Saturday 19th November 2016 Inchcock Today: Amazon Delivery Cock-up makes me ill!


Saturday 19th November 2016

In Cebuano: Sabado sa ika-19 nga Nobyembre 2016

0215hrs: Jumped awake again, feeling nervous and fretting for some reason?

It was well cold this morning, (58°f in the kitchen), To the wetroom for a heavy duty session that went okay, but Little Inchy was bleeding badly again, more washing to do. Cleaned and medicated the lesion area, that looks to be getting larger and spreading. Much thicker and longer area affected this time compared to the last troubles. Uncomfortable with this. But, let’s not complain cause Roger Reflux and Arthur Itis are being kind to me. Anne Gyna a bit bothersome, though.

Coughing a lot.

Put on some thick clothes, and swapped the one I had on for a much thicker woolly hat.

Put the expensive to run convector heater on. A costly thing to do I know, but it soon had the room warmed up.

I should be getting the mobile oil-filled heater coming today, I just hope I have the tools if it needs any putting together (Wheels, etc.).

7sun03aMug of tea and took the medications. Sorted the pots out ready for next week.

0415hrs: Turned off the heater.

I must remember tomorrow at the INR test, to request a prescription for some more Betamethasone cream. Oh, I mean on Monday of course. 

Oh, I meant on Monday of course. 

Got the computer on and did some of the diaries catching up.

Then had a go on Facebook. Did some graphics for TFZers.

bilynda bilyzzi

Done my ablutions.

Little Inchy tended to again.

6sat02Made a cuppa and I could feel the cold through the kitchen window.

Took this shot of the frosty grass beneath.

The flipping temperature in the kitchen had gone down to 57°f now!

I’m hoping the deliveries don’t arrive early now, cause if they do, I’ll have time to nip into Sherwood and get a TV mag and some bread. After yesterday’s indoor all day effort, I need to get a bit of exercise? But am anxious about going out in the cold weather – despite the heatless sun coming out. Radio Nottingham gave out a warning about thigh winds and rain coming too.

Did some word searching, for some to use, later.

Facebooked for hours.

Checked on the Amazon Parcel Tracker site and it told me it had been delivered?

I put channel 801 on the TV and watched it as I got the fodder started off cooking. 801 is the CCTV of the lobby entrance, then I could see when the delivery came and watch them press the panel to ring me to be let in, that was the plan anyway.

Two hours later, the intercom rang. Which confused me at first, cause there was nobody on the screen using the intercom? I answered, and it was the NCH security, telling me that the residents of 72 Winchester Court had called them because they had opened their door and found two parcels addressed to me at 72 Woodthorpe Court outside their door! Marvellous! So another Whoopsiedangleplop I cannot be blamed for!

I made my way down to the foyer, out on Chestnut Grove and up to the Winchester Flats, where surprisingly my fob worked on the door. Up the much better and newer lifts than those in Woodthorpe and to the flat 72. The lady at the door bless her, spoke very low and I had to guess at what she was saying, but I got the bigger of the two boxes that had been left blocking a tenant’s door and somehow managed to get it back to my own place. Stopping very often to catch me breath and have a breather. I got it into the spare room and sat for a few minutes, Anne Gyna playing up something awful now. Back down and to the other number 72 again and collected the heater in the box.

6sat03Got it back, called in to see Olive en route. She pointed out that I was lucky that someone had not stolen the boxes. We had a chinwag, and she said her grandson Malcolm would fetch a chair like the one he has got for her for her computer and fit it up for me. She told me to look them up on Argos and give her the number for the one I fancied.She let me sit on her new one, and it was super comfy with armrests on it. I decided to send the one back to Amazon telling them I might have broken it with having to struggle to carry it so far due to their error in delivering it to the wrong address. A cuddle and I returned to the flat to assemble the little oil-filled radiator and get it going to test it.

She let me sit on her new one, and it was super comfy with armrests on it. I decided to send the one back to Amazon telling them I might have broken it with having to struggle to carry it so far due to their error in delivering it to the wrong address. A cuddle and I returned to the flat to assemble the small oil-filled radiator and get it going to test it.

Oh boy, how long do you think it took me to get the wheels attached? Ten minutes, twenty minutes or over an hour due to me keeping losing the nuts repeatedly?

6sat04Very pleased with how it works, though. Two power buttons, low and high and a thermostat that I set on 2.5 on the up to 5 scale thingy.

As I got it going, I remembered the cooking, shot into the kitchen in a semi-panic.

Found I had not turned the power on to the cooker, so nothing got burnt. Huh!

Got the beef in bean sauce and potatoes in the oven stirred again and pottered about in the kitchen listening to the radio while it cooked.

6sat05Again, with the vegetables I’d cut the onions and peppers into too large a pieces and they were not cooked properly. Fool!

Gratin Potatoes were excellent and tasty.

The knees started to play up, and Anne Gyna was not happy at all with me. The exertions of moving the boxes and wrestling on the floor with the heater assembly were taking their toll on me now.

Tired as I was, sleep, that has been easy over the last week, was resisting me. Read and finished the Quintinshill book and put it with the Clarkson book to take to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop. Desperate now, if reading didn’t get me to sleep, and watching the TV failed as well confused me again.

Put a DVD on, and that seemed to work, at last, hours later than usual I drifted off.

Friday 18th November 2016 – Inchcock Today: Indoors day, Little Inchy problems.


Friday 18th November 2016

In Basque: 18an, Ostirala, 2016ko Azaroak

Woke first at 1240hrs, glanced down at the dirty dish from last night’s 5fri03meal. By gum, I enjoyed that!

No memories of any dreams at all, I lay there wondering why I had not had any demand for a WRHD session, moved a bit and boy did ‘Little Inchy’ throb painfully away… Ooh! Thought about getting up to clean the dish and things, but somehow managed to fall asleep again, a rarity this!

