Inchcock Today Mon 21st November 2016: Whoopsiedangleplops, dizzies, got soaking wet, medicational activities… oh, very busy day!

1mon01Monday 21st November 2016

In Haitian Creole: Lendi 21yèm Novanm 2016

1215hrs: Woke up with a hypnic jerk. In a different mangled position than usual, and the £300 second-hand recliner was in the down position, and I was inches away from tumbling off of it when I first woke – seconds later I did fall out of it. Did the already bothersome back a lot of good that did.

The new little heater was going nicely, and I made my way to for a WRWW, no signs on any requirement for a WRHD yet? Then I realised how early it was. The Whoopsiedangleplop falling onto the floor via the ottoman had woke me up properly, so no chance of any more sleep this morning. Little Inchy was only bleeding a tad, so that was good.

To the kitchen and made a cuppa, got the mushrooms in the Crock-Pot for later. Returned to the front room and sorted out the mess and checked on the recliner. Which worked okay, when I pressed the on button. Why it was in the down position, I don’t know. Can’t recall having any bad dreams. Or good ones for that matter?

Computer turned on and did some graphics then updated the diaries for a good while.

03.55hrs: Took the morning medications with another mug of tea.

Checked the emails: Amazon had replied to my complaint about the wrongly delivered delivery.

1mon02A message of apology. A link was supplied for me to claim a £10 money-off of my next order voucher. Time-limited though? Mmm!

At the bottom, Did I solve your problem? With option buttons. I clicked NO and got to a page to send them an email to explain why I had opted for the No choice. I typed this message. “Your team is in the position of being unable to solve my problem. The problem has occurred thus is unsolvable. You cannot time travel back and get the order to the right place, can you? Can you mend my bad back? Ease my angina or arthritis? Or calm down the angry with me tenants who had their front door blocked by the packages?
Mind you, if you are selling any time machines, please let me know. Hehehe!
Having worked in retail for many years, I can understand these things will happen from time to time anywhere to anyone. TTFN Gerry”

Then they next page after sending this off, asked me for a telephone number so they can if the feel the need call me. I put this on the reply: “Having hearing difficulties, this is not the best way to communicate with me, as I have misheard things on the phone before that has caused me grief and want to avoid this again. Cheers. Gerry

The other emails were all, what’s the word? Bumpf?

0430hrs: Got the things in the bag ready for later and the trip to the surgery for my INR Warfarin blood level test, then I’ve to go and collect the laptop from PC World.

Made another mug of tea to replace the one that went cold.

Facebooked until 0638hrs, then, I carried out some wording for my new list of them to use.

Had some porridge for brekkers.

The demand for a WRHD session arrived via the innards, a little blood from Harold Haemorrhoids. Little Inchy was not bad at all.

Brewed another mug of tea, and took these photographs from the kitchen.

1mon03The first from inside and the second I hung outside to get a better shot – and got soaked within seconds. What a clot!

I called Brother-in-law Pete, to see if he might be free to meet me and collect his Christmas present, cause today, I’ve got the surgery INR blood test, then to go into town to collect the pressie, then to go to the GUM clinic.

But he was going for his first hearing aid test today. Shame, if I’d known, I could have arranged things so I could have gone with him and shown him what’s what. Never mind.

I got the ablutions done at 0825hrs.

Got the things ready and walked to the surgery in Carrington for the INR blood test. Wet and windy it was. Got the test done and ordered some Betamethasone Cream. Gave the nurses their nibbles. Then popped over to Lidl and got two buns, razors and yoghourts.

Caught bus to the GUM clinic. Realised far too late, that I had got the wrong date. Oh, I felt in right, sorry state.

1mon03aBus into town, the rain still pouring and the winds persisted. Dropped off at Victoria Centre, went into the market. Taking this photo as I went through the walk-over.

This one tells you how the weather was.


Called in the market and got some dark chocolate covered cashew nuts. They had gone up again! £1,48 for 100g now!

Along to Tesco and got some bits. The new bread shelves looked rather threadbare, and the Sourdough bread very short dated, to I got some bread thins.

Over to PC World, where I got the dizzies and the shakes when collecting the repaired laptop. Not sure what took place here, the next real memory I was getting off of a bus from town in Sherwood, and I had the laptop in my bag.

The rain was worse than ever now, relentless it was I tell you! Haha!

A few phantasmagorical moments lingered, went to the Birds shop and bought a cream cake.

But by the time I’d got to the bus stop over the road to catch an L8 or L9 bus, things seemed to come together again. A couple of other tenants were there, and we had a chinwag between us.

1mon04Took these photographs of the traffic and weather as I waited for the bus and nattered away with the gals.

Caught the L8 bus after fifteen minutes and was soon back at the flats being buffeted by the winds and soaked by the rain on the short walk from the bus stop to the flats foyer.

Got in and dried off as best I could, turned the mini heater up a bit, and tended to a WRHD session. Put the pieces away and the laptop into the spare room.

1mon05Got the meal prepared as the rain continued to come down outside.

Feeling a lot better than I did an hour or so ago, titivated around a bit in the kitchen, then into the front room and read a book while the fodder was cooked.

Back in the kitchen to find I had left the hot water tap running again! Luckily the sink plug was not in situ.

1mon06Got the huge meal served up.

Minced beef, oven chips, cubed potatoes, carrots, onions, garden peas, swede, seasoned with vinegar sea salt tomato puree and lashings of delicious gravy! And plenty of it!

And of course, the cream cake to follow. Mmm!

Collapsed in the chair and drifted in and out of sleep for hours. The back still aching each time I moved. Tsk!

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  1. Ooooo, looks like an amazon gift card though, don’t just have to use that with the vendor of you previous order, works with all amazon vendors, but yeah expiration date is a bit of a bummer

    • Thanks, Orbb80.
      If they knew how I am still suffering due to their error, they wouldn’t have insulted me with their so called freebie! Tsk!
      I don’t think I can use it, though, cause there is nowt I want to buy from them – all they get from their ‘Freebie’ is more trade from me? Cunning monkeys!
      TTFN, take care.

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