Inchcock Today: Sunday 20th November 2016 – Woke up warm for a change – at least the new heater works


Sunday 20th November 2016

In Lao: ວັນອາທິດທີ 20 ພະຈິກ 2016

0230hrs: Woke-up feeling warm and snug, then realised I’d left the oil heater on all nigh6sat04t. On minimum mind, on 2.5 with the lower switch on. Fought my way out of the £300 second-hand even wobblier than usual recliner chair and off for a WRHD session, no bleeding from Harry Haemorrhoid, but Little Inchy had been pouring, making a bit of a worrying mess.

Recalled bits of the dreams, being chased again around a desolated factory that seemed to comprise bits of all the ones I’d worked in over the years, then I was in the pantry when I was about 5 years old and was searching through Dad’s tool box?

7sun020300hrs: Made a strong mug of tea and took the medications. Then set about trying to find where and how to send Amazon an email of complaint about their delivering the goods to the wrong address. 0435hrs: I eventually got my way into an email on their site, shame, cause I’ll be damned if I could find it again. It said no replies would be sent, but I could find any comments on it from other customers at a link. After sending my email off (At least I think it went) I pressed the link and was told ‘This address is not part of the Amazon organisation?’ Humph!

Began updating the diaries for yesterday and this one. Had a look for Argos’s chairs in brown. Found the code and wrote it down for Olive’s Malcolm.

7sun05Got the potatoes in the Crock-Pot. Can you see my reflection on the lid?

All planned of course, Ahem!

Then suddenly the back started aching badly, as I thought it would after yesterday’s marathon haulage session with the Amazon boxes.

I took a photograph of me greeting my 7sun03Facebooking friends through the kitchen window… not that my Facebooking friends were in the window like, if you know worra mean? The appearance of the kitchen in the background and the morning lights on the streets looked a little different.

Not a good photo, just an odd one.

Made another brew and did some Facebooking for hours and hours.

The little heater was working well, the thermostat keeps coming on and off.

Got readied and tended to my ablutions. Little Inchy was not bleeding so bad now, but the back and hips were aching badly from the self-delivery efforts from yesterday and the Amazing Amazon cock-up.

Went to see Olive and collected some jars from her to take to the recycle bins on my way to Aldi later. Nice chinwag and off I set off up Chestnut Walk on a 7sun01gentle amble up Sherwood Vale to Mapperley top and down Woodborough Road to Aldi, then on towards town and down the steep hill on Mapperley Rise, and back to Chestnut Walk just in time, as the rain started to join the horrible winds that were prevalent.

I set out on hobble, dropping the jars in the bin on Chestnut Walk. On the way up Sherwood Vale, I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of my favourite little bit of wild intended trees.

7sun02I took two actually, the first one, then zoomed in to show the new growths forcing their way through amongst the dying off ones. Nature never fails to amaze me. For an evanescent moment, I was transported into a dream world of pleasure – don’t laugh, but I was.


Towards the top of Sherwood Vale, I clambered behind some garages onto a footpath to take a photograph with a difference.

Of an area that has only one roadway into and out of the private mini sized housing estate.

Doing this started the back and legs aching even more.

Getting back out again, decided me I would not try to do anything like this again.


As I pressed onwards up the hill again to the main road, passing a badly 7sun03parked vehicle on the pavement, as I took a shot of this car a dog came from nowhere and proceeded to shake his tail and lick me on the face – yes, face!

It was the second biggest Alsatian I’ve ever seen. Massive he was! When he hit me with his tail, he nearly had me over! Someone from somewhere whistled and off he went. Made the day for me!

Turned right along to the Aldi store and got some bits. They had no TV papers in, though. Got cheese rolls, PeaRice snacks and a packet of Fresh Cream Doughnuts jumped into the basket. I didn’t want to offend them by putting them back, so I kept them. Hehehe!

7sun05Turned right down Mapperley Rise and the rain started a little, and the wind got up something awful!

Not much vehicular activity, or many folks around either now.

As I rounded the bend in the photo, a chap was coming up the hill and eating a sandwich, as he approached to pass me he said, it a loud clear voice; “I told you, nobody listens!” in an educated posh voice. He muttered “Ah well”, and carried on up the hill whistling as he went.

I pondered on what an interesting little walk I’d had. I’d been of use to Olive for once in taking her jars of the bins, got a beautiful (to me anyway) photograph of the wild woods, Been shown affection by a giant Alsatian and been given advice by a stranger?

Feeling oddly contented I pressed on and as I crossed over the road towards Chestnut Walk – Whoopsidangleplop! Over I went as I tripped on some uneven bit of road tar.

Bruised the knees a bit, but nothing too bad at all, felt a fool mind, good job no one was around. Pulled the back again, though, and that has bothered me since the event. Hey-ho!

WRWW and g7sun06ot the fodder on the go straight away.

Minced beef, vegetables, fresh mushrooms, sliced boiled potatoes then roasted them, tiny tomatoes, two cheese rolls and those Fresh Cream Doughnuts that jumped of their own accord, into the basket when I was in the Aldi store.

As time passed the back started giving me grief.

Little Inchy was inspected and had not been bleeding so much this time. Crossed fingers on this.

I then had a sentient of an impending disaster/occurrence of a different nature to normal? Within two days methinks!

Took the medications and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner and faded, so tired.

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  1. This is how I get in touch with a seller on Amazon: find a tracking message (I save all of those in archive in my gmail), click to track your package (may seem counterintuitive because it has already arrived, but trust me), scroll down a little to where you can see the product(s) you ordered (you should see a link to the product, in case you want to order more & right below that it should say “Sold by:” & have a link for the seller) click the seller link, from there you should see a button labeled “Ask a question” click that, make your selections from the lists then click “write message”

    That should send a message directly to the seller, I believe there is also a selection (when you’re done writing your message) to send yourself a copy of your message. When they reply it will come to the email you provide them when you write up your message to them. Hope this is helpful 🙂

    • It is very helpful thanks. I’ve copied it to my notepad si I don’t lose it.
      I did try to save other emails on Gmail to the archive, got the instructions up on the help-page to find the archive but it was different layout to my Gmail. Tsk!
      Bless you for your help. TTFN

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