0240hrs: Shot awake in desperate need of the WRHD session, the struggle out of the £300 second-hand recliner caused irritation to ‘Little Inchy’. I once again stubbed my toe on the way to the wet-room, and after cleaning my lower appendage, I nearly put Colgate Gel toothpaste on Little Inchy instead of the Betamethasone cream! Then I did something that I wished could have been recorded for posterity; – it would have been a cert to get on You’ve Been Framed! The downside is that Harry Haemaroid bled a bit more than he has been doing of late. Tsk!

As I washed with the Dettol soap tablet, it shot out of my hands, knocked the mirror off of the sink, bounced back, and bounced off my left shoulder and dropped right into the WC without touching the sides, causing the water to splash over my lower region. I instinctively grabbed at the area where the cold water hit me, and catching Little Inchy and started him bleeding all over again, thus having to re-medicate and clean things up again! A flipping good job I’m well stocked up with kitchen towels.

I got the feeling this was going to be a rather malagrugrous day!

dsc00240Out and got the washing ready to take down to the laundry room. Felt a right nullifidian with all the Whoopsidangleplops up to now.

0305hrs: Got the washing machine going and returned up to the flat.

Computer turned on and started to catch up with the diaries.

0405hrs: Down again and transferred the clobber from the washer to the dryer. Back to the apartment and began sorting the photographs out to use, and posted one of the diaries off.

0510hrs: Down to find that the dryer had left the clothes a bit wet, had to put them back in again, using a quick mode. Huh! Up again!

Carried on doing the diaries. 0540hrs: Down a final time, getting fed-up with this now! The clobber had dried alright this time. But the mystery was, there was no fluff in the filter to clean out?  Felt right jargogled. Returned up to 72 and got the kettle on, checked on Little Inchy and got some mushrooms in the Crock-Pot to add to the mushroom risotto later when I cook that.

Took the morning medications and started this dairy off.

5fri04Getting bright and light now. Made another mug of tea and took this photographicalisation from the kitchen window.

The Copse, it is thinning more every day, told me that the winds had dropped a lot.

Checked the thermometer on the window frame, 58°f (13°c), so it must be frigid outside?

tomschChecked on the emails. Oh, 77 more than yesterday? Investigated. Mostly unwanted ones.

Finished the latest TFZ gals graphic off and got it posted off to the site.

Did some more Facebooking, and put some diaries and pictures on. 

Started the new TFZ graphicalisationing off.

novshirleyDid a new one of Shirley and me in the desert!

1103hrs: Started to do some cleaning up, some overdo, cleaning up and polishing.

Got the kitchen windows and floor cleaned.

Tidied up a bit in the living room and vacuumed around. I stopped when I had a dizzy. Made a mug of tea.

Facebooked for too long and then I went to visit Olive. We only spoke at her door. She seemed to be struggling a bit. Small chinwag, a peck on the lips and I departed.

5fri04Got the dinner cooking.

Mushroom Risotto. Baby tomatoes and some cheesy crispy seaweed snacks.

A strawberry sundae to follow.

Took the medications.

Put on the TV.

Fell asleep.

Inchcock Today Thursday 17th November 2016: Social Hour turned out to be 15 minutes.


Thursday 17th November 2016

In Ukrainian: Четвер 17 листопада 2016

Woke at 0210hrs: The warm wet sensation from my nether regions prompted me to visit the wet-room and investigate Haem Aroid and Little Inchies conditions. Big clean-up job required, Inchy had bled a bit and needed cleansing and medicating with the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream, Haem Aroid situation messy, never lost so much blood before from this area in one go. Cleaned up and creamed. Jammies in the washing basket. (More washing to do again, Tsk!) Clean jammies on and washed up and sprayed myself with Brut!

I reckon the extra high INR level is not helping with the blood being so thin, feeling the cold more too this morning. Although, when I went to make a cuppa and take the medications, the temperature in the kitchen was 59°f, and outside it was 40°f I found out on Google later.

Got the things ready for the Tenant’s Social Hour.

Computer turned on and did some diary work and posted yesterday’s off. Then some graphic creating.

Brother-in-law Pete rang, nice to hear from him. Things seem okay their end.

Morrison order arrived.


The delivery chap carried the fodder into the kitchen for me. I set about sorting the stuff away. Rather overdid it today, cupboards, fridge, freezer, shelves all overloaded a bit. Still, plenty of ready meals in stock to use in case the GUM clinic treatment is anything like last time. The concentration was wickedly bad last year after being treated. So I  won’t be doing any proper cooking for a while until I know how I am reacting.

Popped in to see Olive for a nice chinwag, but she was not in.

Got ready and taking the bags with me I went to the social hour. I was going to catch the 40 bus into town, so couldn’t stay long. Handed in the raffle prizes and dished out the nibbles. BJ arrived as I was about to leave to go to the GUM clinic. Quick natter and off I went.

At the clinic, I handed in the card I’d received and waited in a room with some other chaps to be called in by a young female doctor minutes later. The same embarrassing procedure as last time had to got through. Into an examination room, other specialists called in and consulted. In the end, as I expected, the same treatment as last time was decided upon, and that took months to clear up the problem. Oh dear! The man doctor told me the name of the infection on the lesion, something like ‘Balenoposis’?

 At least they gave me a tube of Betamethasone cream, so that saved me going to the chemist with a prescription.

Bus into town and straight to PC World to see if the hacked laptop data retrieval had been done. Well, would you believe it, it had been done, but they had not cleaned the actual laptop? Another £60 had to be paid, and they told me it would be done by tomorrow morning after 0900hrs? This, after they telling me last month that the laptop cannot be cleaned safely cause of the infection. I was getting answers from the PC world folk I wanted to hear from the GUM clinic! Hehehe!

