Inchcock Today: Monday 14th November 2016: The excellent meal made up for last nights disasterous one!


Monday 14th November 2016

In Persian: دوشنبه 2016 نوامبر 14

Woke wide awake at 0025hrs, no memories of any dreams. Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and to the porcelain for a WRHD session. I think the eggs last night may have had some effect in causing the difficulties encountered during this session. Not a nice one.


Last Nights Disaster! It looked good, but oh dear, the mess I made!

Cleaned up the dish and accoutrements used in consuming last nights eating of the most not-nice meal since I’ve been here in the flat.

Rating this one at 6.1/10 is a little overgenerous methinks? I got everything cooked wrongly and even the rosti potatoes were horrible. Shame!

0115hrs: Got the laundry stuff prepared and down to the laundry room. Washer going, back up to update this record of an incompetent Nottingham Pensioner. 

1mon030155hrs: Down and swapped the clothes from washer to dryer, started it going and back up to the flat. Started off doing a graphic for the TFZer site.

Noticed someone had not cleaned the filter again. Ah well, I cleaned it and started the dryer going.

Up to the apartment and posted the results for the spot the tiger thingy what we TFZers did.

Checked the time of the INR blood Test appointment this morning on my Google Calendar. 0935hrs, so I must remember.

I’ll have a walk to the surgery, then carry on after the tests into town methinks.

Hello, the stomach is grumbling and rumbling again.

Did some Facebooking again.

0255hrs: Down to the laundry room one last time to collect the clothes and clean the filter again. Back up to 72, and stored the things away.

Made a mug of tea. Another WRHD session. Back on graphicationalising on CorelDraw X8.

0724hrs: Several hours later, had to stop, cause it was time for me ablutionising session and get the things ready for the blood test and shopping.

Back in a bit, I hope.

Set off on the walk to Carrington and the surgery.

It was warmer than I thought it would be out there this morning.

I had to be weary going down the hill locally, due to the wet rain making the fallen leaves a bit dodgy to walk on.

1mon031mon04Down the hill to Mansfield Road and turned left up the hill and over it down into Carrington.

At the brow of the incline, the traffic was at a standstill.

I actually felt glad I was no longer allowed to drive. Finding somewhere to park, getting fuel. the taxing and insuring of the car, bus-lanes, Cyclist wihtout lights, the MOT testing, the insurance etc.

Not to mention the road rage and aggressive nature of drivers nowadays.

The legs and feet felt okayish, Anne Gyna had gone on a vacation, Arthur Itis lingered a bit, the cramps had eased up too.

Got to the surgery and the nurse took my blood and we managed a little chinwag. She told me that the district nurses would be calling tonight and tomorrow night to give me an Enoxaparin booster jab. (They didn’t appear tonight, though)

Out of the GP surgery and to the bus stop and caught one into town.

1mon05 1mon06Had a limp into Vic centre to view the chairs in the Jessop Store. No one around to ask any questions of, so I departed and had a walk to the Tesco at the end of the mall. The sourdough bread was all short-dated and squashed. Those Fresh Cream French Horn cakes jumped into my bag. (Ahem!)

Out and walked to the Aldi store and got some PeaSnacks and a filled Yorkshire Pudding with Chicken roast potatoes stuffing and mini sausages in gravy. That’ll be an easy to prepare nosh for me for a change, less chance of me making a cock-up? (Say’s the old yonderly dreamer)

1mon07Hobbled, the feet were beginning to sting a bit now, through the famously busy Clinton Street and into the slab square to see how the erecting of the profit-seeking Christmas Fayre stalls were progressing.

The limp through was hazard ridden, with pavement cyclists, Big Issue sellers and various charity collections going on.

Popped into the Poundland store and had a wonder around. Found some tins of Stewed Steak and Pulled Pork that would come in handy I thought, so I got a can of  each. Also a tube of Colgate Gel toothpaste, I like this one cause it is not overly scented or flavoured and seems to suit me. Used the self-serve thingy for the first time. Got in a pickle with it, a sign flashed Assistance Coming! The girl who arrived had the most perfect “Oh no, not anohter old ditherer to sort out!” expression on her face. Hehehe!

1mon08 The corner of Long Row and King Street, where the building was taking place. well, it was taking place all over really like.

The part built wooden structure come outlet whatever it is to be when finished, caught my attention.

On closer inspection, it looked rather like a Wild West saloon was being 1mon09built?

A rifle range perhaps? Although I can’t imagine the safety conscious Nottingham City Council permitting such a dangerous entertainment being in the show?

Although having said that, they are allowing me to wait for 30 days before they restore the heating in my flat? Little dig there, sorry).

Up King Street and caught the L9 bus back to the flats. Oh, I do appreciate my free pensioner bus pass!

Getting out of the lift, I called to see Olive. A bit risky, cause it was still near dinner time, and a good telling off was on the cards. Hehe! She asked if the chair was alright and the blanket she loaned me was working. I thanked her and told her the chair made thing a lot easier and the blanket was most appreciated. A quick short chinwag, a cuddle and a peck and I went to the flat and a much-needed WRHD session.

1mon10Getting up like I did again so early this morning, I was well tired and got on with doing the meal first thing.

A bit of a treat this one, the expensive beef in black bean sauce with peppers and a few oven chips. Some PeaSnaps, and I forgot all about the cream horns and had a strawberry dessert. I’ll have the fresh cream french horns tomorrow then?

Took the medications between mouthfuls of gorgeous food!

Planned the TV viewing Another wasted effort there), and fell asleep within half an hour!

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