Inchcock Today Friday 11th November 2016: Blooming cold again!


Friday 11th November 2016

In Burmese: သောကြာနေ့ 11 နိုဝင်ဘာ 2016

Woke at midnight, pondered on the dream of me working at Tesco back in 1960 gain. Then I managed to nod off once more.

0200hrs: Woke with a start. Flapped about and got to the porcelain for a WRHD session. More bleeding this morning than I was comfortable with, so I applied some ‘H’ Treatment cream. Flaming cold again.

The stye on top of my eye seemed to be far less swollen and inflamed, though.

Took the medications and made a cuppa, then got on with the diary.

0400hrs: Got the mushrooms, parsnips and swede ready and into the Crock-Pot.

Many emails had arrived and needed sorting.


Took a photo through the kitchen window, when I was making a mug of tea.

I was sure there was a plane high in the sky when I snapped this one?

But it doesn’t show on this photograph on the left, at all does it?

Very odd?

5fri03Made a start on a (Supposedly funny) post I had in mind.

Facebooking emails and calendar checked.

I even got the electric fire going! Mind you; it costs that much to run!


5fri04Checked the vegetables and added some tomato puree to them.

Then got the ablutions tended to.

Out to the bus stop.

Into town.

I walked through the park to Sherwood.

5fri04aThe Copse was looking thinner now, but still beautiful.

The sun was bright, there was little wind, but it was all an illusions of Autumn – It was frigid with it.

Caught a bus (Thanks to the most welcome and appreciated Pensioners Free Bus Pass) into town.

5fri05The usual plentiful supply of Nottingham Pavement Cyclists was about all day.

But none of them bothered me on this trip come hobble.

Went shopping mad.

Called into Tesco. Where I had to summon assistance to get to the Rice Snacks on the top shelf, even the tall assistant had to stand on the bottom shelf to get himself up to help me. Spent too much again. Rice snacks, TV paper, seaweed cheesies, Mushrooms in brine, sliced mushrooms, Soughdour bread and Fresh Cream Horns (I plead Guilty without mitigating circumstances!).

5fri06Up the top floor and to the Market Place Stalls. Got some cashew nuts in dark chocolate and some in yoghourt mix.

I was pleased to share Remembrance Day’s two minutes silence in the same area as I did last year, at the end of the Mall.

Far too many folks didn’t stop and just carried on this year. Mostly youngsters and Asian looking people. Which is their right to. But they were just getting on with their shopping and didn’t seem aware that all the other shoppers had stopped?

I had a hobble around for a while and made my way to the M&S Foodhall.

5fri07 5fri08

5fri09I tried a few times to get decent what I call, ‘Moody’ photographs on my wander around.

I did manage to get a few people who were not on their mobile phones in the shots, though.

And not many with their giant mugs of coffee around either today.

Made my way to the bus stop and was soon on the way home.

5fri10As the bus passed Clinton Street, I tried again to get a ‘Moody’ as we passed the end of the street. This one didn’t work at all, did it?

A bit of interest, though, the taxi waiting to turn right got hit up his rump by a bus!

Soon back at Woodthorpe Court, the sun still shining and the cold still cold, though. Hehe!

A WRHD session, and I got on with the meal. Bootiful it was. Potato cakes, Fish sticks, crock-pot veg and some Desiree potatoes. I took two photographs of the plate, checked they had recorded on the sim card and they had. But when it came to me putting these on this diary next morning – again, they had mysteriously disappeared? I’m getting fed-up with this happening and would love to find out what, if anything, I’m doing wrong?

The plans for the night were simple: Watch Heartbeat on Freeview channel 10, then over to ITV on 3 to watch the England v Scotland football match.

I didn’t even get through the Heartbeat, drifted off at the first set of commercials, waking up with a jump and panic at midnight!


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