Confused now. They had some TV’s on display, but I could not understand what all the description meant. I’ll ask Pete to have a look again for me, perhaps next time he’s in town. (Bet I forget to ask him)

It started to rain, and with the high winds, it was hard going even in town to get around. I called into the PoundWorld shop and got more than I had planned. They had some of the fingerless gloves I use now in stock, so I got some as spares so I can keep a pair in my pocket and a pair in the bag, also I’m holding a pair near the £300 second-hand recliner to have on when sleeping while the radiators are still not working. Also, I was pleased to see they had some Lavender soap, so I got a couple, one for me and one for Sister Jane.

4thr03The lower region accoutrements were beginning to sting badly now, so I made my way to catch a bus home to check on things. Walked through the Victoria Centre and noticed the American, California Tortilla Food place was not doing very well this afternoon.

As I got to the slab square, the building being erected that I thought 4thr03alooked like a Western Cowboy Saloon was nearly finished.

Apparently, an eatery of some kind, take away I think it will be. Coffee, Doughnuts, Pancakes all advertised on the hoarding above.

The Little Inchy problem needed investigating, but Arthur Itis, Roger Reflux, even Anne Gyna were going easy on me. (Big gob me, shouldn’t have said this!)

4thr04The rain poured, but only once I was safe on the bus, and it stopped just before we arrived at the flats. Nice. Th winds did not abate, though, howling it was. Still wailing away and I could hear it easily when I got into the flat. This must be very annoying for the residents who have good hearing. Poor things.

Once inside, I had a check on Little Inchy. Not bleeding much at all, but oh so tender to touch, or even if I walk or sit wrongly sometimes. Which can me problematical with me already seated in a particular position to accommodate Harry Haemorrhoid… and I must not cross my legs either! Humph!

4thr08 4thr06Ready meal prepared, Morrison’s Beef in Black Bean sauce, all I did was add some Sharwoods Black Bean Sauce from a jar to it. Oh, and a baked potato.

I settled down after the meal, turned on the TV and drifted off into oblivion.

Inchcock Today Wednesday 16th November 2016: A bleeding awful day, and I’m not using bad language! Hehe!


Wednesday 16th November 2016

In Maori Wenerei 16 Whiringa 2016

0145hrs: Wide awake with a jump: I had a dream, one of my regular ones about being chased, up mountains, over rope bridges and in ditches?

3wed02Out and to the wetroom to have a WRHD session and check on Little Inchy, who I could tell had been bleeding without looking first. The spirits lowered as I cleaned up my bleeding areas, and there were three of them this morning. Cracked lips, Haem Aroids and Little Inchy. I was baffled as to why he’d started off leaking again after so long?

However, moments later it all became clear… I think?

I went in the hallway to get a wooly hat and noticed the INR Blood level return had been delivered, picked it up and then made a brew and took the medications.

3wed03I opened and perused the Anticoagulant Therapy Record log, to find the INR was well over the recommended level at 4.8. The new dosages had been reduced.

This may indicate why Little Inchy is bleeding again so badly?

Fair enough, I might bleed to death today, but on the bright side, the chances of me snuffing it from DVT (deep vein thrombosis) a blood clot, are minimal? Hehehe! I want to go out smiling, please.

I think the human body (Even mine, haha) is amazing really. Apart from Anne Gyna, all my other ailments are being kind to me today. It’s as if they know what needs the most attention on the day?

Got the computer on and updated the diaries.

Checked the emails, many had arrived, including two from the surgery, one advising me of my next INR Blood Test for Monday 21st @ 1120hrs. And one cancelling the haematology appointment for next week. To be rebooked later.

Did a Morrison order to be delivered tomorrow between eight and nine AM.

I could feel Little Inchy getting sorer and sorer as the day went on. Must email for an appointment later at the GP, to get me checked and back on the GUM clinic routine. Humph!

Rubbish being thrown down the waste chute at 0555hrs – Tsk! Doesn’t bother my mind, with me getting up so soon. But I do feel for the others being woken up by the inconsiderate urchin who is doing this.


To be further titivated with little extras before I post this on the TFZers page of Facebook

Facebooking and graphicalisationing got a few more of the TFZer funny ones done.

Well, nearly 0800hrs now, so I’ll shut down and get the ablutions done.

Not looking forward to sorting Little Inchy out, though, but still, got to be done.

I’ll call at the surgery again later on my way out, or in. See if I can get booked in with the GUM clinic again.

Went to see Olive, and she was in good form happiness-wise, but her health was a concern, she was obviously in pain with the hip this time. We had a good chinwag and a cuddle, the hygiene ladies were there, and they joined in the nattering and with Olive in telling me off for various happenings. Hehe!

Back to the flat, things ready and out for a walk to the surgery. The weather was not too cold, other than in the gusts of heavy winds that resided with us all day and night. A few odd spots of rain.

3wed04The GP made a gap to examine Little Inchy (an embarrassing and disconcerting few minutes), she sent off a request for an appointment for me at the GUM clinic, and said I would get a letter or email informing me of the date and time. Thanked her and out to catch a bus into Arnold. Why I caught a bus into Arnold remains a mystery, as I intended to get one to Bulwell?

Did some crossword efforts en route, and dropped off on Front Street, opposite the Fulton Food Store, where I went in and had a wander around looking for bargains, and, I found some too! I got the last four packs of the same brand of PeaRice snacks as Tesco sell ay £1.75 or 2 for £2, selling at 75p each! Then the real gem of a find, Mushroom Risotto in a pot, Uncle Ben’s at £1 each, they only had three left on the shelves, so I got them all. Apparently, to tip the lot into a saucepan of water, boil it then simmer for three-minute. Looking forward to trying these, but I’ll have to be patient cause I have some ready meals coming in the morning with the Morrison delivery and they will have much shorter use-by-dates and need consuming first.

