Inchcock Today Sunday 13th November 2016: Whoopsidangleplop with the meal – worra mess! Hehe!


Sunday 13th November 2016

In Bengali: রবিবার 13 নভেম্বর 2016

Wide awake and with a massive thirst on me at 0130hrs. I sort of lurched my way out of the £300 second-hand recliner and into the kitchen Still Coughing.

Made a strong brew of tea, took the morning medications. (Far too early, but still). The kitchen thermometer read 57°f – 14°c, but I thought it felt warmer. Then I realised I was still wrapped up in so many clothes, woolly hat, gloves, jammies, Long Johns, socks, slippers and a dressing gown; it is no wonder I thought it was warmer than of late despite the low thermometer reading. No signs of any fog or mist this morning. The Living come bedroom felt like it had warmed up too, I checked the storage radiator in case it had started working again, but no. The surface was still very cold, almost as if it were refrigerated?

7sun02I got the computer going to update this claptrap.

Had a look on Google for the Nottingham forecast for the week.

It didn’t look too bad, no mention of any fog, mist or frost, so that was good!

Completed a WRHD session without any bleeding at all from anywhere! Another good start?

img_0001I got the card from the camera to get the photograph of last night’s nosh to add to Saturdays diary. I used the old Sony camera instead of the new Lumix one because I’m fed-up of losing photographs after I’ve taken them, and have no idea what I am doing wrong!

This Sony camera is older and a little slower with far fewer options available on it, and it is much slower, and the flash has to be manually opened to use it. It is bulkier too. But the photos I take on it do not disappear into the ether! Hehe… yet! So, I’ll use this from now on I think, at least it has the option to take smaller photographs and that should save on memory? I took the picture above with a really old little X5 Canon camera. When I turned it on, a message told me to change the batteries (2xAA), so I did, and it still told me to change them, so I did again, swapped them for some different batteries (Morrison own label with October 2017 as use-by date) and threw away the old ones. As I took the photo, it told me to change them again?

I’ve come to the conclusion that any tasks that are; machine-driven, automated, motor-driven, power-driven, self-propelled, scholarly, technological, methodological, complicated, involving the requirement of educational knowledge, industrial, electrical, mechanical, modern, Computer related, Mobile phone related, plumbing, being brave or heroic, woodwork, metalwork or requiring social skills and or abilities, are not my forte!

Tended to yet another WRWW and put the kettle on ponce more. Took this shot through the kitchen window and couldn’t resist doctoring it somewhat, as Elvis’s “And Marie’s the name, of his latest flame”had attached itself in my brain for some reason and I’ve been singing it ever since!

7sun04♫ A very old friend came by today
Cause he was telling everyone in town
About the love that he just found
And Marie’s the name of his latest flame
He talked and talked and I heard him say
That she had the longest blackest hair
The prettiest green eyes anywhere
And Marie’s the name of his latest flame… ♫

Did some Facebooking. Did some graphicalisationing and posted them off.

beetr adeniseGot my ablutionisationing done. WRWW, and dressed  to take the glass jars to the recycling bins.The weather looked very nice. When I got down and out of the building, there was very little wind and no frost at all.

The weather looked very nice. When I got down and out of the building, there was very little wind and no frost at all.

Ambled down to the bins, then thought I’d have a walk through the Copse and see if I could find n interesting view to photograph. Back to the end of Chestnut Walk, and soon changed my plans. The grass and soil were  very wet and a bit dodgy for walking up the hill to the Copse. So I went near the garage 7sun05sidings trees and thought my luck was in. No sooner had I got the camera out that I notice branches shaking. I stood still as I could and eventually saw some squirrels running around. But they were too quick for me.


I went back to the flat made a cuppa and had some shortcake fingers and got the computer on to update this and do some more graphics on CorelDraw X8.

1mon02Olive’s Malcolm arrived with the desk loan chair.

Very kind of them to supply me with a safer seat.

With my problem of nodding off, I’m still looking for a similar chair with side arms that will prevent me from falling off if and when I do nod off! Hehe!

But this one will stop me falling backwards anyway. You’ve got to laugh!

7sun06Got the fodder prepared. Made the mess of the year in doing so too!

The poached eggs went all over the place, stuck to the cooker, pan, lid, floor and me!

By the time I gave up trying to clean up the pan and lid and threw them away, the food was cold, and I was depressed, but still ate it – not a good idea as it turned out. It looked fine on the dish, but everything on the plate disappointed. Ah, well!

I did manage to watch some TV for an hour or so before nodding off.

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