Inchcock Today Tuesday 22nd November 2016: Depressed, new ailments arrive and sorry for myself – Humph!


Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Spanish: Martes 22 de Noviembre de 2016

0230hrs: Once again woke up with the £300 second-hand recliner in the down position, and could not recall any dreams whatsoever.

Decided to get the laundry done first thing. Got some clothes on and collected the bag already prepared with the accoutrements needed. Down and got the machine going.

Back up to the flat, made a brew, took the medications and by then it was time to go down again. Changed the gear from the washer to dryer and went back up to 72.

Made a start on finishing yesterday’s diary and got it posted. Did some graphics to use later.

Down to collect the washing: and for the first time, I noticed on the wall boards near the lift doors on the ground floor, some new (Or that I had not observed before) signs as I exited the elevator.

2tue04Well the notices: Top left, no point in me going because, in the past, I’ve not been able to hear what anyone is saying at these meeting?

Top right, I cannot be a Responsible Tenant Award winner, thanks to British Gas mucking me about and lying to me, has put me in behind with my payments.

Bottom left, I agree with this one, but many tenants are still doing this. Although, me being an early riser, I’m not bothered about it.

Bottom Right: A new one this! That puts an end to me using the facilities here. No way can any tenants get their washing done in the day; cause residents are using two machines at the same time, and it is mission impossible! This is why folk do use the launderette at this ridiculous hour. However, I didn’t realise it was bothering folk. So, I’ll have to use the launderette in future. Means either a 45-minute walk there and back to Carrington, or catching two buses each way. Humph!

What with these instructions and being told I cannot photograph people at the Social Hour. Having to wait 30 days to hav2tue05e the heating radiator mended. The mess made when they supposedly sealed the draught in the kitchen and left the foam all over the wall, and it ran down over the electricity outlet and turned solid, and the wind still blows in so I have to put cardboard taped over the hole in the wall still!

I informed and showed the mess to those in charge here, and nothing was done, and complete uninterest in my problem was demonstrated by them…

All this makes me feel far less sanguine than I should be here in my new home.

Now we have (I’m told), three years of building and modernisation to contend with. How many more new moans will there be when that starts?

Can’t get your washing done, can’t take photographs… oh, I’m getting dispirited and pessimistic about the future here now.

Well, that’s that little kvetch over and done with. I don’t feel any better for it, though. Humph!

0635hrs: Got myself feeling down now.

Made another cuppa, of course, because of the complaints received it is too early to use the shower yet, or take the rubbish to the chute, or listen to the radio without the headphones on – which is how I listen to the radio and TV anyway – which in itself brings the problem of my not hearing the fire alarm, landline or mobile ringing while using the headphones.

The sensation of being tristifical and crestfallen has now joined my overall depression all of a sudden. Am I turning into a petulant old grouch?

Got on Facebooking until 0920hrs, then hurriedly carried out the ablutions and got ready to go to collect my prescription. (Which I forgot to do, humph!).

As I left the flat, Olive was on her way down to catch a taxi. Had a quick gossip and I aided her into the cab that arrived as we reached the foyer doors. Said my farewells and to the bus-stop.

The knees and back were still painful from the tumble I took on Sunday. But Anne Gyna was in a good mood with me.

On the bus into Arnold, I realised I’d forgotten to take the camera with me – of course, many things of interest occurred that I would have liked to have photographicalised. Huh! The car that hit a parked car, the pair, both using their phones who walked into a glass door… hey-ho.

Went to Sainsbury’s store. Got some excellent bread, Surimi fish tails nd some sliced mushrooms.The legs and back were getting worse, so I decided to get back to the flat and take some extra painkillers and apply the pain gel.

The legs and back were getting worse, so I decided to get back to the apartment and take some extra painkillers and rubbed in some pain gel. To the bus-stop and the L9 arrived minutes later, then the pains suddenly started that seemed to be coming from the back top of the left eye. Took the spectacles off, and realised I had new growth of whatever on the left bridge of the nose, where the glasses rest.

2tue08Got back to the apartment and checked out the nose. Put some cream on the nose infection whatever it is. Painful wearing the glasses at all now.

I then noticed a bit of bleeding on the bridge side, and under the eye internally and new growth on the top of the eyelid? Tsk!

I thought I was feeling a bit down earlier in the day, now I know that I am! These new ailments are seeming to go on for an aeviternity lately.

Telling signs of declining health as one ages, but I’m still glad to be here. Hehehe!

2tue06Got the fodder prepared. I wasn’t up to doing anything from scratch, so I had the Surimi, tomatoes, sliced apple, mushrooms, cheese sticks and some bread and butter.

I was convinced I’d eat some more nibbles later, but it didn’t happen, maybe this w2tue07ill please the scales in the morning? Haha!

Looked at the front room, remembered that the Hygiene ladies will be coming tomorrow.

I’ll ask them if they would kindly polish my 1967 G-plan cabinet I think.

The orangeish throw on the ottoman is the one that Olive gave me to use until I get the heater mended… if I ever do get it mended.

Took the medications with an extra 5mg of diamorphine.

The legs and back, along with the eye problem, made resting difficult, but as soon as I got a Jonathan Creek DVD playing, I nodded off…

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