Over the road to have a look in Asda-Walmart to get a TV paper and have a look around, and oh dear… a warm wet sensation from the rear quarters. So I left and went to the toilets in the store to have a look. It was Haem Aroid leaking blood. Cleaned me up best as I could and decided to make for home ASAP. Got to the bus stop and realised I had a 20-minute wait in the bus 3wed05shelter, so I had a walk around the car park, pondering on why all this leaking of blood was occurring.

I noticed the recycling bins had got some plants flowering at the bottom of the blue one. How, this time of year and what they were amazed me? And they were green-leaved?

I presumed the bleeding was so bad due to the high level of INR?

Feeling a little uncomfortable, I made my way back to the bus stop behind the bins in this picture above. The L9 was late, and I was lucky so many other folks wanted it as this caught my attention from foolishly doing a crossword. Tsk!

3wed06I did the crossword again en route.

The fast-moving clouds, now that the wind had got up even stronger suddenly turned white then back to the greyish blue repeatedly.

I was feeling uncomfortable still and was glad when I got back to the flats and into the apartment, where a WRHD session and a good clean up took and change of clothes took place.

An odd feeling of apanthropinization overcame me as I tended to Little Inchy and got the cream applied. I was turning into an obsequious mood, and interest in life dwindled? Horrible feeling!

3wed07Got the meal cooking, not interested in what it was somehow, just got the easiest to prepare, a beef pie, added some mushrooms and sausages and as nice as it looked, it didn’t appeal to me. But I ate most of it.

Settled, TV on and dropped-off.

I woke in what turned out to be about ten minutes and felt a different person? Gone were the self-pity and the recently rampant nullifidian like mood had gone!

An inexplicable, unintelligible mild contentment blessed me.

Life can be very confusing, can’t it?

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 15th November 2016: Stuck indoors till the nurses arrives


Tuesday 15th November 2016

In Sesotho: Labobeli la bo15 November 2016

Awake at 0015hrs. Pondered on the bits of the odd dreams I’d been having. I was in a long queue of people on a rooftop. We all wanted to jump it seemed, there were gendarmes in helicopters shooting anyone jumping before it was their turn? Only one at a time was allowed to jump, as the street cleaners were on strike? I told this posh looking bloke on me right, “Might as well just jump anyway and get machine-gunned to death. What’s the difference for us?” “Do as you wish, you are no longer a European Member ? Mon Ami!”

So I jumped, quite happily over the edge, and yodelled as fell to my death – unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Frank Ifield caught me in a giant saucepan out of a window a few floors down? Dragged me into the room, which was full of people in fancy dress at a party, and he started singing “She taught me how to Yodel”. The Gendarmes burst through the door and shot everybody apart from me, and they escorted me up to the roof, handcuffed me and said I’ll have to go to the end of the queue now? I wrote this down on my pad, and nodded 0ff again.

Managed to sleep until 0235hrs and when I woke this time, an urgent need for a WRHD session forced me to arise from £300 second-hand recliner and make use of the porcelain. And, Oh dear! Little Inchy, who I thought was fully recovered from his lesion was bleeding badly again! I felt too embarrassed to go see the doctor to get me on the GUM clinic list again yet. I’ll see how things go and use the Betamethasone cream I’ve still got in the medicine cupboard from last time and keep my fingers crossed. Tsk! Every time I think things are improving something starts off again. The thing that worried me most, was that the thicker bloblets of the haemoglobin  had a sort of yellowy clear jelly around them? The lesion was not bleeding after a few minutes.

I cleaned myself up, made a brew and took the medications. Checked again, and the leaking again blood seemed very thick? No, I’ll have to go see the GP then. But today the district nurses are coming to give the Enoxaparin injections. I’m waiting (probably in vain) for the delivery of a loan heater from Nottingham City Homes and I’ve got the ticker-clinic appointment coming up too. Thankfully I have some of the nappy-like undies left to use.

Got going on the computer, WordPressing and CorelDrawing.

2tue02Took a photo from the kitchen window around 0520hrs.

It doesn’t show on this terrible photo, but there were many blue lights flashing in the distance.

WRWW and I checked on Little Inchy again. Now got a tingling sensation all the time, but the bleeding was minimal, hardly any, just specks.

Got on with doing graphics for the TFZer site. Then did some work on the Words To Use file. Best part of seven hours grafting away, but I enjoyed it.

Kept checking on Little Inchy, but he was ‘leaking blood’ slowly throughout the day.

Not ffeling too good about this, but still enjoyed the getting much done on the computer.

The nurse arrived and gave me the Emoxaprin injection telling me this was the only one due. In a rush she was very busy.

Got the nosh cooking. lanned to watch just the England – Spain footy match later.

2tue03The meal was delicious.

A meal in a giant Yorkshire Pudding.

I added some bacon and mushrooms, had two cheesy cobs with it.

Then the Fresh Cream French Horn cake and an apple.

Took the medications and cleaned up Little Inchy again.

Settled to watch the match, but nodded off before it even started!


Inchcock Today: Monday 14th November 2016: The excellent meal made up for last nights disasterous one!


Monday 14th November 2016

In Persian: دوشنبه 2016 نوامبر 14

Woke wide awake at 0025hrs, no memories of any dreams. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain for a WRHD session. I think the eggs last night may have had some effect in causing the difficulties encountered during this session. Not a nice one.


Last Nights Disaster! It looked good, but oh dear, the mess I made!

Cleaned up the dish and accoutrements used in consuming last nights eating of the most not-nice meal since I’ve been here in the flat.

Rating this one at 6.1/10 is a little overgenerous methinks? I got everything cooked wrongly and even the rosti potatoes were horrible. Shame!

0115hrs: Got the laundry stuff prepared and down to the laundry room. Washer going, back up to update this record of an incompetent Nottingham Pensioner. 

