Inchcock Today Saturday 12th November 2016: Cold, coughing a bit, but got to see Olive


Saturday 12th November 2016

In Mongolian: Бямба 12-р сарын 2016

0115 hrs: Morning each. Burst into life this morning at this ridiculous hour then wondered why. Pondered on a dream in which I was being chased again through corridors in a derelict building. Next, I mountaineered my way out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner chair and to the porcelain for a WRHW session. Only a small amount of bleeding found this morning.

Decided that being as I was up so early again, I’d get the washing sorted and go down to the laundry room. I left me jammies on and added the day wear on top, cause it was so cold again. Brrr!

6sat02Down and got the machine going, back up and started the computer off, CorelDraw seems to be working better at this stage. (May regret saying that later, Tsk!)

Noticed the official sign on the inner door,  informing us old uns that the alarms were working again.

Down again and moved the stuff out from the washer to dryer. Someone had cleaned the filter out, yet another pleasant surprise there.

Up once more and started to do the diaries. Then the Grammar add-on started working again of its own accord? Another pleasant surprise for me. And the left eye stye seemed to be improving too. Getting worried now with all these good things going on? Getting really cold now, so I put the electric fire on, and damn the cost – which I’ll regret when I get the electricity bill of course. Humph!

Got carried away starting the graphic at the top of this page, and was a little late going down to collect the washing. All okay, back up to the flat and put the things away – which is when the first of the Whoopsiedangleplops occurred, I’ll explain: Taking the towels out of the bag, I usually hang the bath towel on the rail of the shower in the wet room, which I did.

6sat03Unhappily, as I threw the towel above my head to swing it over the rail, I stuck my finger on (Not up, Hehe) my nose, and the cold sore started bleeding and got some on the towel.

I appreciate that this should not have bothered me.

But why does it have to happen just when I’ve cleaned the towel? Hehe!

6sat04Cleared the things away and took my medications, then sorted the pots out for next week.

Got the Crock-Pot vegetables going then. I’m just doing swede and mushrooms today, cause I like this mix with a little Oregano and sea salt and find it appetising and pleasant.

Back to the computer and got on with trying to change the default colour on WordPress. I’d have had more success if I’d tried to operate on myself with a spoon and screwdriver with my eyes closed to try and mend me dodgy ticker than to try getting the default colour changed on here! Huh!

It’s warmed up nicely now with the heater on, but what it will cost me I don’t want to imagine, better turn it off for a bit.

Better get my ablutions done first methinks, though, then I can get dressed in the warmth.

6sat050732hrs: Back in a while…

0857hrs: I’m back, smelling nice too! Hehehe! Shave Shower with lemon soap, made a cuppa, took a photographicalisation out of the kitchen window and the fog and drizzle for you.

Checked on the vegetables, all okay.

Computer back on to update this dross then went on Facebook for a while, posted the top graphic and the one below on TFZ, hoping they like them.

n-shirleyThis one a sort of Spot the Wild Animals (12 of them), nd I asked which animal would they like to keep, and which one would they get rid of. For a bit of fun like.

Spent hours on Facebooking and enjoyed it.

Popping over to see Olive now, see if she had any jars to go to the bank or rubbish bags to take to the chute for her. Back soon I hope.

Olive was looking a lot better than of late. I collected some jars to go to the recycling bin in the morning with my jars and bottles. A chinwag and cuddle, her Grandson Malcolm is calling to see her tomorrow and bringing an office chair that she might not like, and if so, she will ask him to drop it off for me!

I returned to number 72. Coughing and all wrapped up, I must have looked like a pensioner from Dicken’s tales. Hehe!

Got in and dare not put the electric heater on again.

6sat06Got the fodder ready.

Had a vegetarian effort tonight. The rather costly M&S mushroom risotto, Crock-Pot vegetables, sliced boiled potatoes and potato cakes, followed with a lemon curd yoghourt.

I tackled the washing up, took the medications and found there were many programmes of interest for me to watch tonight.

Had some Snapeas later as I attempted to look at a ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ DVD before the TV proggies coming on.

I didn’t even get through the DVD before I’d drifted off, kept waking a few times with the coughing, then wide awake and with a massive thirst on me at 0130hrs.

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