Onward along Mansfield Road and right down Huntingdon Street and to the Aldi shop. Got a meal in Yorkshire Pudding and cheesy buns.

Then over to Tesco in the Victoria centre, where I found that again, they had no fresh sourdough sliced bread in stock, only old ones, or very short dated 5fri06anyway. I didn’t get any fresh cream cakes either. Due mainly to the shock of standing on the scales last night. 8lb up on a fortnight ago! Oh ‘eck!

Walked through the top floor of the mall, and called at the nut stall to stock up.

Out through the walk-over and walked 5fri07into the slab square.

Passing many food retailer vans en route.

The feet and knees were holding up nicely after the hobbling to town session.

In the slab square and all around it, were amusement and stalls for the 5fri08Christmas Take-as-much-as-they-can-off-of-you Fayre.

Took a moody photo here. But, not a good one.

Walked down Exchange Walk and got some cash out from the machine, ATM I should say?

Looked in the Birds shop to see if they had any Sourdough bread on sale. But again, failure.

5fri09Back down Exchange Walk and tried to take a moody photograph again.

No idea how, or rather, why, it came out like this, though?

Can anyone give me some advice, please?

Not doing very well with the photographicalisationing thing today am I?

I called into the M&S food hall and found they had one loaf of  Sourbread. The label said it was San Fransisco Type Sourbread? It was only 400g nd it cost £2! Blimus! Luckily I found it 5fri10tasted fantastic when I had some later.

Tried once again to get a good moody photo as I left the store. Again, not a good effort, not even decent, in fact, it was another crap try from Nottingham’s Grumpiest Pensioner!


Struggled up to the Audio Clinic and got some tubing, after a difficult time convincing the lady on reception to let me have some, due to my having forgotten to take my record book with me.

5fri11The feet were stinging now after ascending that steep hill to get the tubing and be sneered at. Still, my own fault.

I noticed that the ‘Three’ phone shop was suffering from customers details being hacked. Three members of staff and nothing to do at all for them as the store was being ignored by all of the Nottingham Shoplifters and customers alike. Talk about Black Friday!

Caught the last L9 bus home to the flats.

Called in to see Olive, she was awaiting the arrival of some of her family as it normal at the weekends. I thnk she was feeling better, cause she managed to tell me off; still, I got a  kiss as I left.

5fri12Sorted the meal out.

I Noticed how thin the lovely Copse was getting now that winter approaches.

Another bad photograph was taken here.

Hope it’s me and not the camera… I think?


The meal mushrooms, baked beans, seasoned new potatoes, tomatoes, beetroot, and chicken on stick thingies.

The whole thing was a disaster I’m afraid.

Apart from the expensive San Fransico Type Sourbread – that was grand. Most I could give overall as a rating for tonight’s sad effort is 5.9/10.

Amazingly, I stayed awake and watched two TV programmes today.

I forgot to do the hearing aid repairs, Huh! I’ll do them tomorrow… he say’s with mock confidence.

My high EQ informs me that I should anticipate a shattering recumbentibus soon.

I have been warned. Oh dearie me…

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