1mon030155hrs: Down and swapped the clothes from washer to dryer, started it going and back up to the flat. Started off doing a graphic for the TFZer site.

Noticed someone had not cleaned the filter again. Ah well, I cleaned it and started the dryer going.

Up to the apartment and posted the results for the spot the tiger thingy what we TFZers did.

Checked the time of the INR blood Test appointment this morning on my Google Calendar. 0935hrs, so I must remember.

I’ll have a walk to the surgery, then carry on after the tests into town methinks.

Hello, the stomach is grumbling and rumbling again.

Did some Facebooking again.

0255hrs: Down to the laundry room one last time to collect the clothes and clean the filter again. Back up to 72, and stored the things away.

Made a mug of tea. Another WRHD session. Back on graphicationalising on CorelDraw X8.

0724hrs: Several hours later, had to stop, cause it was time for me ablutionising session and get the things ready for the blood test and shopping.

Back in a bit, I hope.

Set off on the walk to Carrington and the surgery.

It was warmer than I thought it would be out there this morning.

I had to be weary going down the hill locally, due to the wet rain making the fallen leaves a bit dodgy to walk on.

1mon031mon04Down the hill to Mansfield Road and turned left up the hill and over it down into Carrington.

At the brow of the incline, the traffic was at a standstill.

I actually felt glad I was no longer allowed to drive. Finding somewhere to park, getting fuel. the taxing and insuring of the car, bus-lanes, Cyclist wihtout lights, the MOT testing, the insurance etc.

Not to mention the road rage and aggressive nature of drivers nowadays.

The legs and feet felt okayish, Anne Gyna had gone on a vacation, Arthur Itis lingered a bit, the cramps had eased up too.

Got to the surgery and the nurse took my blood and we managed a little chinwag. She told me that the district nurses would be calling tonight and tomorrow night to give me an Enoxaparin booster jab. (They didn’t appear tonight, though)

Out of the GP surgery and to the bus stop and caught one into town.

1mon05 1mon06Had a limp into Vic centre to view the chairs in the Jessop Store. No one around to ask any questions of, so I departed and had a walk to the Tesco at the end of the mall. The sourdough bread was all short-dated and squashed. Those Fresh Cream French Horn cakes jumped into my bag. (Ahem!)

Out and walked to the Aldi store and got some PeaSnacks and a filled Yorkshire Pudding with Chicken roast potatoes stuffing and mini sausages in gravy. That’ll be an easy to prepare nosh for me for a change, less chance of me making a cock-up? (Say’s the old yonderly dreamer)

1mon07Hobbled, the feet were beginning to sting a bit now, through the famously busy Clinton Street and into the slab square to see how the erecting of the profit-seeking Christmas Fayre stalls were progressing.

The limp through was hazard ridden, with pavement cyclists, Big Issue sellers and various charity collections going on.

Popped into the Poundland store and had a wonder around. Found some tins of Stewed Steak and Pulled Pork that would come in handy I thought, so I got a can of  each. Also a tube of Colgate Gel toothpaste, I like this one cause it is not overly scented or flavoured and seems to suit me. Used the self-serve thingy for the first time. Got in a pickle with it, a sign flashed Assistance Coming! The girl who arrived had the most perfect “Oh no, not anohter old ditherer to sort out!” expression on her face. Hehehe!

1mon08 The corner of Long Row and King Street, where the building was taking place. well, it was taking place all over really like.

The part built wooden structure come outlet whatever it is to be when finished, caught my attention.

On closer inspection, it looked rather like a Wild West saloon was being 1mon09built?

A rifle range perhaps? Although I can’t imagine the safety conscious Nottingham City Council permitting such a dangerous entertainment being in the show?

Although having said that, they are allowing me to wait for 30 days before they restore the heating in my flat? Little dig there, sorry).

Up King Street and caught the L9 bus back to the flats. Oh, I do appreciate my free pensioner bus pass!

Getting out of the lift, I called to see Olive. A bit risky, cause it was still near dinner time, and a good telling off was on the cards. Hehe! She asked if the chair was alright and the blanket she loaned me was working. I thanked her and told her the chair made thing a lot easier and the blanket was most appreciated. A quick short chinwag, a cuddle and a peck and I went to the flat and a much-needed WRHD session.

1mon10Getting up like I did again so early this morning, I was well tired and got on with doing the meal first thing.

A bit of a treat this one, the expensive beef in black bean sauce with peppers and a few oven chips. Some PeaSnaps, and I forgot all about the cream horns and had a strawberry dessert. I’ll have the fresh cream french horns tomorrow then?

Took the medications between mouthfuls of gorgeous food!

Planned the TV viewing Another wasted effort there), and fell asleep within half an hour!

Inchcock Today Sunday 13th November 2016: Whoopsidangleplop with the meal – worra mess! Hehe!


Sunday 13th November 2016

In Bengali: রবিবার 13 নভেম্বর 2016

Wide awake and with a massive thirst on me at 0130hrs. I sort of lurched my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the kitchen Still Coughing.

Made a strong brew of tea, took the morning medications. (Far too early, but still). The kitchen thermometer read 57°f – 14°c, but I thought it felt warmer. Then I realised I was still wrapped up in so many clothes, woolly hat, gloves, jammies, Long Johns, socks, slippers and a dressing gown; it is no wonder I thought it was warmer than of late despite the low thermometer reading. No signs of any fog or mist this morning. The Living come bedroom felt like it had warmed up too, I checked the storage radiator in case it had started working again, but no. The surface was still very cold, almost as if it were refrigerated?

7sun02I got the computer going to update this claptrap.

Had a look on Google for the Nottingham forecast for the week.

It didn’t look too bad, no mention of any fog, mist or frost, so that was good!

