Inchcock Today: Tuesday 15th November 2016: Stuck indoors till the nurses arrives


Tuesday 15th November 2016

In Sesotho: Labobeli la bo15 November 2016

Awake at 0015hrs. Pondered on the bits of the odd dreams I’d been having. I was in a long queue of people on a rooftop. We all wanted to jump it seemed, there were gendarmes in helicopters shooting anyone jumping before it was their turn? Only one at a time was allowed to jump, as the street cleaners were on strike? I told this posh looking bloke on me right, “Might as well just jump anyway and get machine-gunned to death. What’s the difference for us?” “Do as you wish, you are no longer a European Member ? Mon Ami!”

So I jumped, quite happily over the edge, and yodelled as fell to my death – unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Frank Ifield caught me in a giant saucepan out of a window a few floors down? Dragged me into the room, which was full of people in fancy dress at a party, and he started singing “She taught me how to Yodel”. The Gendarmes burst through the door and shot everybody apart from me, and they escorted me up to the roof, handcuffed me and said I’ll have to go to the end of the queue now? I wrote this down on my pad, and nodded 0ff again.

Managed to sleep until 0235hrs and when I woke this time, an urgent need for a WRHD session forced me to arise from £300 second-hand recliner and make use of the porcelain. And, Oh dear! Little Inchy, who I thought was fully recovered from his lesion was bleeding badly again! I felt too embarrassed to go see the doctor to get me on the GUM clinic list again yet. I’ll see how things go and use the Betamethasone cream I’ve still got in the medicine cupboard from last time and keep my fingers crossed. Tsk! Every time I think things are improving something starts off again. The thing that worried me most, was that the thicker bloblets of the haemoglobin  had a sort of yellowy clear jelly around them? The lesion was not bleeding after a few minutes.

I cleaned myself up, made a brew and took the medications. Checked again, and the leaking again blood seemed very thick? No, I’ll have to go see the GP then. But today the district nurses are coming to give the Enoxaparin injections. I’m waiting (probably in vain) for the delivery of a loan heater from Nottingham City Homes and I’ve got the ticker-clinic appointment coming up too. Thankfully I have some of the nappy-like undies left to use.

Got going on the computer, WordPressing and CorelDrawing.

2tue02Took a photo from the kitchen window around 0520hrs.

It doesn’t show on this terrible photo, but there were many blue lights flashing in the distance.

WRWW and I checked on Little Inchy again. Now got a tingling sensation all the time, but the bleeding was minimal, hardly any, just specks.

Got on with doing graphics for the TFZer site. Then did some work on the Words To Use file. Best part of seven hours grafting away, but I enjoyed it.

Kept checking on Little Inchy, but he was ‘leaking blood’ slowly throughout the day.

Not ffeling too good about this, but still enjoyed the getting much done on the computer.

The nurse arrived and gave me the Emoxaprin injection telling me this was the only one due. In a rush she was very busy.

Got the nosh cooking. lanned to watch just the England – Spain footy match later.

2tue03The meal was delicious.

A meal in a giant Yorkshire Pudding.

I added some bacon and mushrooms, had two cheesy cobs with it.

Then the Fresh Cream French Horn cake and an apple.

Took the medications and cleaned up Little Inchy again.

Settled to watch the match, but nodded off before it even started!


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