Inchcock Today. A busy one, Social Hour, and I got out into the cold for a bit. Thursday 10th November 2016

Thursday 10th November 2016

In Russian: Четверг 10 ноября 2016

Shot awake at 0129hrs: Unable to recall much of the dreams again, other than I was at one stage, in a submarine with Les Dawson?

4thr01Dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner chair and took a photograph of above the electric fire that doesn’t work on my way to visit the porcelain for a WRHD session.

Why I took a photograph escapes me now. But it might come back to me?

Sad innit?

The session was not too bad, apart from some bleeding again from the rear.

4thr03Then afterwards, going into the kitchen carrying the camera, I somehow unintentionally took this photograph.

I didn’t delete it, cause I thought I might think of a suitable caption for it later?

Or, maybe not.

Took the medications and made a mug of tea.

When I started the computer, a black screen with the message “H/9485.455UW26 Out of range” came up? I turned it off and on again, and things seemed alright? Oh dear!

Got on with finishing yesterday’s diary off and posted it.

Several WRWW’s followed of course.

Made a start on this one, then went to make another cuppa. I prepared the vegetables for later, mushrooms and parsnips only, in the Crock-pot. I can add a tin of peas later perhaps.

I thought I’d like to get out today, despite the unwelcoming, cold weather and rain. Had a look out through the window although it was still dark of course, no frost, nowhere near as cold as yesterday morning, just a few spots of rain on the cars below.

Got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag ready for the Winwood Social Hour at the community Shed at 1000hrs.

0315hrs: Back to the computer. I felt a warm sensation from the rear end, so visited the wetroom to investigate. Bleeding from Harry Haemorrhoid. Not to fret, I’ve had worse.

4thr02As I was washing after medicating my rear-end, I realised my sight was not good. Looked in the mirror and found that there was bruising internally underneath my eye and odd marks above on the eyelid.

Thought this might be bits of dirt from somewhere, so carbolicalised the area, but it was not dirt. Started to be painful a bit afterwards, and the sight has been affected since. Good job I’ve got the large screen on the new computer.

I’ve got an INR blood test this coming Monday, so I’ll ask the nurse to have a look at this if it hasn’t cleared up by then.

4thr03aStarted the coughing again as I came out of the warm wetroom and into the unheated front room. I must remember to ask Deana if she is at the meeting if she has informed the works department of my storage heater conking out.

Looking at the radiator, it’s not surprising that it has problems, cause all around you can see where they have taken off covers, etc. and they have not gone back on correctly. The outer casing has chips, scratches and is bent out of shape. I hope, if they do ever come, they can mend it, cause it ain’t doing my health any good. I understand they will not replace it with a new one because soon they will start the modernisationing of the flats anyway.

Back again on the computer.

The ablutions carried out and off to the Social Hour, calling in on Olive on the way. She was a little better; she even told me off for getting the wrong phone (Obviously, the cleaners had told her), and when Olive heard that the NCH could not tend to the broken storage heater, she asked me to go and buy a portable heater today! A cuddle and I departed to the Community Shed.

Where I was summoned into the office by Gruppenfurher Deana and Obergefreiter Julie. I must not take photographs of tenants anymore as they had received complaints. Dean suggested I asked if it was alright in future, each time I take a photo. But it is easier for me just to stop photoing them. Sad, but easier.

She had forgotten about the radiator not working and failed to ring the works department. So she did. They said it would be November 30th before they can visit to repair it. Too much time in these freezing nights, she told them. So they are going to arrange for an old mobile radiator on loan to be delivered, but don’t know when.

The meeting went okay, BJ came, and we managed a few sarcastic laughs and digs at each other. I gave a donation for the collection for Kath and Ian, to Frank for him to hand it on to Jenny.

Back to number 72 for a freshen up and WRWW. Down to the bus stop, Deana was passing and informed that the On Call Emergency had gone down, and gave me a number to ring if needed.

Bus to town and caught a tram to Asda-Walmart on Hyson Green in search of some Nordic Bacon. They didn’t have any, though. I got some bread cobs, sliced mushrooms, potato cakes and swede. Oh, and a deepish bowl so I might make less mess eating my gravy. Hehe!

4thr04Tram back into town.

Took this shot on the tram after the students had got off and made a bit of room.

It looks like the passengers are all posing and staring at me?

Got off at the Theatre Royal and made my way to the bus terminus just in time as well! The rain started pouring down just as the bus arrived.

4thr05As we passed Clinton Street, I took this one through the bus window.

Not a good one, but it shows the state of the weather.

The fellow tenants got on the bus further along, and we had a decent chinwag.

By the time we were half way to the apartments, the rain had stopped, and a rainbow came out. I got an excellent photograph of it. Showed it to the chap, and deleted it in error! Oh, a fool I am! An incompetent, uneducated algophilic nit-wit!

4thr09Back at the flat, I found a note telling me that the Personal alarms and some others had gone down, but was being worked on to be corrected.

That’s nice to know.

Bearing in mind that the Nottingham City Homes must have  thousands of old fogies with alarms, this is the first time the system has failed in the year and a bit I’ve been here.

WRHD session, medications taken and I got the din-dins cooking.

Crock-Pot mushrooms, parsnips with an added tin o4thr08f garden peas, pork sausages, potato cakes and ciabatta cobs. A lemon curd yoghourt to follow and a packet of vinegar flavoured Peasnaps afterwards.

4thr11A call came through on the mobile phone that stopped before I could get to it. 01767319860, I’ll put in on Google Chrome to see who it was.

I wonder if it was PC World?

R & R Services?

The view from the kitchen window was amazing tonight!

4thr06Feeling tired and a bit down now. No alarms, no heating in the front room, no photographicalisationing permitted at the Social Hour, and not knowing when the loan radiator was due. I bet it’ll come while I’m at the clinic, hospital, shopping or surgery?

I’m considering getting the sleeping bag out and kipping on the kitchen floor using pillows and cushions to prevent me going on my back. At least there is some heat in there.

Got wrapped up well again, cause I know it’s going to be another cold night without the radiator working. Wolly hat on, underpants on, thick jammy bottoms, bedsocks, fingerless gloves and a dressing gown, and covered my widening girth with a throw.


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