Completed a WRHD session without any bleeding at all from anywhere! Another good start?

img_0001I got the card from the camera to get the photograph of last night’s nosh to add to Saturdays diary. I used the old Sony camera instead of the new Lumix one because I’m fed-up of losing photographs after I’ve taken them, and have no idea what I am doing wrong!

This Sony camera is older and a little slower with far fewer options available on it, and it is much slower, and the flash has to be manually opened to use it. It is bulkier too. But the photos I take on it do not disappear into the ether! Hehe… yet! So, I’ll use this from now on I think, at least it has the option to take smaller photographs and that should save on memory? I took the picture above with a really old little X5 Canon camera. When I turned it on, a message told me to change the batteries (2xAA), so I did, and it still told me to change them, so I did again, swapped them for some different batteries (Morrison own label with October 2017 as use-by date) and threw away the old ones. As I took the photo, it told me to change them again?

I’ve come to the conclusion that any tasks that are; machine-driven, automated, motor-driven, power-driven, self-propelled, scholarly, technological, methodological, complicated, involving the requirement of educational knowledge, industrial, electrical, mechanical, modern, Computer related, Mobile phone related, plumbing, being brave or heroic, woodwork, metalwork or requiring social skills and or abilities, are not my forte!

Tended to yet another WRWW and put the kettle on ponce more. Took this shot through the kitchen window and couldn’t resist doctoring it somewhat, as Elvis’s “And Marie’s the name, of his latest flame”had attached itself in my brain for some reason and I’ve been singing it ever since!

7sun04♫ A very old friend came by today
Cause he was telling everyone in town
About the love that he just found
And Marie’s the name of his latest flame
He talked and talked and I heard him say
That she had the longest blackest hair
The prettiest green eyes anywhere
And Marie’s the name of his latest flame… ♫

Did some Facebooking. Did some graphicalisationing and posted them off.

beetr adeniseGot my ablutionisationing done. WRWW, and dressed  to take the glass jars to the recycling bins.The weather looked very nice. When I got down and out of the building, there was very little wind and no frost at all.

The weather looked very nice. When I got down and out of the building, there was very little wind and no frost at all.

Ambled down to the bins, then thought I’d have a walk through the Copse and see if I could find n interesting view to photograph. Back to the end of Chestnut Walk, and soon changed my plans. The grass and soil were  very wet and a bit dodgy for walking up the hill to the Copse. So I went near the garage 7sun05sidings trees and thought my luck was in. No sooner had I got the camera out that I notice branches shaking. I stood still as I could and eventually saw some squirrels running around. But they were too quick for me.


I went back to the flat made a cuppa and had some shortcake fingers and got the computer on to update this and do some more graphics on CorelDraw X8.

1mon02Olive’s Malcolm arrived with the desk loan chair.

Very kind of them to supply me with a safer seat.

With my problem of nodding off, I’m still looking for a similar chair with side arms that will prevent me from falling off if and when I do nod off! Hehe!

But this one will stop me falling backwards anyway. You’ve got to laugh!

7sun06Got the fodder prepared. Made the mess of the year in doing so too!

The poached eggs went all over the place, stuck to the cooker, pan, lid, floor and me!

By the time I gave up trying to clean up the pan and lid and threw them away, the food was cold, and I was depressed, but still ate it – not a good idea as it turned out. It looked fine on the dish, but everything on the plate disappointed. Ah, well!

I did manage to watch some TV for an hour or so before nodding off.

Inchcock Today Saturday 12th November 2016: Cold, coughing a bit, but got to see Olive


Saturday 12th November 2016

In Mongolian: Бямба 12-р сарын 2016

0115 hrs: Morning each. Burst into life this morning at this ridiculous hour then wondered why. Pondered on a dream in which I was being chased again through corridors in a derelict building. Next, I mountaineered my way out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner chair and to the porcelain for a WRHW session. Only a small amount of bleeding found this morning.

Decided that being as I was up so early again, I’d get the washing sorted and go down to the laundry room. I left me jammies on and added the day wear on top, cause it was so cold again. Brrr!

6sat02Down and got the machine going, back up and started the computer off, CorelDraw seems to be working better at this stage. (May regret saying that later, Tsk!)

Noticed the official sign on the inner door,  informing us old uns that the alarms were working again.

Down again and moved the stuff out from the washer to dryer. Someone had cleaned the filter out, yet another pleasant surprise there.

Up once more and started to do the diaries. Then the Grammar add-on started working again of its own accord? Another pleasant surprise for me. And the left eye stye seemed to be improving too. Getting worried now with all these good things going on? Getting really cold now, so I put the electric fire on, and damn the cost – which I’ll regret when I get the electricity bill of course. Humph!

Got carried away starting the graphic at the top of this page, and was a little late going down to collect the washing. All okay, back up to the flat and put the things away – which is when the first of the Whoopsiedangleplops occurred, I’ll explain: Taking the towels out of the bag, I usually hang the bath towel on the rail of the shower in the wet room, which I did.

6sat03Unhappily, as I threw the towel above my head to swing it over the rail, I stuck my finger on (Not up, Hehe) my nose, and the cold sore started bleeding and got some on the towel.

I appreciate that this should not have bothered me.

But why does it have to happen just when I’ve cleaned the towel? Hehe!

6sat04Cleared the things away and took my medications, then sorted the pots out for next week.

Got the Crock-Pot vegetables going then. I’m just doing swede and mushrooms today, cause I like this mix with a little Oregano and sea salt and find it appetising and pleasant.

Back to the computer and got on with trying to change the default colour on WordPress. I’d have had more success if I’d tried to operate on myself with a spoon and screwdriver with my eyes closed to try and mend me dodgy ticker than to try getting the default colour changed on here! Huh!

It’s warmed up nicely now with the heater on, but what it will cost me I don’t want to imagine, better turn it off for a bit.

Better get my ablutions done first methinks, though, then I can get dressed in the warmth.

6sat050732hrs: Back in a while…

0857hrs: I’m back, smelling nice too! Hehehe! Shave Shower with lemon soap, made a cuppa, took a photographicalisation out of the kitchen window and the fog and drizzle for you.

Checked on the vegetables, all okay.

Computer back on to update this dross then went on Facebook for a while, posted the top graphic and the one below on TFZ, hoping they like them.

n-shirleyThis one a sort of Spot the Wild Animals (12 of them), nd I asked which animal would they like to keep, and which one would they get rid of. For a bit of fun like.

Spent hours on Facebooking and enjoyed it.

Popping over to see Olive now, see if she had any jars to go to the bank or rubbish bags to take to the chute for her. Back soon I hope.

Olive was looking a lot better than of late. I collected some jars to go to the recycling bin in the morning with my jars and bottles. A chinwag and cuddle, her Grandson Malcolm is calling to see her tomorrow and bringing an office chair that she might not like, and if so, she will ask him to drop it off for me!

I returned to number 72. Coughing and all wrapped up, I must have looked like a pensioner from Dicken’s tales. Hehe!

Got in and dare not put the electric heater on again.

6sat06Got the fodder ready.

Had a vegetarian effort tonight. The rather costly M&S mushroom risotto, Crock-Pot vegetables, sliced boiled potatoes and potato cakes, followed with a lemon curd yoghourt.

I tackled the washing up, took the medications and found there were many programmes of interest for me to watch tonight.

Had some Snapeas later as I attempted to look at a ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ DVD before the TV proggies coming on.

I didn’t even get through the DVD before I’d drifted off, kept waking a few times with the coughing, then wide awake and with a massive thirst on me at 0130hrs.

Inchcock Today Friday 11th November 2016: Blooming cold again!


Friday 11th November 2016

In Burmese: သောကြာနေ့ 11 နိုဝင်ဘာ 2016

Woke at midnight, pondered on the dream of me working at Tesco back in 1960 gain. Then I managed to nod off once more.

0200hrs: Woke with a start. Flapped about and got to the porcelain for a WRHD session. More bleeding this morning than I was comfortable with, so I applied some ‘H’ Treatment cream. Flaming cold again.

The stye on top of my eye seemed to be far less swollen and inflamed, though.

Took the medications and made a cuppa, then got on with the diary.

0400hrs: Got the mushrooms, parsnips and swede ready and into the Crock-Pot.

Many emails had arrived and needed sorting.


Took a photo through the kitchen window, when I was making a mug of tea.

I was sure there was a plane high in the sky when I snapped this one?

But it doesn’t show on this photograph on the left, at all does it?

Very odd?

5fri03Made a start on a (Supposedly funny) post I had in mind.

Facebooking emails and calendar checked.

I even got the electric fire going! Mind you; it costs that much to run!


5fri04Checked the vegetables and added some tomato puree to them.

Then got the ablutions tended to.

Out to the bus stop.

Into town.

I walked through the park to Sherwood.

5fri04aThe Copse was looking thinner now, but still beautiful.

The sun was bright, there was little wind, but it was all an illusions of Autumn – It was frigid with it.

Caught a bus (Thanks to the most welcome and appreciated Pensioners Free Bus Pass) into town.

5fri05The usual plentiful supply of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists was about all day.

But none of them bothered me on this trip come hobble.

Went shopping mad.

Called into Tesco. Where I had to summon assistance to get to the Rice Snacks on the top shelf, even the tall assistant had to stand on the bottom shelf to get himself up to help me. Spent too much again. Rice snacks, TV paper, seaweed cheesies, Mushrooms in brine, sliced mushrooms, Soughdour bread and Fresh Cream Horns (I plead Guilty without mitigating circumstances!).

5fri06Up the top floor and to the Market Place Stalls. Got some cashew nuts in dark chocolate and some in yoghourt mix.

I was pleased to share Remembrance Day’s two minutes silence in the same area as I did last year, at the end of the Mall.

Far too many folks didn’t stop and just carried on this year. Mostly youngsters and Asian looking people. Which is their right to. But they were just getting on with their shopping and didn’t seem aware that all the other shoppers had stopped?

I had a hobble around for a while and made my way to the M&S Foodhall.

5fri07 5fri08

5fri09I tried a few times to get decent what I call, ‘Moody’ photographs on my wander around.

I did manage to get a few people who were not on their mobile phones in the shots, though.

And not many with their giant mugs of coffee around either today.

Made my way to the bus stop and was soon on the way home.

5fri10As the bus passed Clinton Street, I tried again to get a ‘Moody’ as we passed the end of the street. This one didn’t work at all, did it?

A bit of interest, though, the taxi waiting to turn right got hit up his rump by a bus!

Soon back at Woodthorpe Court, the sun still shining and the cold still cold, though. Hehe!

A WRHD session, and I got on with the meal. Bootiful it was. Potato cakes, Fish sticks, crock-pot veg and some Desiree potatoes. I took two photographs of the plate, checked they had recorded on the sim card and they had. But when it came to me putting these on this diary next morning – again, they had mysteriously disappeared? I’m getting fed-up with this happening and would love to find out what, if anything, I’m doing wrong?

The plans for the night were simple: Watch Heartbeat on Freeview channel 10, then over to ITV on 3 to watch the England v Scotland football match.

I didn’t even get through the Heartbeat, drifted off at the first set of commercials, waking up with a jump and panic at midnight!


Inchcock Today. A busy one, Social Hour, and I got out into the cold for a bit. Thursday 10th November 2016

Thursday 10th November 2016

In Russian: Четверг 10 ноября 2016

Shot awake at 0129hrs: Unable to recall much of the dreams again, other than I was at one stage, in a submarine with Les Dawson?

4thr01Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner chair and took a photograph of above the electric fire that doesn’t work on my way to visit the porcelain for a WRHD session.

Why I took a photograph escapes me now. But it might come back to me?

Sad innit?

The session was not too bad, apart from some bleeding again from the rear.

4thr03Then afterwards, going into the kitchen carrying the camera, I somehow unintentionally took this photograph.

I didn’t delete it, cause I thought I might think of a suitable caption for it later?

Or, maybe not.

Took the medications and made a mug of tea.

When I started the computer, a black screen with the message “H/9485.455UW26 Out of range” came up? I turned it off and on again, and things seemed alright? Oh dear!

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary off and posted it.

Several WRWW’s followed of course.

Made a start on this one, then went to make another cuppa. I prepared the vegetables for later, mushrooms and parsnips only, in the Crock-pot. I can add a tin of peas later perhaps.

I thought I’d like to get out today, despite the unwelcoming, cold weather and rain. Had a look out through the window although it was still dark of course, no frost, nowhere near as cold as yesterday morning, just a few spots of rain on the cars below.

Got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag ready for the Winwood Social Hour at the community Shed at 1000hrs.

0315hrs: Back to the computer. I felt a warm sensation from the rear end, so visited the wetroom to investigate. Bleeding from Harry Haemorrhoid. Not to fret, I’ve had worse.

4thr02As I was washing after medicating my rear-end, I realised my sight was not good. Looked in the mirror and found that there was bruising internally underneath my eye and odd marks above on the eyelid.

Thought this might be bits of dirt from somewhere, so carbolicalised the area, but it was not dirt. Started to be painful a bit afterwards, and the sight has been affected since. Good job I’ve got the large screen on the new computer.

I’ve got an INR blood test this coming Monday, so I’ll ask the nurse to have a look at this if it hasn’t cleared up by then.

4thr03aStarted the coughing again as I came out of the warm wetroom and into the unheated front room. I must remember to ask Deana if she is at the meeting if she has informed the works department of my storage heater conking out.

Looking at the radiator, it’s not surprising that it has problems, cause all around you can see where they have taken off covers, etc. and they have not gone back on correctly. The outer casing has chips, scratches and is bent out of shape. I hope, if they do ever come, they can mend it, cause it ain’t doing my health any good. I understand they will not replace it with a new one because soon they will start the modernisationing of the flats anyway.

Back again on the computer.

The ablutions carried out and off to the Social Hour, calling in on Olive on the way. She was a little better; she even told me off for getting the wrong phone (Obviously, the cleaners had told her), and when Olive heard that the NCH could not tend to the broken storage heater, she asked me to go and buy a portable heater today! A cuddle and I departed to the Community Shed.

Where I was summoned into the office by Gruppenfurher Deana and Obergefreiter Julie. I must not take photographs of tenants anymore as they had received complaints. Dean suggested I asked if it was alright in future, each time I take a photo. But it is easier for me just to stop photoing them. Sad, but easier.

She had forgotten about the radiator not working and failed to ring the works department. So she did. They said it would be November 30th before they can visit to repair it. Too much time in these freezing nights, she told them. So they are going to arrange for an old mobile radiator on loan to be delivered, but don’t know when.

The meeting went okay, BJ came, and we managed a few sarcastic laughs and digs at each other. I gave a donation for the collection for Kath and Ian, to Frank for him to hand it on to Jenny.

Back to number 72 for a freshen up and WRWW. Down to the bus stop, Deana was passing and informed that the On Call Emergency had gone down, and gave me a number to ring if needed.

Bus to town and caught a tram to Asda-Walmart on Hyson Green in search of some Nordic Bacon. They didn’t have any, though. I got some bread cobs, sliced mushrooms, potato cakes and swede. Oh, and a deepish bowl so I might make less mess eating my gravy. Hehe!

4thr04Tram back into town.

Took this shot on the tram after the students had got off and made a bit of room.

It looks like the passengers are all posing and staring at me?

Got off at the Theatre Royal and made my way to the bus terminus just in time as well! The rain started pouring down just as the bus arrived.

4thr05As we passed Clinton Street, I took this one through the bus window.

Not a good one, but it shows the state of the weather.

The fellow tenants got on the bus further along, and we had a decent chinwag.

By the time we were half way to the apartments, the rain had stopped, and a rainbow came out. I got an excellent photograph of it. Showed it to the chap, and deleted it in error! Oh, a fool I am! An incompetent, uneducated algophilic nit-wit!

4thr09Back at the flat, I found a note telling me that the Personal alarms and some others had gone down, but was being worked on to be corrected.

That’s nice to know.

Bearing in mind that the Nottingham City Homes must have  thousands of old fogies with alarms, this is the first time the system has failed in the year and a bit I’ve been here.

WRHD session, medications taken and I got the din-dins cooking.

Crock-Pot mushrooms, parsnips with an added tin o4thr08f garden peas, pork sausages, potato cakes and ciabatta cobs. A lemon curd yoghourt to follow and a packet of vinegar flavoured Peasnaps afterwards.

4thr11A call came through on the mobile phone that stopped before I could get to it. 01767319860, I’ll put in on Google Chrome to see who it was.

I wonder if it was PC World?

R & R Services?

The view from the kitchen window was amazing tonight!

4thr06Feeling tired and a bit down now. No alarms, no heating in the front room, no photographicalisationing permitted at the Social Hour, and not knowing when the loan radiator was due. I bet it’ll come while I’m at the clinic, hospital, shopping or surgery?

I’m considering getting the sleeping bag out and kipping on the kitchen floor using pillows and cushions to prevent me going on my back. At least there is some heat in there.

Got wrapped up well again, cause I know it’s going to be another cold night without the radiator working. Wolly hat on, underpants on, thick jammy bottoms, bedsocks, fingerless gloves and a dressing gown, and covered my widening girth with a throw.